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Weer een deel.
  • Weer een deel.
  • Gaaf! Weer een deel. :)
  • Gaaf! Weer een deel. :)
  • Mmm elk jaar 1 als ik het zo bekijk :P Als ze maar terug gaan naar de Atelier Iris style gaan kwa verhaal.
  • Ik weet niet wat het is, maar beleeft de Atelier-serie opeens een nieuwe opleving ofzo? Er komt elke twee maanden een nieuwe Atelier-game ofzo? :P
  • Titel: Atelier Ayesha
    Genre: RPG
    Developer: Gust
    Publisher: NNB (Nippon Ichi?)
    :jap: 28-06-2012
    :usa: nnb
    :eur: nnb

    The official name for Gust's Project A14 has Ayesha revealed in Dengeki PlayStation this week to be Ayesha no Atelier, or Atelier Ayesha.

    The magazine reveals two characters: Ayesha Artool (voiced by Marina Inoue) and Nio Artool (voiced by Mariya Ise). At the game's unveiling last week, Gust announced the voice actresses, but did not share the character names or the new character designer. Dengeki reveals the designer to be Hidari (known for the Fractal anime).

    Nio is Ayesha's little sister. Nio has gone missing, leaving Ayesha lonely. Just as she has come to grips with her sadness, Ayesha discovers some traces of her sister and comes to believe that she is alive somewhere. Ayesha heads out her journey.

    Dengeki mentions one new gameplay system, the "Connect the Memories" system. As Ayesha progresses on her search for her sister, all the various happenings will be recorded in a journal. As she reviews these journal entries, she will grow.

    The game will have a command battle system with a newly added "cost" element. Enemy position is a central element to strategy, as it seems that attacking more distant enemies will require additional cost.

    Atelier Ayesha will be released on June 28.


    Meer info volgt nog…

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