1. A Timeless Life

A Timeless Life

Lately, everything has to rush.

People rush on the streets.

Either to go to work, college or to any other destination.

People forget to smile, because they seem oh so busy.

Trying to plan everything ahead.

And forget to live in harmony.

Life would be so much easier,

When you just go with the flow.

Not to think about what may happen next,

If you make a decision today.

You can not change the past.

But the future lies in your hands.

None would come to their sense,

Nor to cross a minds thought,

To live just for the moment.

Trying to enjoy what you have,

Right at this moment.

And could be gone the next second.

I, for instance, go with the flow.

There are 3 things that make me go strong.

One of those,

Is you, my love.

Everyday is worth living for.

Because I live every moment, with you.

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