1. 2nd World War: The worst scenario Part 1

2nd World War: The worst scenario Part 1

Wordt niet vervolgd… En waarom niet? Nou, dat is simpel, het klinkt gewoon niet in het Nederlands! Het lijkt wel alsof ik praat over een stelletje kinderen die oorlogje zitten te spelen. Het is waardeloos, en daarom ben ik nu bezig het verhaal in het Engels te schrijven. Niet hetzelfde verhaal, maar ook zoiets alleen dan, zoals al vermeld, in het Engels. Ik hoop dat jullie het iets vinden.

PS, wil je het originele document met de goede lettertype, mooie achtergronden en sfeervolle opmaak stuur me dan een PM mailtje of voeg me even toe aan je MSN.

Veel plezier voor de 2e keer! (Ps, je moet natuurlijk wel goed Engels kunnen...)

If war changes a man, not in a good way, but in a bad way, then a lot of men have changed over just a few month. Death surrounds the men who fight for there freedom and families. People are screaming, cities are burning and people are dying. It’s worse then hell, It’s war!

22.12 hours, operation “Mighty Dog”

“You are soldiers, you will fight for your country, for your families and friends, you will march towards a glorious victory!”

The sergeant stopped talking and looked at the soldiers in front of him. Packed with pounds of equipment and one Thompson they where ready for battle. They trained at the hardest conditions and have seen things that normal civilians couldn’t even imagine. Sometimes they where afraid and sometimes they where brave.

Either way, one of the soldiers bravely stepped into one of the c47 determined to end this terrible war. The other soldiers behind him quickly followed. One by one they stepped into the c47.

You could see that they where anxious, brave and partially fearsome. Some soldiers even doubted if they should go. After all, there was a good chance they would die.

Joey didn’t thought about dying. He just wanted to get into action and kill some Germans. According to him they where weak and less superior to the Americans. After all, he was the only survivor in the 1942 crash that occurred in St. Queor, France. Everybody died, except himself. After that day he became cocky and over courage’s.

A couple of minutes later everyone was suited up and ready for take off. The c47 was overloaded with soldiers and thunder and heavy rain made everything even more difficult then it already was. Even the soldiers inside the plane doubted if they would even arrive at the designated area.

Abbot, a real tough guy and a big fool, tried to be funny once they where inside the plane.

“Hey, Johnson” he said, “don’t wet you pens when where in the air alright?” Everyone in the plane begun to laugh except Johnson. He had always been the underdog in these kind of situations and there was nothing he could do about, except this time.

“Well” said Johnson back, “I hope you and your ego both get killed…” For a couple of seconds it was totally quit in the plane.

“You!” Abbot begun to yell, “I swear on my mothers grave that if I see you down below I will put a bloody bullet trough your head!” You could clearly see that Abbot was really agitated and couldn’t handle any competition.

“Boys, why cant you just put your differences behind you and focus on the mission?” “It’s already hard enough without the two of you fighting each other…”

Bailey, private 1st class, tried to stop the arguing men in order to focus on the mission. He just wanted to complete the mission and go home. Unfortunately it sounds easier then it is. Anti air guns are a constant threat, especially where they are being dropped. He knew that the 23rd Armoured Division who will arrive just a few minutes before they will, need to destroy the anti air guns. If they fail, the entire mission will be a total wash. There planes will be blown to bits and they probably wont even make it to the drop zone.

And not only Bailey knew this. Everyone in the plane knew that is was a risky mission.

23.54 Hours, Cromount

“This is it boys!” “This will be the day of your lives!” “In just a few moments we will reach Cromount!” “The place is crawling with Germans so be careful and don’t get killed!”. Sergeant Banks gave every soldier a quick look before he pushed the green light button.

“Friends, may god be with you!” He pushed the green light button and threw the first soldier out of the plane.

“Go go go!” Quickly everyone ran down the line and jumped out of the plane. It was terrible for the paratroopers. Unfortunately two anti air guns couldn’t be found by the 23rd Armoured Division leaving them unharmed and intact, and the Germans sure made use of that.

Canopy’s got ripped and dozen’s of soldiers fell towards their doom. Even some c47’s didn’t make it. Engines exploded and wings where blown of. Some of the planes even caught fire burning the soldiers inside.

The noise was ear defining. The constant shelling made it almost impossible to communicate to each other.

On the ground things where going well for the German forces.

“Hans!” one of the Germans on the ground called, “ wir haben einer!” Hans threw his flashlight on the ground and ran towards the tree where one of the British soldiers got stuck.

“Ermorden wir ihn?” asked Hans. Arnold, who called Hans, looked at the knocked out soldier.

“Nein, er hat möglicherweise nützliche Informationen, er kommt zusammen mit unserem.” “Außerdem, müssen Sie keine Richtung ihn quälen?”

Hans looked him in the eyes.

“Oké dann” answered the other German, “lassen Sie uns gehen.”

Together they grabbed the soldier by his legs and pulled him out of the tree.

Right at that moment one of the c47’s crashed into one of the anti air guns. A large explosion occurred followed by a deadly silence. Dust rose towards the sky as burning pieces of the wreck rained from the sky. There where dead soldiers everywhere. In the trees, on the ground and even on the plane itself.

Fortunately not all dead soldiers where British. Hans and the other German soldier where also killed. The soldier that was captured was extremely lucky. One of the planes wings crashed before his feat functioning as a shield against the burning debris.

He didn’t know what was going on because his canopy got stuck in a tree smacking his face against the trunk.

When he woke up, his vision was blurry and his head and legs hurt. It was a weird feeling. It felt like his head was hit by a hammer and that his legs where crushed. He couldn’t feel his feet and one of his fingers was gone. He was tired, angry and sad al at once. Still he felt like he was lucky. He could of easily been killed by German forces or crashing debris.

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