1. Een mysterieuze website van Resistance 2 online gezet...

Een mysterieuze website van Resistance 2 online gezet...

Er is een mysterieuze website van Resistance 2 online gezet. Een soort database waar je bepaalde commando's kan intypen om documenten te zien te krijgen.

Dit zijn een paar commando's die je daar kunt invoeren:






Je kan het document verduidelijken als je RES een paar keer invoert.

Het resultaat van GET DISEASECONTROL is dit:

Zo krijg je een mysterieuze screen te zien van een hand op een papierachtig iets waar staat:



Met onderstaande tekst:

"A boat filled with invluenza-ridden Europeans washed up on the shores of Grand"

Een screen als je te lui bent:

GET COMMANDERHOLIDAYS resulteert tot dit:

To Base Personnel:

With the holiday season upon us here in Alaska we have more then our fill of snow and cold. It's a difficult time to be away from friends and family. For those of you who have family abroad, perhaps grandparents or cousins in Europe, the complete embargo of all travel and news in and out of the United States makes it even more difficult.

I want to assure that the work were doing here is more important than you can know. The service you are rendering is essential to the peace and security of the people you love. Our enemy, the European influenza, is no less dangerous for being so intangible.

We will do our best in during this holidays to be a kind of family to each other. Patience is the hardest of virtues. Remember, in the word of the poet John Milton, "They also serve who only stand and wait".

Wishing you the best in these coming weeks.

L. Dicklesonn, Brigadier General, Alaska.

Dit is het resultaat van GET PPG:

The office of Perception, Protection and Guidance reminds you that misuse of SRPAnet is punishable by a fine of up to two thousand dollar and up to two years in prison.

Do not give your password to others.

Do not allow unauthorized personell to use your terminal when you have retrieved files.

Your Vigilance protects us all.

Het resultaat van GET TIP:

Are you a good soldier?

Good soldiers:

#Know their place. Follow orders promptly and without question.

#Are a small part of a greater whole. Serve your country. Support your unit.

#Maintain order. Keep a clean and orderly work and personal space.

#Keep in good physical shape. Exercise daily.

#Stay out of trouble. Causing a ruckus and asking too many questions will threaten our liberties.

#Are always ready! The readiness for war is what keeps the peace!

You have a sacred trust to God and Country. Be proud!

GET EU9377DEBRIEF Is een code die je ook kunt invoeren. Dit is het resultaat:

SRPA.net File.Locator #

Brown, Channing


Service no. 764122AX

Mildenhall UK


For diplomatic pouch to Departement of War.

Debriefing Summary, Transcript (Redacted)

BROWN, Upon reaching the northern edge of Genoa, we discovered the city was under the attack from the East. The Italian was headquartered in the Pallazo Doria. I was assigned to a mixed unit of British and Italian soldiers gathering intelligence under the command of Lte. Dillsent- Thomas, there were twelve of us in all. We moved south along the docks until we reached the river.

At the river, the local troops were engaged with the enemy. Although we'd been told about them, nothing actually prepared us for what we saw.

The Italians call them demoni and something like "pesti". I saw three different types. There were huge numbers of what I guess I'd call, for lack of a better term, foot soldiers. They look so white they look dead. They aren't human, although they walk like humans. There were some that went on four legs, like a dog. Then there were a couple of stronger Demoni leading the troops. They had some kind of head gear, not a helmet. Our carbines were......

Ik hoop dat ik jullie een beetje heb geïnformeerd.

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