Cladun: This is an RPG

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Meer retro-awesomeness! Na 3D-Dot Game Heroes krijgt de PSP nu ook zijn eigen zelda-esque RPG. De Dungeoncrawler-achtige game Cladun: This is an RPG (welke crackhead heeft die ondertitel bedacht?) is oorspronkelijk in Japan uitgebracht als Classic Dungeon en komt nu ook naar het westen, hoera!

Titel: Cladun: This is an RPG

Genre: Zelda/Soulblazer-like dungeoncrawler

Developer: Nippon Ichi

Publisher: NIS America


:jap: 2010

:usa: herfst 2010 DOWNLOAD ONLY!

:eur: NNB

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Cladun: This is an RPG -- known as Classic Dungeon in Japan -- is a quirky little hack and slash RPG made by the minds responsible for Disgaea. Think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past mixed with the insane humor that NIS is pretty well known for.

Cladun has an infinite amount of randomly generated dungeons so it's different every time, and each of those dungeons has 99 randomly generated floors. But if that's not different enough, you can create your own characters, as well as the final boss of the game. The graphics editor also lets you customize your own movement animations. You can create up to 64 custom characters, and trade them with friends.

The gameplay is real-time, with running, jumping, blocking, and casting spells, and you can hack and slash your way through the random dungeons with up to three other friends.

The final boss of the game is also customizable so you can make someone like Chad Concelmo to beat the snot out of. The cool thing about the final boss is that he scales to your strength the first time you encounter him. After which, he will become stronger and stronger than you every time you fight him again.

The second key point of Claudin is that all of the dungeons are always randomly generated and have 99 levels to explore. Thankfully, you don’t have to complete all 99 levels and can leave whenever you want. It may be fun to try to complete all 99 levels for one dungeon with three other friends. You know, for bragging rights.

Cladun takes place in a world called Manakaz. It's a sort of gateway to every dimension, as well as every random dungeon. People from all over the universe find their way to Manakaz, either looking for treasure, monsters, or sanctuary. Eventually you'll try to make them all join your party, or just keep creating your own custom characters.

Although you do your dungeoncrawling with just one character at a time (or more if you're playing co-op), you still organize a party of heroes to support your "main character" by using a spell called the Magic Circle. You can swap main characters at any time, and have up to 8 subs in the Magic Circle. It's a magic bond of sorts that connects you and your subs, so even though they're not in the dungeon, they still act as human shields for you. They'll take damage first, and they'll die for you first. Each slot in the Magic Circle will give your main character different bonuses, and the characters will also level up different stats, so you'll need to move them around a lot if you want to beef up all their stats.

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welke is beter, deze of deel2??

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