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Als ik met mijn vrienden een online party houd via mijn Xbox One geeft hij soms voor de tijd een foutmelding,
waarin staat dat mijn NAT op strict of op moderate staat.
Ik word dan uit de party gehaald en kan niet online gamen.
Maar er staat soms ook dat NAT op open staat, als dit er staat krijg ik geen foutmelding en kan ik gamen.

Weten jullie hoe ik NAT op open zet en hem zo kan laten houden?
Alvast bedankt.

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There are a lot of questions surrounding NAT, getting an open NAT, what it does and why does it not always work as intended?
To get to the how to, skip down to the “HOW DO I MAKE THIS WORK” Section below. If you are interested in a bit more information on how and why, read just below. Google Doc link if you would prefer:
What is NAT?
NAT (Network Address Translation) in simple terms is a technology that allows multiple game systems, computers etc to be on the internet at once, with only one internet address (IP Address)
Think of it like a home. Your home has one address. If there are multiple people who live with you, and you received mail that did not have your name on it, how would you know who that mail was meant for?
NAT allows your home devices to have a name on your “internet mail” so that when you send mail and get a reply, it knows which device sent the original letter.
What would happen if you did not have NAT? Aside from some other technical mumbojumbo that would be very bad for the IT world, you could only have 1 device on your internet at once.
So I'm stuck with NAT, how do I get it open and why does it matter?
If your NAT is not open, you may have difficulty playing games, joining/talking in parties, and various other difficulties on the XBOX.
To get your NAT to open, you must configure your router (The device which is responsible for doing NAT) to allow an open NAT type. Often a router will do this for you automatically, but many models of routers either have difficulties with this, or are not optimally configured for the XBOX.
So I need to configure my router to have an open NAT, but there’s more to it?
Unfortunately yes, to continue with the internet address as a house example we need to take it one step further and imagine that your house, had 1000's of doors that the mail could be dropped into.
For security reasons you wouldint leave your door (Your door would be a Port in network terms) open for the mailman to drop off your letters. Similarly imagine 1000's of doors that mail can be dropped off onto your internet address. Your router keeps those doors closed, and unfortunately your xbox wants to send and receive mail from a few specific doors.
UPNP – Universal Plug And Play, is a feature on your router that is intended to open thoose doors for you when you want to send mail, and waits to receive the reply mail before closing thoose doors again.
Sounds great, so the doors should be open, and xbox can send mail, everythings great. Unfortunately UPNP is not a universally standardized feature, and therefore does not always work as intended.
So UPNP does not always work, then what?
Ideally your routers UPNP will work as intended and you will never have to change any settings, but your not reading this because that’s the case are you?
If you have UPNP on and you are having these problems, take a look at the comments of this post at the “Advanced Settings/Tweaks” and make sure your NAT filtering is also set to open, and SIP ALG is disabled.
If so, then lets move on and take a look at some of the options we have to get an open NAT.
Determining the best setting for your router depends on if you have 1 or more xbox's on the network you intend to use at the same time. I cannot detail how to's on each router that exists so it will be up to you to look up the model of your router, how to access it, and where to find each settings. The model is generally on a sticker beneath the router, or labeled on the top. Google is your friend! Make sure to restart your router and hard restart your xbox after each setting change.
How to see your current NAT type:
Scroll left from Home to open the guide.
Select Settings.
Select Restart console. Then confirm the restart by selecting Yes.
After the console completes its restart, scroll left from Home to open the guide.
Select Settings.
Select All Settings.
Select Network.
Select Network Settings.

Option 1 – UPNP
Again UPNP should be the default option, and should work best in most cases. Make sure to try enabling this option in your router, restart your system and the router and test.
A few common mistakes are:
Left over port forwarding, dmz, or port triggering attempts in your routers configuration. Remove these, completely.
You CANNOT have a static address assigned to your xbox. Put your xbox back to DHCP, and if you must have an address specifically assigned to your xbox, use DHCP reservations (go ahead and google this, its not necessary)
Old routers and less reputable routers may have difficulties running UPNP correctly. If you are having problems it may be because of this and there is simply nothing you can do about it but try another of the options listed below. If you are renting your router from your internet provider (Which will also be your modem in this case) see if you can contact them for an upgrade. Also if you are willing to try a few more difficult changes go to the comments of this post in the “Advanced Settings/Tweaks” section at the bottom of this post.
Option 2 – Port Forward
Port forwarding allows selected ports (doors) to be always open for one device. This ensure that the mail (traffic) xbox wants to send to and from your console is always open, and therefore your NAT is also open.
Step 1 – Static IP Address
Your xbox needs to have a static IP address. This is like having a house with 20 rooms, and you saying to your router that this is the room (internal address) that your xbox lives in, look for it here.
If you know what you are doing with picking a static address skip the following bit and go to the link below. If you need help here keep reading.
You will need to pick an address that will not be used by other devices in your network. To do this we need to take a look at the addresses your network is using. The easiest way to do this is to look in your router, or check on a computer. This link covers how to find your address:
Once you know what your address is on your computer you can determine how your Xbox's address should look.
So for example, if your computers address is, you know then that your networks address will always be 192.168.0.X. X is the part of the address that can change. Or, if your address looks like 192.168.1.X it will always start with 192.168.1 and not 192.168.0.
I will continue forward using 192.168.0.X in this example as it is most common, if you have a 1 or 100 or anything else just substitute it for the 0.
Since we can change the last number after 192.168.0, you should assign your XBOX a number in the higher end of the range (1-254). This is to prevent conflicts with other devices that get there address automatically from your router. I would recommend in most cases.
So, your end results will look something like this:
IP Address:
Net Mask: (This is the default for most home networks, just put it in)
The gateway is 99% of the time .1 so for a 192.168.0.X network it will be
This is a good time to change your DNS to google as well.
DNS1 – DNS2 -
Got it? Great hit the link above to see how to put this information into your xbox, write down that address because you’ll need it in the next step.
Step 2 – Find your router model, look it up at to see how to correctly configure your router to forward the ports xbox live requires. What you are doing here is telling your router where your xbox is (The static address you just assigned) and what doors should be open to it always:
Xbox Live requires the following ports to be open:
Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)
Port 500 (UDP)
Port 3544 (UDP)
Port 4500 (UDP)

Check back in with your xbox after a hard reboot and check your NAT type, it should now be open. This in general is the easiest and most used way to open your NAT type if UPNP fails to do so.
A few mistakes I see people making:
Incorrectly assigning the address to their console.
Choosing the wrong protocol (UDP or TCP) make sure you have it assigned properly.
Leaving a DMZ on that was previously tried.
Having port Triggering enabled as well.
Option 3 – DMZ
Setting a DMZ (Demilitarized zone) Is like taking your xbox, chucking it on the street so the mailman can literally have a conversation with it without any doors to worry about. Is this okay? Yes, for an Xbox it is. The Xbox is secure enough that it can be out there and it wont be attacked. Don t ever do this to a home PC or any device that’s not locked down.
First you need to set a static IP as described in Option 2.
Next you need to tell your router the address of the Xbox, and assign it as the address that will be in the DMZ (Out in the street). To do this you will have to look up your routers model and find the option as there are too many variations and models to list here. However, if you poke around the interface of your router you’ll likely stumble upon the right screen. Mine is in Advanced > WAN Setup. Yours might be in security, or LAN configuration.
Once this is done go ahead and do that hard reboot and check your NAT settings. It should now be open if done correctly.

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