1. Up and Running [Escape part3]

Up and Running [Escape part3]

Woohoo! Good news, you guys! We finally have some artwork online! I begged, I yelled, I even threatened to reveal the artist’s last name (and no, we don’t have the same last name, although it starts with the same letter) and then he finally gave in. So check it out!

But as promised last week, I’m going to reveal a little bit more about the story of our manga. Let me tell you a little bit more about Bloom’s personality. As you might have noticed until now I have only revealed her name, but that is going to change today. So read on!

Bloom Robins is a twelve years old girl, who likes to play outside, but also is a true book worm. She dreams about going to faraway places and countries and reads about these places all the time. She is the complete opposite of her little brother Marcus, who likes to spend whole days inside the house, playing video games. Although Marcus was born only two years after Bloom, she tends to act like his mother. Their parents are always busy with their jobs and that’s why Bloom keeps an eye on Marcus. But now and then Bloom can act really immature, especially when things aren’t going the way she wants. She has a very strong will and doesn’t always listen to her parents.

Although Bloom is a bit of a complicated character, she has a lot of friends at school. She’s actually quite popular. Unfortunately for her, we won’t see any of those friends back in our manga, because our story begins at the start of the summer holiday season. While all her friends are going on a holiday, Bloom is stuck at home with Marcus. Their parents just don’t have the money and the spare time to take them on a trip, which really makes Bloom a bit mad, although she understands it.

I promised last time that I would tell something about the town the family Robins lives in. But on second thought, I’m going to keep that for next time, along with the revelation of the parents’ names and jobs. So be patient! Oh allright, I will tell you one thing about their hometown. To be more precise, its name: Warrington. Well, that’s it for this time! And in case you haven’t noticed, we have decided to make this blog a weekly blog. So, see you next Friday! I promise that I will reveal more about their hometown. This time for real!

‘Escape from your fears, escape from your nightmares, but never escape from who you are.’

Created by www.littlebigart.nl

Special thanks Matthijs!

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