1. Interview met Garrett Young - Producer Quantum of Solace: The Game

Interview met Garrett Young - Producer Quantum of Solace: The Game

Naar aanleiding van mijn memberrecensie van vorige week over Quantum of Solace: The Game, heb ik een interview gehouden met Garrett Young van Treyarch:

Naam: Garrett Young

Functie: Executive Producer of the Bond team at Treyarch

Omschrijving: My role is the leader of the development team.

Q: As the first Bond game from the newly acquired license by Activision are you completely satisfied with the end result?

I am very proud of my team. Not only did they get very good results in a short period of time using tools many of them hadn’t used before, but the effort they put in to get this game done was nothing short of remarkable. I joined the team half-way through the project -- if you had seen it a year ago, you would be amazed at how far it has come !

Q: The single-player experience is rather short, it took me only six hours to finish it on the second difficulty setting, aren’t you worried that people will skip this title when other games offer so much more single-player “value for your money”?

You're right, it's not the longest single-player game experience out there today. We were challenged with the movie's launch date, and we were philosophically opposed to doing things that "artificially" increased the game length. For example, I just finished Dead Space -- which I loved ! -- but it does seem like every door and elevator moved pretty darn slow, and it also felt like I found myself traipsing back and forth through the same rooms in the space station quite often...

Some of the hardcore Reviewers have been pretty harsh in their reviews – as they are with most movie games. That’s their prerogative. We’re proud of the core gameplay experience in this game, and we’re happy with how Multiplayer extends the length of gameplay.

(p.s. try the game on 00 – it’s intense! )

Q: The new AI system is very good, I like how the bad guys work together when they attack in groups. I have been surprised from behind my fair share of the time. What bothered me though is why they don’t take cover very well and sometimes just run at you without shooting? Is that to make the game easier and more accessible to a wider range of gamers?

Thank you, we did spend a fair amount of time building a dynamic AI that will react differently based on how you approach an event.

As for running directly at you: our AI system was designed to force “campers” out of cover. If you sit in cover for 30+ seconds, the AI will send one guy at you to flush you out --- while his squad-mates continue to pepper you from a distance.

Q: Car chases and James Bond seem to be inseparable. What have your reasons been to not do a car chase?

Many people ask us about this. We experimented with a driving level for a few months, but it wasn’t hitting our control, physics, AI, or graphics quality bar, so it didn’t make the game. It was very important to us that we were proud of everything that made it into the game – controls, game mechanics, levels, etc.

Q: Being developed at the same time and in the same studio, did Call of Duty World at War and Quantum of Solace influent each other in gameplay, artificial intelligence or another area? Can we expect to see some things we see in QoS also in the new CoD?

Not really. We have friends on that team and we shared sneak-peeks of early builds, we didn’t consciously work to share features. We did share a few assets here and there to help their schedule or ours, and we had some similar production practices, but that was about it. It was a very busy year in the studio !

Q: Which online game mode has been the most popular among the team and yourself? My personal favorite is Bond VS. It’s really hectic and fun to run (or sneak) around and try to defuse bombs as Bond or try to locate and eliminate Bond when being the Organisation.

You’re not the only one ! Bond VS. is a big winner around the office – and a huge adrenalin rush, when it’s your turn to play as Bond. Golden Gun and the team modes are popular too – lots of trash talk opportunities there ;-)

Q: This period of the year is Gamers Heaven. A lot of big titles being released close to each other. The multiplayer of QoS is very good, but when you get Gears of War 2, Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty: World at War in a span of 3 weeks how are you going to keep the multiplayer occupied? It seems like the biggest downside of this set release date for you guys?

You’re right – it’s a great time to be a gamer! The games are starting to pile up on my shelf now – and you didn’t even mention Fallout3, Fable2, and others.

It is a challenge to release a game in this time frame, but we felt it was best to synchronize our game with the launch of the new movie. It presented a huge production challenge – and is a sales challenge in a competitive marketplace – but James Bond has legions of fans, and we think they are going to like this game.

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