1. Shogun 2 rise of Jozai

Shogun 2 rise of Jozai

Beste IG leden. Ik wil graag een ervaring van shogun 2 fall of the samurai met jullie delen. Ik zal dit in het Engels doen omdat ik het ga posten op het total war forum dat uiteraard in het Engels is. Ik kan garanderen dat dit geen plagiaat is! Ik heb er helaas geen plaatjes bij dit deel omdat ik nog niet wist dat ik alles zou opschrijven. Hopelijk vergeven jullie het me. Ik plaats het in delen zodat ik feedback kan ontvangen over eventueel taalgebruik en voor tips voor het verbeteren van de sfeer in het verhaal. Hier deel 1 van mijn verhaal.

Playing Jozai I had one of the hardest times but also the most fun time on Shogun 2. After failing 3 Legendary campaigns with other factions I was determined to finally make it work this time. I read some articles on the internet about the economy because this was where the problem was.

My tactic would be to rush in and capture 2/3 other provinces and from there build my economy. Also making a couple of key economical hubs with geisha’s entertaining the nobles. Beside the economical hubs I was Playing as Jozai I made a descent size army in the first few turns and rushed them to the first settlement. The fight wasn’t that hard and I easily prevailed. I was happy because a good start is the way to a good future. The second province went the same . There I was 3 provinces and a relative strong army. Time to boost my economy! I figured that these three first provinces would become my economical hubs. There were recourses and place for a harbour.

All was going well but then my first disaster Struck! My ally to the west suddenly attacked. I was shocked by this development by my trusted ally. I moved my army to defend and I was just in time. I defeated his attack force and went on the attack myself. I took his province and another clan was destroyed. It was a hard war with good troops on either side and it left my borders undefended. My only hope was that my neighbours would leave me alone for a while.

A couple of turns later my economy was running very well. The Geisha was in place and more underway as my empire would grow. My army became stronger again and thoughts of attacking were at hand. It was time to start step 2 of my plan, the military hub. A place where the strongest army will be trained and a place connected to a railway for good mobility. I found the perfect spot just west of me. There was a blacksmith and the province next to hit could support a trainstation. I gathered my army and marched on the enemy. I took the province after a siege. All was good and I started to make the military hub.

The next couple of turns I researched the best technologies. My farmers were running over time and my army got stronger and stronger while my fleet became to take shape as well. Some small wars were fought to expand the empire. Great Nations fell while others rised. Great Daimyo’s slain all across Japan and wives made widows. But all was still fine within the realm of Jozai, the nation that would one day be at the vanguard of the Shogun however nobody knew it yet...

North of me 2 nations became allies and both grew in power, the Aizu and the Nagaoka. At one dark day the Aizu broke their trade agreement with me. And the time had come for the war that started all the other wars. Troops mobilised and tactical placed a few turns later they attacked. The Aizu came to me with a general that had19 full companies under its command; damn I did not expect that. While they declared war I found out that Nagoka was their ally and joined the war against me, at that moment Nagoka was the strongest clan in Japan. The days grew darker and I became scared, would I fail again?

The Aizu strike at one of my provinces luckily I was well prepared and an army stood ready at the fort to meet them. I knew that if this fort would be breached the Aizu had access to the rest of my realm. It had to be defended no matter the cost!

2 Rings of protection and 1200 troops stood between the Aizu and total victory. Surrounded by the great enemy numbers my troops stood vast brave to face the enemy convinced that Jozai could once be the leading the vanguard for the shogun. In the distance we heard them coming more than 1700 men dressed all in black aiming to slay us where we stood. The enemy came closer and closer but the troops had to wait until the enemy was in range. Everybody was nervous but if they would die at least it would be a glorious dead.

Finally the enemy was in range after a time that felt like it took days. Muskets fired and smoke raised like a wild fire destroying a beautiful forest. 10s 100s fell in the first strike. Samurai ran to the west walls to climb under a hail of bullets. Many of them fell to their death while climbing. But eventually a large number of samurais reached the top. The simple riflemen where no match for the trained samurai many of our friends were slain in the breach. The outer ring was falling, the west side was lost.

Meanwhile on the east side the battle went well. Many enemies were routing. Just 2 more enemy companies held their ground but then the alarm sounded. The west wall had fallen and all must return to the inner section in order to make our last stand.

Half of both forces were gone, heads cut off and entire companies wiped out never to see the light of day again but the battle was far from over. All my troops were set up on the inner side of the wall ready to meet the enemy once again. The samurai left in the first breach were tired and scared. They were all alone in the second ring of the caste. They were commanded to take the inner ring without any other support. Luck finally reached us. When they ran to the inner walls they were quickly annihilated by the many muskets set up on top of it. The odds were beginning to get into our favour.

The rest of the enemies marched through the captured gates of the outer ring but tight together and many fell. The once who did reached the wall and managed to climb it were slain because of the lack of numbers reaching the top. The enemy army was in full retreat. One final desperate attempt was made by the enemy general to try to capture our castle with few brave men. But he got slain on sight by the 600 troops that were still alive on our side. An honourable dead for a foolish general.

The battle was over. Hope returned to me, we can beat them we can take their lands and prevail. The enemy crushed the time had come to send another army into their lands to capture it and weaken them.

To be continued!!

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