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Ooh, echt? Dat is goed nieuws! ^^D
  • Ooh, echt? Dat is goed nieuws! ^^D
  • Ja release is eind deze maand in Amerika ik denk ook voor Europa :)
  • Is er al wat meer bekend over de release van deze game?
  • Woohoo! Deze gaat denk ik net zo leuk worden als Atelier Rorona. :D
  • Atelier Totoriâ„¢: The Adventurer of Arland Official Trailer:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAhS6GPM ... ideo_title
  • Het NISA event was vandaag:

    otori and Rorona are smiling because they are heading overseas. NIS America will publish Atelier Totori on PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe this fall under the name Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

    Set five years after the events in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, Rorona returns as a seasoned alchemist and mentor to Totori. An adventure seeker at heart, Totori leaves the small fishing village of Alanyaon in search of her mother. Catch up on Totori’s family history in this post. Since this is a Gust game, Atelier Totori just like Atelier Rorona before it there are plenty of items to synthesize and multiple endings to discover.

  • Ik vind de grafische stijl tof, maar toch vind ik het er semi-PS2 uitzien. Daarnaast staan de Atelier games niet bekend om hun hoogstaande personages en verhalen en ligt de focus vaak puur op de gameplay.

  • Release Date:
    US: Unknown
    Japan: 24-6-2010
    Europe: Unknown



    The new title is fully named Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2. This sequel to PS3's Atelier Rorona is set five years after that title and lets you explore the full continent of Arland.

    You play as Totori, full name Totoria Helmond (voice Kaori Nazuka). The 13 year-old lives with her father and older sister. She aims to be an adventurer so that she can find her missing mother.
    Other characters introduced in Dengeki are Jino (voice Yuko Sanpei), a 14-year-old childhood friend of Totori, and Mimi (voice Yuka Iguchi), a 14-year-old high class girl who wears hot-pants.

    Rorona, star of Atelier Rorona, also appears in the game. She's 22-years-old now and serves as instructor to Totori. In fact, Totori is Rorona's first pupil, and Rorona seems to adore the new main character.
    Totori, Mimi, Jino, and Rorona appear to form a playable party. Screens show them fighting alongside one another.
    It looks like Gust will be improving on Atelier Rorona in every way. Visuals are said to be greatly improved, with the goal being to closely replicate the CG models from designer Mel Kishida. The game has 1.25 times as much voice as Rorona. We can also look forward to greater event volume.

    On the gameplay side of things, Gust is working on a reformed battle system and is promising to clear up all the inadequate areas from Rorona. Some players apparently complained that Rorona was too easy and simple. This is being addressed as well.

    The game now features an "Adventurers License" system. You'll apparently need to gain rank ups for a license of some form as you expand out into unexplored regions of Arland.
    Develoment on Atelier Totori is nearly complete. All that's left to do now is brush up the product for its June 24 release.

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