1. Gaming marathon: Star ocean the last hope international (PS3)

Gaming marathon: Star ocean the last hope international (PS3)

Hey hello and welcome to my second gaming marathon weblog article with my second RPG game from Square Enix again this time is it not ''Final fantasy XIII" like one week ago, but I will playing and write about my gaming marathon 4 hours again and this time about the game "Star ocean: the last hope international" I had this game on my birthday and I bought this game for 30 and with %50 percent from my lovely aunt Sian for my birthday and I had from he 15 and I must get 15 from the bank, so I bought the game and I'm playing the game and I like it. So my plan is for today that I want to play from 18:00 to 22:00 then with gaming I want to share with you all gamers about what I did hour per hour report. So ever 10 minutes or more I want to write what I did on the game, so here we go about the game and also my gaming report about my weblog article "Gaming marathon: Star ocean the last hope international (PS3)" okay here we go and please read and comment about my weblog story. Let's start my marathon of 4 hours right now, power on and disc in the Playstation 3 and let's play the game and write the Gaming marathon report on weblog. »18:00« Before start my marathon my PSN must be updated from internet so that means that I can start after 30 minutes, so please stay tuned whe it's done with install the PSN updates on my PS3. Then can I start with my official gaming marathon of 3 hours, so the gaming marathon is now from 19:00 to 22:00.

»19:00« Starting my gaming marathon with my PS3 game named "Star ocean: the last hope international" please enjoy the gaming marathon and comment. The game is started and I'm playing the game rright now, before I start my journey on the game I want to share my Star ocean team and they are Edge Maverick (level 15). Reimi Saionji (level 15), Faize Sheifa Beleth (level 14) and Lymle Lemuri Phi (level 6) now let's start my journey right away wish me luck please. My path must lead to the Alanaire citadel and I guess I must search for something on the school or house at that citadel. I found a new accessoires on the house of the grandfather of the girl named Lyml and it's called Demon amulet, let's see what does it do on my members. I see and that perfect it powered my member Edge, Reimi, Faize and Lymle Int by 10 level and Def by 4 power level, effect (ability) is Nullifies damage from demons by 20% of the time and I will add this to Lymle because she needs that power level. Faize is leveled up right now and he is at level 15 also leveld up member is Lymle to level 7 right now yay, time for boost them up! Now on the snow area, I'm continue my path on the snow area. Cool one of my member named Lymle is leveled up again and she is at level 8 right now and time upgrade them again! What now is that possible that I have sympology ability with Edge!? Cool and I learned Healing ability. So now I'm at Alanaire citadel arrived, now what. Let's explore the area right now members of Star ocean team! I found a accessoires named "Anti-poison amulet" let's see what that item does to my Star ocean team members. Not good, because he can defence me from the poison and not so much more. Level up for the Lymle again and she is now at level 9, you know what the time is right? Yes the upgrade them all time! I have a new weapon and the weapon called "Guardian's rapier" it's for the member named Faize and his power level must be higher with Atk by 18, Int (+10) by 13 and GRD by 10 power level stronger. Wow level again for Lymle and she is now at level 10 finally now make her stronger, so it's time for upgrade my member of the Star ocean team again!

»20:00« Edge Maverick has leveled up to level 16, Lyml is leveled up to level 11 and Reimi leveled to level 16 like Edge, so it's time to upgrade them again! I have a armor and it's "Guardian's armor" okay let's what will that armor give for Faize and Edge, but I'm equiping that weapon to Edge because he need it more then Faize. It makes him stroger by Def by 31 power level and GRD by 4 power level. The music on the citadel is kinda music from Megaman X series if you can hear if you find the video on youtube about that building named "Alanaire citedel" se search it if you want to. Faize is leveled up to level 16 and it's time ti upgrade them again! Yahoo my child member Lymle is leveled up to level 12 right now, but I want to wait for all leveling up then I want to the upgrade them for more power level make them stronger. My one of the member Lymle is leveled again also she learned the magical attack Wind blade, she is now at level 12 and now the time to upgrade them!I must fight against the boss of that Alanaire citadel and it's fusion of Reptile and Dragon, looks like a heavy fight. Okay let's fight and beat him guys. I have beated the boss Dragon he was easy and let's see what's the reward is I will tell you if I know about it, okay no reward or a trophy. I must go to Lymle friend Lutie if I'm right. That mission on the Alanaire citedal was complete right now and let's search for friend of Lymle, that's my new mission right now.

»21:00« I'm at the village named Woodie and I must see Lutie right now, but I don't know where she lives. The searching for Lutie started right now guys. Now there I'm shopping for some new weapons for my Star ocean team. Torch bow for my cute and lovely member Reimi equipment and it make ATK strong by 12 power level and weak Hit by 10 power level, I must equip it because I give always for more ATK then hit it also add fire to attack. Flame wand that weapon adds fire element to attacks and shoots a blast of fire when attacking, so that weapon make Lymle stronger with ATK by 13 power level and Int by 3 power level so that's greatest weapon that Lymle can handle it isn't guys? I have found a Anti-stun amulet on the chest at the weapon store. New skill added to my members on Star ocean team yay! Hmm okay a new problem for the mother on the item shop. I must find her doughter and she is worried about her, so she asked my team to find her. But must find her other time because my gaming marathon of three hours is about to end right now. I found her okay maybe she will give something I mean her mother. Another problem the doughter of the item shop lady cat is missing and my Star ocean team must find him. I must do that other time. Lymle is leveled up to level 15 and when my marathon is ended then I will upgrade them. Reimi and Edge are leveled up to level 17 right now. Faize is leveled up and he is now at level 17 right now and it's time to upgrade them then I must close the game out, because my gaming marathon is ended right now!

»22:00« That's folks for today about my weblog article about my event Gaming marathon with my RPG game called "Star ocean: the last hope international" on my PS3, hope that you had enjoyed my weblog article that I writed and shared with you. Please read 'n comment on my article report. This was the last part of my RPG gaming marathon, because my gaming marathon event is 2 times the same genre per two events of my gaming marathon. That even is from 2 to 5 hours, you can see that's the biggest event from me (Lucarita26) and my friend Danny (DannyBoes) so if you want to that event either, let me know and I want to tell you the rule what you need to know and what to do. Please don't cheat about it okay. My planning was for this gaming marathon 4 hours, but it's now 3 hours. Why if you ask me, I want to tell you why. I had dinner then when I would start my event must I download and install the update file for my PSN and then I must vote for the dutch parlement and I was started not at 18:00 to 22:00, but I had started from 19:00 to 22:00. That's why that I played and write the gaming marathon weblog for 3 hours.

Please read 'n comment. Let's game on!

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