1. Ubisoft organiseert Far Cry tournament

Ubisoft organiseert Far Cry tournament

Om Far Cry te promoten kondigt Ubisoft aan met een wedstrijd te komen. De deelnemers zullen Far Cry kunnen testen in multiplayer. Meer informatie zal op de officiële website te vinden zijn.

In order to celebrate the exit of its FPS new generation, Far Cry, Ubisoft organizes a tournament national multiplayer in a selection of gaming rooms in network.

The players have, as of now, the possibility of testing free Far Cry as a multiplayer and of exclusiveness in 60 rooms in order to involve itself with the future "Challenge Far Cry".

From the 12 to March 21, the players are invited to clash in 16 rooms in France and to take part in the "Challenge Far Cry" from where 16 finalists will be selected.

The 16 lucky ones will have the privilege to clash in Paris at the time of a great final which will proceed on March 27 with the GATE 104, the largest gaming room in network of Europe.

During the "Challenge Far Cry" and the final, more than 5000 € of batches will be to gain.

Ubisoft joined AMD, NVIDIA, PNY and Gamesfed (responsible for the organization of the event) to make "Challenge Far Cry" one of the most important tournaments multiplayer organized in France.

Moreover Far Cry will be available for a free demonstration in its final version as from March 25 in the gaming rooms in network taking part in the operation "Challenge Far Cry".

The list of gaming rooms in network taking part in the operation is available on the official site of the play.

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