WL, Summoner or FM in Blade & Soul (gesloten)

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I've played all 3 and my ping is about 195-220 with ping booster.

In my experience, summoner and warlock is most "high ping friendly" as there isn't much animation cancel, so I would definitely recommend those two classes for high ping players.

As for FM, if your ping is closer to 250-300 range the delay starts to become very noticeable. You might have difficulty with keeping up fire and ice stacks because of the delay, and you won't be able to animation cancel much either. If you start lagging when playing FM, you might as well forget about BNS Gold. It gets very frustrating when you can't pop your stacks with impact/keep up stacks. Forget about doing any PvP with this class at 250+ ping. You'll get wrecked. 

I know a lot of people recommend FM for high ping players too, but if your ping is going to be bouncing around from 200~300, I wouldn't really recommend it. That's just my personal opinion though.

That being said, it really depends on your play style too. Personally, Summoner is a more ping friendly class for me but I found the play style to be really bland and couldn't stand it, even at lvl 45, and 50 on TW server. So I tried out FM (current main) and so far, its been really fun! I do notice delay sometimes, but its manageable.

You should definitely try these classes out to get a feel of what they're like and if you can handle any delay you notice with their skill rotations. 

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