1. Gaming marathon: Final fantasy XIII (PS3)

Gaming marathon: Final fantasy XIII (PS3)

Hey hello and welcome to my first Gaming marathon weblog article on my gamespot weblog article that I want to play the game named "Final fantasy XIII" and share with you all my gaming activity from from 18:00 to 22:00, so please read my weblog article about "Gaming marathon: Final fantasy XIII (PS3)". I hope you'll enjoy my marathon and I want to make this perfect and good as I can, so please don't get angry to me because I can't make it better then my best on my gaming marathon report on the "Gaming marathon: Final fantasy XIII (PS3)" I have decided for the "Final fantasy XIII" game. It's because I didn't play this game from the date of 9 may 2010 on the time of 20:00, at the Chapter 7: Mob injustice by the location named Palumpolum (Rivera towers) so I want to start my Gaming marathon with "Final fantasy XIII" game on that location and save file. Okay my Gaming marathon of 4 hours get starting right now.

»18:00« Okay here we go start playing the game right now and doing disc on my PS3, so that I can play it. The game started on my save game file and I must fight against the boss diractly with Snow and Hope, the boss is hard to beat and I hope that i can beat him quickly, but I need some power and strenth with my ability to beat the boss, so I must find out what the power and ability must be to beat the boss. Yeah man I beated the big boss of that location, it was very hard to beat and I have no start. If my friend Danny was here he had on shortest time then me to beat him. I have now recieved the one item named "Abominable wing" it costed my 30 minutes to beat him. I watched the short movie about the Snow and Hope, he want to know what it was happened to him and what he want to make on his mind. He answers about the question that hope asked. But the Hope say about his mother and he answered her name is Nora Estheim, Snow knows now what Hope was talking about. Hope would kill Snow and they where attacked from the big plain and they fall down to the ground together. Snow wants to protect everybody and Hope will not understand about it. The short movie was it on again about Fang, Vanille and Lightning . On the short movie happened about fang and Vanille first they're searching for the focus and Vanille want give up because there was no success on the search for focus. Fang send out Vanille from the battle field and she fights by her self against the enemies. So she is talking about that happening with Lightning and she apologise to Lightning about it, but Lightning hits her with her slap attack. Action continues with my control.

»19:00« I'm at the same place where I must to complete the mission with Fang and Lightning and I can say to you guys there is much strongest enemy around the location where they are on the field right now. I can't finished the battle less then 2 minutes. Okay the mission going to become intresting just now and holding just something not back about Fang and Vanille for the focus about the coccoons, so I quess Fang and Vanille are best friends like me and Danny (Just on the real life with me and Danny). I know that because Danny will save me from the battle and protect me from the evil like Fang does on Vanille. My subject starts for the second part on the game right now. The enemy just found Snow and Hope when Lightning and Fang talking about they future and what the plan s of them was. Fang want to save Vanille and get bher back to home to Gran pulse and Lightning want to rescue and save Sarah. Then the enemies flies over them and they found Snow and Hope, so the next mission is now to find Hope and Show before the enemies find it.

»20:00« Snow saved Hope, but the enemy they beated is back for action and take his revenge. So they must fight him again, so are you ready Hope and Snow for the ultimate comeback battle? Ready or now here we go. Hope fights alone against that monster and when he almost lose, the help is coming from Fang and Lightining hooray you get powned monster of a the boss monster is beaten again and I have four members on my team if I right and they are Lightning, Hope, Snow and Fang yay. I guess not yet, because I'm playing with Fang right now. Hope's father is talking to Lightning, Snow and Fang about what happened to Nora and what Nora asked to Snow, but Snow answered what he done about to bring Hope savety at home and Hope's father say just you did now. He talked about the world war and there is trouble at Hope's home right now. They are fighting at Hope's ruined home against the enemie and Snow bring Hope's father to safety location. Wow man I must fight against the big plane like the plane of measter Seamour from "Final fantasy X" game on PS2, but this time is it diffirent and maybe strongest plane.

»21:00« I beat the boss and it taked 11 minutes and 10 seconds to beat it, but I was beated twice because I did not get the first of the clue how do beat him quickly and easily. I beat it that's the plus and count for the mission. After beat the boss and they thought that they must fight again against those planes, but the other one is the members and friend of Fang glad I'm safe to get chilled on the game. I can chill now out at the location named "Nautilus: the city of dreams" and let's see what to do there. Okay and I must play there with my girl friend named Vanille and Sash, yahoo I have won the bronse trophy from "Instrument of shame" what that means of that trophy I don't know so don''t ask me about it. Also it's the Chapter 8 on my way on the game. Okay the game's goal is now almost revealed it's the war between Pulse and Cocoon and the peoples are scared from L.cie but they are good guys, but they don't know about them because they think that they're monsters. The party on the Nautilus, because there is a ceremony don't ask me about what you must find it out if you have the game in your own. Wait a second I know where the Nautilus is, that location is the home city of Lightning, Snow and Sarah where they came from, now are Sash and Vanille there on that city cool. Wow there was a great show there and I was enjoy the show, but what is Ragnarok that Vanille remembner about? I must find out later but it can''t be on this Gaming marathon. Because this is almost over, because the time is just 30 minutes left.

»22:00« Okay sorry guys this is end of my first part of my Gaming marathon with the "Final fantasy XIII" game and I did great if you can read about it. I must find out when I want to continue the game again and I had decide this game play and make weblog article about the 4 hours Gaming marathon with this game, because I never played again for 2 years and that's why I made this Gaming marathon om my PS3 with "Final fantasy XIII" game.

Bye for now and till the next Gaming marathon, remember we are still gaming and game on!!!

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