1. A conversation about women.

A conversation about women.

Random MSN gesprek met een maat van mij, ja er zitten zat spelfouten is, directe copy paste.


What do you want to be explained, my lesser awesome fellow human.


meaning of life, what women think


The meaning of life is 42.

What women think is this:

There is a random generator in their head with predefined actions, each of these actions results in you not having sex for a day, or makeup sex. Which also explains why woman act so explosive, the random generator algorithm in their head, makes no sense.

They do react to certain things rather violent or as a puppy.

Do not tell them they are fat for instance, this will set in motion a catacylism that will ruin your life, your sex life and your self-respect.


ghehe ok nuff said

jack is met z'n muis aant spelen


Do not tell them, unless its a black woman, that their ass is big.


not sure if copy/paste or awesome mind at work


You can make them as cute as a puppy by giving them certain objects, like diamonds, gold, silver and chocolate.

(I'm typing this myself)

Be weary thou, some females react indifferent to gold and prefer silver. So make sure you research your female subject, before buying such objects. If all else fails, use chocolate, it always works.

But these is just for the pleasing of the female, in the end they have the vagina, they will control you no matter what. For all the males that ahve the illusion of being in charge, they are using

their woman mind tricks on you. Stuff like emotion and crying, don't be fooled thou, its the manupaltive behaviour that is inherent in all females. No matter what you do, if your a ladies man, you have to just deal with it. In the rare case its reveresed, get out the relationship, she was probably born a he.

That brings me to the part of the relationship, if a female controls the he, she will

repeatebly press her thumb on the males head. This cause the so dreaded hair to fall out, leaving most men bald. Yes, its not old ages or anything, its the female fingerprint of occupied.

Some men get out to late, thus leaving a single bald man. These have been controlled before and are probably easier targets for the females out there.

(Van mij mag dit best op FB hoor )


tl;dr wordt het dan


That brings me to females that are target the most by men. They are skinny, have huge arse breasts and the don't exist.

Thats why the good old fashion funbags turned into good new fashion poison bags.

They also have the tendency to inject poison in the face, I don't know how other men are into this, I'd rather kiss something thats already poisoness, without the addtive of poison bags and poison face. Extra poison would kill me to quickly, I need time to enjoy the female in question.

Then there is also a breed of men (more like me) that does not like the poison and just as much values character in the female.

Let me tell you this, if you are into video games and geeky stuff and you find a girl that is aswel. She will be swarmed by the guys, you must be fucking awesome or good looking to win her over, eventhou they are mostly not that good looking themselves. So instead of zoning in on females with only the same interest. Broaden your horizon, it will make for interesting difference in flavours.

So to be short on to answer your question,:






As much as the text I wrote.

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