1. Interview met Loz Doyle - Producer van Lego Batman

Interview met Loz Doyle - Producer van Lego Batman

Ik heb van de week Loz Doyle geïnterviewd van Traveller's Tales aan de hand van mijn recensie van Lego Batman. Hoop dat jullie het leuk/interessant vinden.

Q: I found that the charm of the LEGO series lies in the combination of the original films, your favorite movie characters turned into LEGO and humour. With the addition of LEGO Batman you stepped away from replaying any of the movies and wrote new stories for the Heroes and Villains. Why did you take a new direction with Batman?

A: We decided that we had already followed a lot of movies and felt like there were enough characters for us to be able to write our own story. It gives you a lot more freedom and you’re not stuck with specific locations for levels, you can write the locations into your story.

Q: Was it hard to balance the dark Gotham City atmosphere with the colorfull LEGO universe?

A: It actually wasn’t too hard. Lots of Batman reference is fairly vibrant, at least the early movies were, certainly the TV series was and lots of the comics as well. We haven’t tried to copy one particular style but tried not to make it too dark. Having lots of colourful LEGO pieces and minifigures in there helps too!

Q: There have been a lot of new improvements with this game, but somehow the controls of the vehicles and the AI of your computer sidekick is still at the same level as the other Lego games. Didn’t you feel that these things needed improvement?

A: We do have to let our programmers go home sometimes you know ;). All joking aside - It was just a tough year – we did LEGO Indy and Batman, each on 7 platforms. Which reviewers seem to forget. You see developers taking 2-3 years to make a game on one platform and those games should therefore be perfect! We would have loved to take more time, but you can’t keep making games forever if you want to be able to pay your bills. If you look at actual customer reviews, they love our games.

Q: How are you planning to keep the LEGO series fresh?

A: We have lots of plans in motion at the moment, but they’re all top secret. Suffice to say we will be making some changes and we have lots of very cool games coming in. Keep an eye on our website, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Q: What would be your favorite movie, comic or cartoon that you would like to turn into a LEGO game? Or has that already been done with Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Batman?

A: Star Wars would be my number one, so yes we’ve already done it. There are loads more that would work though, but we might be working on those already ;).

Q: And what about Lego Transformers or Lego X-Men for new Lego games?

A: Not sure about Transformers, but X-Men could definitely work. However, we’re trying out a few new things over the next couple of years which are a break from our traditional action-platformers so it will be interesting to see how they are received.

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