1. poem of the assasin

poem of the assasin

I walk through the shadow

the darkness is my path

all those who are against me

feel my wrath

i sneak in the night

my eyes have the better sight

if you hear something

it isnt your own killing

i live in the shadow

and wil never get out

dont trust your eyes

and run if you hear a shout

the nightmother is my wachter

and i shall obey her command

nothing will stop me

nor sword nor wand

cause im the listener

and i shall obey

to you my nightmother

for giving my food and shelter

for you my nghtmother

for teaching me the value of life

for the brotherhood

their kindness en the cold blooded ones

for i'm an assasin

thats my destiny

een klein gedichtje over oblivion iedereen die kritiek gaat geven het mag gerust maar wel onderbouwt aub.

btw in al mijn games speel ik als assasin

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