1. Wat Sony kan doen ter compensatie van PSN downtime

Wat Sony kan doen ter compensatie van PSN downtime

Ik was wat aan het surfen op het internet en toen kwam ik dit tegen. Een lijstje met acties die Sony zou kunnen ondernemen, om de mensen die geen PSN hebben te compenseren. Ik heb hardop gelachen toen ik het las dus dacht: Laat ik het met mijn vrienden van InsideGamer delen.

Originele link: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2011/04/goodwill-gesture/

Here are some make-good offerings Sony might be considering.

10. Two free UMD movies, one to apologize for downtime and one to apologize for first UMD movie.

9. Unpaid internship at Sony PR department, pending victory on upcoming reality show.

8. Sony customer service reps will co-op Portal 2 with you and not spoil the ending, which they saw on the Xbox 360.

7. Since PSP Go owners were hardest hit, Sony to give a free game to both of them.

6. God of War director David Jaffe comes to your house, hangs out until things get awkward.

5. In case you forgot your password during downtime, Sony will paste a list of everyone’s passwords into a public blog post.

4. Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, will make public admission that, in certain extreme situations, it is in fact possible to play a Nintendo 3DS while maintaining one’s self-respect.

3. Free download of “I survived the PlayStation Network outage and all I got was this lousy virtual T-shirt for this lousy virtual world” accessory for Home.

2. Sony promises to really knuckle down and get to work on The Last Guardian at some point.

1. Flowers on your birthday, sent by Sony and by the hacker who now knows when it is.

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