1. Escape the manga

Escape the manga

Hello, and welcome to this very special blog!

My name is Matthijs. I'm 21 years old and I'm the writer of this manga project.

It all started with the title, Escape. At first, it was a story about a detective who lived in the future.

Fortunately, that story quickly disappeared in the garbage bin to make place for a much better story. What's it about?

Well, for now, that's a secret. Keep an eye on this blog, because piece by piece, we will unravel this exciting story. But that's not all! My colleague,

Wilbert K., will sometimes take over this blog. He's the artist of the story and believe me, he is really good!

But before the artist takes over this blog, it’s time for the first secret. One thing that I can reveal, is the name of our main character: Bloom Robins. Her first name is actually an inside joke that no one will understand if I don’t explain it here. I always liked the name Bloom and if I ever have a daughter (I hope so!) I wanted to give her that name. But then I suddenly realised it’s simply impossible because of my last name: Koole. If you translate ‘Bloom Koole’ from Dutch to English it actually means ‘cauliflowers’. I could never do that to her, the teasing would be unbearable! So, I decided to give this name to this manga character.

Her last name, Robins, is a reference to a game I really like: Another Code (or as it’s know in the United States: Trace Memory). The main character from that game, Ashley Mizuki Robins, acts and looks a lot like our Bloom, as you might discover later on. Well, that’s it for now, come in Wilbert!

And my name is Wilbert K . I'm 21 years old and I'll take care for the artwork. At first, I was the one who came up with the storyline. I even drew six pages before Matthijs was involved! After that six pages, I sent them to him and explained the whole concept. He was really enthousiastic about it and the rest is history.

At first, I worked with old-fashioned paper and pencil, but that was before I discovered Manga Studio. After that, everything was drawn digital and became a lot easier to create.

'You can escape from everything, except....yourself.'

Created by www.littlebigart.nl

Special thanks Matthijs!

Check ook http://escapethemanga.blogspot.com

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