1. [Engels] Roselia's evolution system mysteries!

[Engels] Roselia's evolution system mysteries!


Hey hello dear trainers how are you today good? With me is great and good today dear trainers! I make here the second 'n interested research theory article and this time about the evolution of Roselia, with the article title of Roselia's evolution system mysteries dear trainers. I want to tell and share to you all about mine theory about the evolution system mysteries of Roselia dear trainers. What is the evolution system of Roselia about behind, what is the secret that she can evolve at two region Heonn and Sinnoh that I make a research about it here dear trainers, but all your questions about will be here at this article dear trainers. So if you have some questions about this article and about the evolution system of Roselia, you can ask me here at this article forum or PM me if you have some question or something to say about this article dear trainer.

»Introductory insight«

Okay what should this be look like to research all about it dear trainers. This is the time for the research about the elemental power of grass 'n poison that she has in her's type, but what is secret about the two regions (Hoenn 'n Sinnoh) evolution system that can be make the theory about it. So you can read and maybe I answer all your question about this theory dear trainers. What is the secret behind this evolution system of Roselia, why can she use the evolution from Sinnoh and not from Hoenn (at her's own home region) dear trainers if you ask to yourself, maybe I have a correct answer about it dear trainers. Okay please read mine theory about the evolution system of Roselia dear trainers, okay this was it a little bit about the introductory insight ^_^!

»Why am I doing this research theory?«

If you ask this same questions to me? I want to explain it dear trainers it's my pleasure to explain it, so if you can see at the first research article named "The evolution family of Eevee" I love to research pokémons like all the prof. at the hole pokémon world dear trainers that's why is the answer why I love to research and why I'm doing this. This is my work and I will search all the secrets behind Pokémon and locations dear trainers. Roselia is cute and I want train her, but between at the same time I research about something behind her's power and evolution why she can use the evolution system in Hoenn and Sinnoh region dear trainers, so that's why I'm doing this research thoery about the evolution system of Roselia and other articles dear trainers!

»What's the idea 'n inspiration about it?«

About the Idea, the idea is to share all mine theory about the pokémons that I have to research about it and this research making, writing and sharing is my pleasure to do it dear trainers. I'm playing the game so much and I thought "why do I not some research about? It can be great and I can maybe have the pleasure about it!" so and I began with it to make the research about the pokémon, so the research theory was begin with the article about "the evolution family of Eevee" and now the theory is about the article "Roselia's evolution system theory dear trainers... About the inspiration, this research inspiration that I have right now that came from prof. Oak (Kanto) to me so the soul of this man is in mine inspirated and I'm the same level as him with the research about pokémons and at the same level as gymleader Jasmine (Johto) with training mine pokémons dear trainers... Alright the real work getting started right now!

»Let's get started right now!«

Okay dear trainers just I want to start mine real work right now to write all about the pokémon named Roselia and his evolution system with Budew and with Roserade dear trainers. So and I thought hole the night and days about it and I came one opinion where Roselia came from and I decited that she not come from Hoenn, but I quess she comes from Sinnoh at the location named floarama town (don't exactly know, but I think this the one solution why Budew evolve into Roselia and then Roselia into Roserade because Budew and Roserade are the Sinnoh pokémon. Roselia is either the same as them, but she is seen at the Hoenn at the first time and when Roselia fights against the Budew at the Sinnoh forest (maybe eternal forest) then at the battle Budew evolve into Roselia and Ash say "what Roselia, but how can that be?" at the shock moments. So then maybe is Roselia not from Hoenn, but from Sinnoh at the location named floarama town dear trainers that must be only way that Budew can evolve into Roselia and Roselia into Roserade okay dear trainers I want to explain about it to you all.

¤ Group: Rose flowers!

¤ Evolution two: 315 Roselia (teen).

¤ Evolution one: 406 Budew (seed).

¤ Evolution three: 407 Roserade (adult).

_|¤Group: Rose flowers!¤|_


Okay the Roselia group is the flower named rose, because she is the flower pokémon with the power of flowers and poison. So she becomes more powerful when it's raining her status will be normal again at the rain when she is paralyzed and other abnormal status that she can have except the poison status, because she has already a poison elemental type power dear trainers. So you can see that she so interesting is to make a research theory about it dear trainers. Her's bornplace is in Sinnoh at the location named floarama town (I think so about her) dear trainers. Okay I'm going to begin about all the information about the evolution from Roselia dear trainers...

_|¤Evolution two: 315 Roselia (teen)¤|_


»Evolved from Budew (Hoenn)«

Okay the first evolution, but this exactly not the first one because if she have egg at the Sinnoh region than if that egg will hatch and Budew will come from the egg of Roselia dear trainers. So that pokémon named Roselia is the second evolution from that system dear trainers. She is the one that you can see at the Hoenn regio when you go on the adventure at the 3rd generation and you can catch him on the Hoenn and bring that pokémon back where she came from, then make her pare with Ditto and then you have a egg en you must hatch it at the region named Sinnoh and there comes Budew from the egg that Roselia pared with Ditto dear trainers.

_|¤Evolution one: 406 Budew (seed)¤|_


»Egg hatched from Roselia or Roserade (Sinnoh)«

She is the first evolution from Roselia and Budew can evolve into Roselia, okay that's so but now I must write something about Budew because I had already writed about Roselia. Budew is the baby (seed) pokémon from Roselia and he is strong, but not so strong like her's mother Roselia dear trainers. She has a good attack and about the status effect with his attack, defence and speed something will not give massive damage like her's mother Roselia dear trainers. Okay right now I dont know much anymore about Budew and I gonna write about her's final evolution named Roserade!

_|¤Evolution three: 407 Roserade (adult)¤|_


»Evolved from Roselia (Sinnoh)«

Okay this is the final evolution system from the Roselia, so she is the strongest pokémon that she can have to evolve into dear trainers. Her's attack, defence and speed is better thar Roselia and Budew dear trainers, because she can make attacking so powerful that gives the strongest defence not so strong and she can beat her's opponents so easy because she is the strongest evolution ever that she can have, you can let her evolve with the stone named Sun stone dear trainers. Wait a minute dear trainers, I have something find out about this system of evolution is that not the evolution system that Pikachu have it either, because Pikachu have the same way for evolution because Pikachu make a pare with Ditto and is the egg will hatch at the region named Johto and if the egg will hatch then you have Pichu and from Pichu you have Pikachu and with Thunder stone you have Raichu is that not the same system like Roselia and Pikachu they have the same system ^_^ dear trainers!

»What's the mystery about this evolution system of Roselia?«

Okay we are know all about the pokémon named Roselia much more then we know about her and we have know now where she comes from. So it's not from the region named Hoenn, but she comes from Sinnoh at the location named floarama city dear trainers. What's her evolution line with her status of evolution system of Roselia, here are these dear trainers you have firstly Budem (seed) the she evolves into Roselia (teen) then atleast Roselia evolves into Roserade (adult). So that's the solution of the mystery about the evolution sys tem of Roselia dear trainers.

»Final words!«

Okay dear trainers that's all what I can write and what I know about this evolution system of Roselia article. Hope that you will read this and enjoy this researching theory article about the evolution systen of Roselia dear Trainers. Okay that's all what I can write and that's all what I know about this research thoery article named evolution system of Roselia dear trainers. See you at the next researching theory article.

-=|Sunday 2 january 2011 writed from Mehmet Ozkan|=-

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