1. A Promise Fulfilled [Escape part 4]

A Promise Fulfilled [Escape part 4]

Hello, and welcome to the fourth blog about Escape! As you can see, the artist has been quite busy this week. The site looks a lot better, don’t you think? We even have our own shoutbox now, where you can ask us your questions! Also, he has drawn a very artistic picture of us both. Don’t I look good in this style? I wish I was that good-looking in real life! And stay tuned, because more pictures will appear here soon. So keep visiting this site! The only downside of these pieces of art are, that I have to make pictures of my own head and send them to Wilbert, so he can turn them into art. He says he’s just going to use them for his artwork and that he will delete them afterwards, but I don’t trust him. He likes to do funny things with pictures and he’s a little too good with Photoshop, if you know what I mean.

Artwork: We always fight about everything, but we promised this time not to fight about our manga

But hey, enough about me, let’s talk about the manga! As I promised two weeks ago (wow, time goes fast!) I will reveal more about the town the family Robin lives in. As you might remember from the last time, the name of the town is Warrington. It’s a peaceful little town, in the east of our country (come to think of it, our country doesn’t have a name yet! Maybe you guys have a suggestion?). There’s not much to do in Warrington: it has no movie theatre, no shopping centre, only a supermarket and some small stores. That’s why Bloom calls it ‘Borington’ all the time. And yes, I named it Warrington just so I could make Bloom make this joke. Bloom’s and Marcus’ parents both have jobs at Warrington. In fact, they’re the owners of the local bakery, named Scott Bakery. Why it’s called Scott Bakery, you ask? Well, this will be revealed in the second volume of the manga. That’s right, we’re already working on the next one!

Their dad works all day at the bakery, while their mom is always on the road, taking care of business deals with local farmers, to ensure they are paying the lowest price for the supplies and to make sure that they live up to their contract. It’s a tough job in this little town, especially since the supermarket was built several years ago. The parents have to make their products as cheap as possible to make sure they keep their costumers, but at the same time make some profit to live a normal life. That’s why they are always busy with their jobsIk heb and don’t have time to do fun things with their kids.

Now it’s time to finally reveal the names of both the mother and the father: Jeff and Lily Robins. As you might have noticed, both ‘Lily’ and ‘Bloom’ are names that refer to flowers. The name Lily also refers to a character of the popular sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’. And the name Jeff? Well, I just liked it, that’s it. No funny back story here!

Well, that’s it for this week! I really don’t know what I will reveal next week, so you just have to wait and see. Until then!

Artwork: And we are?

‘Where do you run to, when you don’t know who is your enemy and who is not?’

Created by www.littlebigart.nl

Special thanks Matthijs!

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