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  • Dubbele caps in Hints/Tips

    In Megaton vraagt ene Walter (oudere man in de Waterplant) om drie lekken te dichten in Megaton. Wanneer je deze hebt gedicht (1 bij binnenkomst aan de linkerkant, 1 onder the Armory en 1 aan de andere kant van Megaton) zal Walter je 200 caps geven. Vervolgens bied je aan om scrap metal voor hem te verzamelen en sluit het gesprek af. Vervolgens kan je nog een keer in gesprek gaan met Walter en hem wederom vertellen dat je de lekken hebt gedicht. Hierna geeft hij je wederom 200 caps.

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  • LOCKPICK in Hints/Tips

    als je lockpickt is het iriterend dat je altijd nieuwe bobbypins moet kopen wanneer ze op zijn.
    bij een slot met very hard verbruik je veel pins.dus mijn tip is als je ziet dat je pin forceert moet je ophouden en herbeginnen en terug doen.het duurt langer maar het lukt perfect.

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  • Ga naar Big Town (meteen in het noorden van de Vault 101) en praat met Bittercup. Zij wil een date met Pappy, en dat moet jij gaan regelen. Praat met Pappy en leg de kwestie aan hem voor in een Speech challenge. Zelfs als het mislukt, zal de challenge nog steeds beschikbaar zijn. Iedere keer dat je slaagt krijg je er vijf experience bij. Blijf dit simpelweg doen tot je een ons weegt, geen zin meer hebt, je pijn aan je duim krijgt, of het wel genoeg vind. Let wel op dat je maar tot level 20 kan gaan.

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  • Extra Bottlecaps in Hints/Tips

    Al wil je 400 Bottlecaps moet je naar springvale gaan. Alles is verwoest, maar 1 huis niet. Ga daar naar binnen dan zie kom je een vrouw tegen. Klik dan als ze tegen je praat de 2e tekstbalk aan. Je krijgt nu van haar 400 Bottlecaps, wil je nog meer? Knal haar dan neer dan heeft ze meestal nog 100 Bottlecaps bij zich!

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  • There are five Super Mutant Behemoths that can be found and killed. After they die, they will not respawn. You can find them at the following locations:

    Evergreen Mills: At the bandit camp near Vault 112, a Behemoth is behind an electric enclosure beside the train tracks. When the generator powering the enclosure is destroyed, the Behemoth will escape.

    Galaxy News Radio: This Behemoth will destroy a wall just outside the GNR Building as you enter the area (quest related).

    Jury Station: Go west until you find a group of crumpled up train cars. Search this area until the Behemoth appears. You will know you are in the correct area if you see a teddy bear in a shopping cart.

    Takoma Industrial: Located east of the GNR Building at the end of the map. The Behemoth is just north of the factory, standing in the middle of some wrecked cars.

    The Capitol Building: Use the west entrance, and go inside the main room. Look on the map. The room is straight down the hall from the entrance. However, debris will force you to find an alternate route

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  • Weapons in Hints/Tips

    A3-21's Plasma Rifle
    This is a special plasma rifle with 50 damage. It can be obtained from Harkness after siding with him in the "Replicated Man" quest. It can be repaired with regular plasma rifles, but degrades slowly.

    Alien Blaster
    This is a special weapon with 100 damage. It can be obtained from the body of a dead alien lying a few feet away from its crashed spaceship. The alien crash site is found north of MDPL-13 Power Station and northwest of the Greener Pastures Disposal Site. It has unique ammunition as well, the Alien Power Cell, which is exceedingly rare. The chance of a critical strike with this gun is nearly 100%. It can be repaired with the Firelance, but degrades incredibly quickly.

    This is a special scoped .44 Magnum with 55 damage. The Blackhawk is obtained from Agatha in the "Agatha's Song" quest in return for the Sheet Music book. You must ask for a reward. There is a higher chance of the weapon being in good condition if you speak politely to Agatha throughout the quest. It can be repaired with regular scoped .44 Magnums.

    Bottlecap Mine
    This is a schematic weapon with 501 damage. It is built from a lunchbox, a cherry bomb, a sensor module, and ten bottle caps. The schematics can be obtained from Moira in Megaton, Knick-Knack in Little Lamplight, Herbert Dashwood's sale in Tenpenny Tower, and Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop. Every schematic increases the number of mines created per set of materials, up to a maximum of three.

    Dart Gun
    The first part of the schematic for the Dart Gun are found at the MDPL-05 Power Station on the northwest tip of the Capital Wasteland. Another part is obtained from Hannibal Hamlin after completing the "Lincoln Memorial" quest for the slaves. The last schematic is found in a locked chest at the Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower. Parts required are a toy car, surgical tubing, paint gun, and Radscorpion poison gland. The Dart Gun cripples your target's legs. It is very useful when used on fast melee opponents such as Deathclaws. It also poisons your target for eight seconds.

