1. My gaming activity on this whole week ^_^

My gaming activity on this whole week ^_^

Hey hello and welcome to my new blog about my gaming activity, what I did on the three days on my gaming activity but this activity was started from the one weekend ago that I bought my new game "Ridge racer" on my PSVita and I like the game. But there must be upgrade from the DLC from the Gold and Silver pack that I must download, so I have played the game and it's great arcade racing game ever that I can play on my handheld. So you can just read why I was not online till today and go from today everytime online on my own following program online again. That programs that I'll be online is on these days Monday, Wednesday (I''m not online when the champions league football is on TV), Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The other days I'm playing my games on my game consoles, so you can see me at PSN or XBOX LIVE. So here we go about my gaming activity, please enjoy, like and comment on my weblog article.

Saturday, I have bought my new game "Ridge racer" on PSVita. On my first play time I started with 5 cars, 3 race tracks and 7 music tracks so I played the further and it was never updated for more cars, tracks and sound tracks. I've reaced to the level 10 on that activity. Because of football I started my four days gaming marathon for two hours, because of the matches for the champions league, european league (even the Super copa between FCBarcelona and Real madrid) and super cup. So here is the activity on my four days gaming activity marathon for two hours. I have played the "Ridge racer" game on my PSVita and I did perfect more in formations about my activity you can read on my twitter account "Gaming Galaxy NL" I did some (more oftem) the ghost race and my to seconds that I won the ghost is 14 seconds before the ghost cool isn't. I did one day not good, because I get one skill level down to 9 and then raised one skill level up to level 10 again.

Friday bought I PSN prepaid card for 20 and downloaded the gold and silver pack for my "Ridge racer" game and expanded for more and I have now 12 cars, 9 tracks and 34 soundtracks (from classic to modern "Ridge racer" games) so I have more on the game now. I have now completely game and I wonder why did they not complete the game on one SD card, that's my wondering and I was two hours busy for that DLCs to download on the "Ridge racer" game for my PSVita. I have 15 left and I downloaded my most wanted game and the game is from PSone classic, the game was "Final fantasy V" and I'm playing that game and even "Ridge racer" on my PSVita. I love those games to play, so that's why I was offline for almost one week...

Today going to Rotterdam on looking for some new games that I maybe want to buy it, then I want to play my games on my PSVita.

I bought a new game for my 360 for cheapest price of €15, the game named "Need for speed shift 2 unleashed. I played the game for 3 hours. The firstly I was commenting about the game is, that the game look a like of Ridge racer on the game consoles XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo. I can tell you guys that the game is very hardest game ever that I have on one of my game consoles. I'm playing at the easy difficulty and the game is hard to beat every race tracks that you must race, because the bonus and some other little stuff are hard to get. The cars are always faster then yours. I would play my games on my PSVita with the "Ridge racer" and "Final fantasy V" games. So that was not on the time that I want to play, because I played my new game "Need for speed shift 2 unleashed" and I like the game. This game is more challenging me and sometimes pissed of me on the game that I want to win, but I can tell you just upgrade your car to monster and race everytime where you beat it. Then you will become strongest racer on the game.

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