1. The heavy rain trailer story

The heavy rain trailer story

The first time I saw you I knew you were the one. I thought these things only happen in the movies you know? The pounding heart the sweaty hands, shaky legs. I was coming out of the theater and it started pouring heavy rain. So there I was soaking wet teeth shattering, freezing cold and you came up to me. You looked at me straight in the eyes and said “need an umbrella? “ You send me flowers for weeks and you said you love me forever. Three Months later we were getting married. God it sounds so stupid. It’s such a corny romance.

But real life never ends with just you and him. It’s just one big happy fairy tale. And one day you wake up in your average little house living your average little life. And your real dreams are about paying the bills and maybe someday being a hit on TV. But you realize that maybe that wasn’t you were dreaming off, you realize maybe things could have been different. And maybe I could have lived all of that but then it all stops. It starts with something small. A little lip sticks on the collar, late nights at the office. At first I tell myself “I’m crazy, you would never do such a thing”. But I changed my mind. One night I follow you, watch you as you leave the office, and follow you to this cheesy hotel where you meet the girl. And then my whole world falls apart.

I come home and I cry for hours in my average little kitchen. I get the gun from the drawer in the bedroom and I tell myself that if this is all life has to offer then I can do without…………. But then I change my mind. After all I’m not the one that’s cheating. So quietly I wait for you to come home.

Sitting in my average little kitchen. Obviously when you come home you don’t suspect a thing. So I press the fucking gun against your forehead and I take a few seconds to watch the fear grow in your eyes. You’re telling yourself “she won’t do it, she doesn’t have the guts, and she’s just teaching me a lesson”. But you are so wrong lover. I sentence you to dead for turning my life into a soap opera cliché, for stepping on my dreams, for not giving a shit about me all those years. And for lying to me and betraying me and humiliating me. I’m making an example out of you for all the assholes out there keep on fucking us over and over.

Goodbye My Love.

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