1. The Songbird.

The Songbird.

Up in the sky you are there, on your swing listening to the Free Bird. He’s singing his song and is playing the guitar. You know the solo is coming, until you wait. Just like the others.

The roaring guitar starts to scream and there’s the solo you expected, the bird is flying is way underneath the dark clouds that are gathering. The sun fades away and he can’t do his work anymore, there was no joy and happiness anymore. The sun tries, tries and tries to do his work, but nothing worked.

You boy, yes you on your swing, you got your drug: music and a swing. There is only one thing you like more than those two: The Songbird. You talked with her yesterday, in your mind.

A Guitar is screaming his last note, the string wants to break, but he doesn’t. The solo is over you know and the Free Bird did his thing; he has sung his song and played his solo. The dark clouds that were gathering are flying over. The sun breaks through and does his work; the joy and the happiness are back in the world.

Boy? Where are you gone? He’s gone to his world. His music and the Free Bird has taken him, together with the dark clouds. Than The Songbird appeared and everything turned well: the sun is shining brighter than bright, there is more luck than ever and the boy is back – better than ever.

They once said: “When the Free Bird appears there will be the boy, that feels no luck, happiness or love, and are the dark clouds gathering. Only one thing could stop those three: The Songbird.

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