    Experimental MIRV
    This is a special Fat Man with 1610 x 8 damage. It is found in the bomb shelter section of the Guard Depot. All five Keller Family Transcripts must be found first. It fires eight mini-nukes at once in a random spread pattern. This does lots of damage, but is essentially useless other than for entertainment value, or for leveling entire towns.

    This is a special Alien Blaster with 72 damage plus -2 (5s) fire damage, giving it a damage of 82 in ten seconds. This blaster is found at random times and random places. However, it can most likely be found east of Vault 101 under the overpass by a trailer. You will know if you found the correct location when you hear a missile on your position. Look up to see a smoke trail in the sky. When it gets about ten feet from the ground, it will blow up and hit the ground with a blue explosion. The Firelance will be on the ground with about fifteen Alien Power Cells.

    This is a special power fist with 31 damage. Fisto! can be found next to a computer on a desk in the upper area of the Derelict Power Plant across from MDPL-13 Power Station. It can be repaired with regular power fists.

    Lincoln's Repeater
    This is a special hunting rifle with 50 damage. It is located, in perfect condition, inside a display case on the top floor of the Museum of American History offices. It can be repaired using regular hunting rifles, but uses .44 Magnum ammo instead of the regular .32. It is also very accurate, with a 0.00 spread.

    Nuka Grenade
    This is a schematic weapon with 501 damage plus fire damage plus radiation damage. It is built from a Nuka-Cola Quantum, tin can, turpentine, and Abraxo Cleaner. One of the schematics can be found on the bottom floor of the Yao Guai Cave, in the northwestern-most area, under a pile of skeletons. Doc Hoff sells one of the schematics, and Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade has the third, which she gives you as a reward for the "Nuka-Cola Challenge" quest. Every schematic increases the number of grenades created per set of materials, up to a maximum of three.

    Prototype Medic Power Armor
    You can find the Prototype Medic Power Armor in Old Olney in the northeast section of the map. The area is swarming with Death Claws. Set the difficulty to "Very Easy", and go there. On the southern-most street of the town is a grate on the sidewalk. Step on it, and it should open out from underneath you, effectively forcing you to go through the sewers. Fight your way through the sewers. Eventually you will find a ladder to your left. Keep going forward to find a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate. She will be wearing the armor. The armor talks and will inject you with Med-X when your limbs are crippled. It is as good, if not better, than Tesla Armor, but does not come with a helmet.

    This is a schematic weapon with 40 damage plus 10 fire damage over five seconds. The Shishkebab is built from a motorcycle gas tank, motorcycle handbrake, lawnmower blade, and pilot light. One of its schematics is found with Vance, who gives it to you after the "Blood Ties" quest. Lucky Harith, the wandering merchant, has another. The final set is near a workbench in a Red Brotherhood Outcast shack, to the southwest of SatCom Array NN-03d. The shack does not appear on the map, but is at the base of the hill the array is built on. Every schematic you obtain increases the condition of the weapon when it is built.

    T-51b Power Armor
    Successfully complete the "You've Gotta Shoot Them In The Head" mission given by Mr. Crowley in Underworld. Return to him once you have all four keys. Follow him out of Underworld, and take back the keys. Go to "Fort Constantine", located in the upper-left corner of the map directly between and slightly to the north of "SATCOM Array NW-05a" and "SATCOM Array NN-03d". Enter the little house on the left named the "CO Quarters". Go downstairs, and use the key on the "launch control bunker" door. Be prepared to fend off robots while making your way further down. Eventually you will find doors for all the keys, the last one being a room that holds the T-51b under glass. Use the computer to free the armor.

    Terrible Shotgun
    This is a special combat shotgun with 80 damage. It is in the possession of Smiling Jack at the Evergreen Mills Bazaar. To get it, you must either kill him, shoot it out of his grip and pick it up before he does, or break it in V.A.T.S. so he puts it into his inventory. If you use the third method, put your weapon away immediately or Jack will attack you. It is important to note that the Terrible Shotgun has much more spread than any other shotgun. It is to be used as a close-combat weapon only because it is wildly inaccurate. It can be repaired with regular combat shotguns, but degrades very quickly.

    You can find a special Gatling laser weapon called Vengeance under an outcropping of rock jutting above a bloody lake at the far rear of the Deathclaw Sanctuary. Go as far southeast into the sanctuary as you can. It should open up into a large cave. You will see a large rock in the center of the cave. It is approachable from the south, and is illuminated by some glowing fungus. The bloody pond is filled with corpses, and next to one of them is Vengeance, which is in relatively good condition when found.

