1. Escape the manga part 5 and 6

Escape the manga part 5 and 6

The revelation of Chapter 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the fifth blog post about Escape. This time, I'm going totell you something about the first chapter. It starts with Bloom and Marcus, who are about to play hide and seek. But what Marcus doesn't know, is that it never was Bloom's plan to participate in this game. It's actually her secret plan to escape from Warrington. Every summer she's incredibly bored, because there's nothing to do in this small town. She's reading books and watching tv all the time, but she wants more! Of course she knows her parents can't do much about it, so she decides to go on her own. When Marcus starts searching for his sister, she's actually not hiding, but she's going to the bus stop, to discover the rest of the world. And no one's going to stop her this time!

So, this is what the title is all about, you think? Wrong! Just before the bus arrives, Jeff finds his daughter just in time at the bus stop. He convinces her to go home with him. But that doesn't

mean Bloom is happy with this. She just wants to go out, to do something exciting for once. Her father knows that and feels sorry for her, but because of his busy job, he can't do anything about it. So, Bloom is going to stay home forever? Of course not, otherwise this would become a very boring manga! But if you really want to know what happens next, you'll have to wait for it, because I'm not telling this time. Maybe next time, maybe not. Just wait and see!

The real battle behind the manga

Hello, and welcome to the sixth blog post about Escape! Until now, we have told you a lot about the manga itself, especially about the story and the artwork. This time however, we’re going to unveil some details about the proces behind the manga. You remember the artwork called ‘The battle fought...’, right? Well, believe it or not, it sometimes really is a battle! We don’t fight about the story quite that often, but we do argue about the characters. As a writer, I always have a certain image in my head of the characters. With the family Robins, I had no problems at all: Wilbert designed them long before I was involved. But as the story progresses, more and more characters are introduced. Most of the time, I really like how Wilbert designs them. But sometimes, I just don’t. I know how tough it is for Wilbert to throw away his artwork, so doesn’t always agree with me. So we fight. A lot. But somehow, I always seem to win! (laughs)

But besides the character designs, we don’t argue that much. That’s because we have a very efficient system of co-operation: first I write the complete storyline and sent it to Wilbert, to see if he agrees with the things that happen. Then, I write what I want to see in every frame of the manga and Wilbert draws it and then sends it to me. Then I read them, say if anything’s wrong (which doesn’t happen that much, fortunately) and then Wilbert continues with the artwork. Because he’s such a great artist, I’m always looking forward to his new artwork. It’s just so great to see how the story in your head comes to life.Speaking of artwork, did you see the latest masterpiece, ‘Captured by work’? It’s not only a great piece of art, it also contains a secret about the manga. Look carefully, and if you find it, let me know!

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week, I’ll tell you more about......wait, that’s a secret. You just have to wait and see! Till then!

Manga is coming out 2010

Created by www.littlebigart.nl

Special thanks Matthijs!

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