    Xuanlong Assault Rifle
    This is a special Chinese assault rifle with 64 damage. It is found on Prime's body in the diner near the Jury Street Metro Station. However, for Prime's body to be present, you must complete the computer puzzle in the Museum of Technology. This is an unmarked quest, also known as Jiggs' Loot. It can be repaired with regular Chinese assault rifles.

    To get the Xuanlong Assault Rifle very easily, go to Megaton immediately after leaving the Vault. When you first arrive, you will meet the sheriff. Talk to him about the bomb, and tell him that you want to disarm it. He will agree, and you can go off to the saloon. Find Mr. Burke. He will ask you to rig the bomb to explode. Tell him "No", then tell the sheriff about Burke. Say that he might get someone else to rig the bomb, so the sheriff will go after him. Follow him, and when you get to Burke, he will shoot the sheriff with a silenced 10mm pistol. You can then let Burke leave or you can kill him with no penalties. You can even talk to him and still blow up the bomb. You can now search the sheriff legally and take his rifle, duster, and hat, as well as a key to the armory (but watch out for the robot guarding it inside).

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  • Er zijn voor elke Karma 3 achievements te krijgen.
    Evil, Neutral en Good op level 8, 14 en 20. Bij elkaar een waarde van 180G.

    Je kan deze Achievements makkelijk halen door te beginnen met Good Karma:
    - Sla hem op vlak voor dat je naar level 8,14 of 20 gaat
    - Haal die laatste EXP en ga naar level 8,14 of 20 in Good Karma (1e Achiev.)
    - Laad de game, steel een paar kleine dingen en level vervolgens in Neutral omhoog. (2e Achiev.)
    - Laad de game nu nog een keer en vermoord iemand (of doe iets anders waardoor je super bad karma voor krijgt). (3e Achiev.)

    Als je 180G wilt moet je dit met alle 3 de Achiev. levels doen dus let goed op/naar welk level je zit/gaat.


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  • Het beste apparel in Hints/Tips

    Als je het beste apparel in het spel wil moet je de quest "you gotta shoot 'em in the head"om die quest te vinden moet je naar underworld in the museum of history en je moet mister crowley vinden.Hij zal je vragen vier mensen te vermoorden en als bewijs moet je de sleutels die ze bij zich hebben naar hem brengen.Maar in plaats daarvan ga je naar fort constatine(zonder al de sleutels geraak je niet binnen)ga verder tot in de CQ Headquarters.Er zullen een paar robots zijn,als je het helemaal verkent kom je in een kamer met daarin het beste power armor(Tb-1 power armor)en een fat man met wat mininukes.
    PS:verken de nabije gebouwen voor meer ammo

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  • Makkelijk verdient in Hints/Tips

    als je in the citadel van the brotherhood bent ga dan naar the armory,verkoop al het nutteloze en je zal wel wat verdienen.Plunder daarna heel de citadel en verkoop nogmaals al het nutteloze.Je zal vast ook het speciale laser pistol vinden van elder lyons.

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  • Cheats

    God mode

    No clipping mode

    Alle markers op je map

    Kom 1 (één) level omhoog

    Unlock het geselecteerde slot of terminal (PC)

    Ga naar de 'Quest'-marker

    Complete current quest

    Speler kan Power armor aandoen zonder training
    setpccanusepowerarmor 1

    Toggle free camera mode, voor screenshots e.d.

    Spawn item, zoals wapens en armor (item codes zie je beneden!)

    Selecteer het level van de speler (max=100)

    Krijg 'caps', het geld in de game
    player.additem 000000F

    Modificeer je uiterlijk, zoals je kon doen wanneer je de vault verliet

    Laat alle console commands zien

    # Item codes

    Gebruik de volgende codes om de bepaalde items te spawnen: "player.additem"


    .308 Caliber Round

    .32 Caliber Round

    .44 Round Magnum

    10mm Round

    5.56mm Round

    5mm Round

    Alien Powercell

    BB - Ammo


    Electron Charge Pack

    Energy Cell

    Flamer Fuel

    Frag Grenades

    Frag Mines

    Mesmetron Power Cell

    Microfusion Cell

    Mini Nuke


    Pulse Grenades

    Railway Spikes

    Shotgun Shell

    Sonic Energy


    Brotherhood of Steel Powered Armor
    Brotherhood of Steel Powered Helmet

    Combat Armor
    Combat Helmet

    Commando Armor

    Composite Recon Armor
    Composite Recon Helmet

    Dad's Wasteland Outfit

    Elder Lyons' Robe

    Enclave Power Armor
    Enclave Shocktrooper Armor
    Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet

    Ghoul Mask

    Grimy Pre-War Businesswear

    Mysterious Stranger Hat
    Mysterious Stranger Outfit

    Naughty Nightwear
    Sexy Sleepwear

    Outcast Power Armor
    Outcast Power Helmet
    Outcast Recon Helmet


    Recon Armor Helmet
    Recon Armor

    Rivet City Security Helmet
    Rivet City Security Uniform

    Surgical Mask

    T-51b Power Armor
    T-51b Power Helmet

    Medische Items


    Ice Cold Nuka-Cola

    Nuka-Cola Quantum

    Purified Water


    Alien Blaster

    BB Gun


    Dart Gun

    Experimental MIRV
    Fat Man



    Liberty Laser


    Lincoln's Repeater


    Scoped .44 Magnum

    SentryBot Laser Gatling
    SentryBot Minigun

    Silenced 10mm Pistol


    Smuglers End (Laser Pistol)

    Sniper Rifle

    Tips(, in het Engels!)

    Infinite XP

    ''Have a Speech skill of at least 30. Visit Big Town by travelling northwest from Springvale Elementary. Talk to Bittercup about her dating exploits. Talk with Pappy about how he came to Big Town with Bittercup to start a Speech challenge. If you fail, the challenge will still be available to retry. Repeat the challenge until you are successful. You will get six experience points, and the option to retry the challenge can still be selected. Repeat the challenge as many times as desired.''

    ''Be at least level 10, and have a 60 Sneak skill. Unlock the Mister Sandman perk. Go to the Smith's house at Andale. Sneak upstairs at night while everyone is sleeping. Try to pickpocket the boy, but instead select "Murder". You will not lose Karma and gain over 50 experience points. Because the boy does not actually die, you can repeat this as many times as desired. Note: The game may glitch and become unresponsive.''

    Dogmeat, de trouwe hond

    ''Dogmeat is found in Scrapyard. On the world map, Scrapyard is in the top right corner of the square that is two squares directly below Minefield. Follow the clear triangle on your compass if you are having problems finding it. Enter Scrapyard, and look/listen for fighting. Your will find Dogmeat fighting a Raider. Once the Raider is dead, you can talk to Dogmeat and ask him to join you.''

    Bobblehead lacaties

    The hidden Vault-Tec Bobbleheads can be found at the following locations. Collect a Bobblehead to gain +10 to a skill or +1 to a stat.

    Agility: Greener Pastures Disposal, in the small office covered in radiation.

    Charisma: Vault 108, in the Cloning Lab.

    Endurance: Deathclaw Sanctuary, at the entrance on a table next to a rotting Brahmin corpse.

    Intelligence: Rivet City, on Dr. Li's table in the Science Lab.

    Luck: Arlington Cemetery North, in the basement on a shelf directly below the stairs inside the house to the north.

    Perception: Republic Of Dave, on a bookshelf on the right in the Museum of Dave.

    Strength: Megaton, in Sherriff Lucas Simm's house.

    Barter: Evergreen Mills, in back of the Market Bazaar on a shelf in the upper-right side behind the Raider Trader that does not attack.

    Big Guns: Fort Constantine, in the basement of the CO Quarters inside a safe in the wall.

    Energy Weapons: Ravenhold

    Explosives: WKML Broadcast Station, turn on your local map. Go through the doorway to the sealed cistern to find it.

    Lockpick: Bethesda Ruins, in Bethesda Offices East, on the top floor near the door to the bridge.

    Medicine: Vault 101, on your dad's desk when leaving.

    Melee Weapons: Dunwich Building, just before you leave the Virulent Underchambers, on the floor next to the door.

    Repair: Aerefu, in Evan King's house.

    Science: Vault 106, from the living quarters, enter the room all the way in the rear left corner. There is a room with a bookcase lit by a bright light. Search the middle (toward the right) of that bookcase.

    Small Guns: National Guard Depot, go through the training room and offices to exit from a door to the main room. Use the power switch on the wall to your left, and enter the Armory door, then search the shelves.

    Sneak: Yao Guai Tunnels, on top of a metal box in the Den, on the right of the map near some water.

    Speech: Paradise Falls, on a table inside Euology's pad (Slave Master's house).

    Unarmed: Rockopolis, go directly west from Casey Smith's garage. Look for tattered banners that are strung up. Use your local map to find it.

    Gecrashede UFO locatie

    Move north and slightly to the west of Minefield. You will find the VAPL-66 Power Station. Follow the power lines north until you hear a radio signal Athena. While staying in range of that signal, search the surrounding rocky area until you find the ship.

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  • Als de slavers respect voor je tonen in Paradise Falls dan weet je of je genoeg evil bent. Er komt als je Paradise Falls binnen loopt een slaver naar je toe gerent en die geeft je spullen omdat hij respect voor je heeft. Je kan met hem blijven praten zo vaak je wilt om items van hem te krijgen waaronder ammo, stimpacks, caps etc... Gewoon op A blijven smashen tegen die man en je hebt binnen no time 50 health packs en 3000 caps enz...

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