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Jeetje ook modern setting.
Jammer had liever een western gezien daar zijn er niet zoveel van misschien zijn ze bang sinds RDR na hun is verschenen.
  • Jeetje ook modern setting.
    Jammer had liever een western gezien daar zijn er niet zoveel van misschien zijn ze bang sinds RDR na hun is verschenen.
  • Vond de western beter bij de naam passen.
  • IGN:

    Closing Comments

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a poor change of pace for the franchise. Taking the story into modern times seems to have robbed it of its passion and charm, replacing it with asinine characters and more cuss words than an Al Pacino flick. It’s not the worst shooter I’ve played, but it’s got all the problems of a budget title and few redeeming qualities to make it worth recommending.

    The menus and story of Call of Juarez feel like a B movie. And not a "bad in a good way" B movie.

    This may be Techland's newest engine, but it looks bad. This is an ugly game that looks like it's from a previous generation.

    The music is actually really cool, and captures the Western vibe the series is known for. The dialogue and voice acting is bad, though.

    It's functional, but the campaign repeats the same things over and over, making for a boring slog. Multiplayer is also bad.

    Lasting Appeal
    You can play through it with three different characters, and there's multiplayer, but neither are worth the effort.



    It's a workmanlike experience, then, but not without its charm. The Call of Juarez series remains hard to pin down, both in intent and appeal, but that's not to say there's nothing to enjoy in this latest effort.

    In the rush to follow the Call of Duty template, there's certainly a hole in the market for an unpretentious, all-guns-blazing fragfest. If The Cartel is too shaggy around the edges to fit that hole precisely, it at least comes close enough to warrant a visit from players eager to give their trigger fingers an old-fashioned workout.

  • maar… maar… die western style was zo vet :'( :'(
  • De kleding is wel dan in al tijd niet veranderd als je kijkt naar de personage's. :lol:

    Dat is ook de stijl van de game. Western gemixt met een moderne setting.
  • Wat is dit voor onzin? Moet alles tegenwoordig in de moderne tijd afspelen? Er komen tegenwoordig zoveel games uit die zich in dit tijdperk afspelen dat er weer vraag ontstaat naar games in oudere tijden. Je kan tegenwoordig geen enkele western, wereldoorlog en griekse of romeinse oudheid game meer vinden.
  • De kleding is wel dan in al tijd niet veranderd als je kijkt naar de personage's. :lol:
  • :S


    Meer kan ik niet zeggen. Naast Red Dead Redemption was dit (zo'n beetje?) de enige western game van de laatste jaren, en ik heb genoten van deel 1. Jammer dat ze dit zo verpesten. Had dan een nieuwe serie gemaakt. Het is nou ook niet zo dat deze game door de naam meer gaat verkopen, call of juarez was niet erg bekend (helaas).
  • Zwakke scores, verkoop zal zeker ook wel tegenvallen.
  • Ubisoft has just unveiled the next game in the Call of Juarez series, called Call of Juarez: The Cartel, for "next-gen consoles and Windows PC." While the last two games in the series were Old West-themed, developer Techland is actually setting this game in present-day LA and Juarez – the new setting means that Juarez will just be able to leave you voice mail if you aren't around. "The game will bring the best elements of the Wild West into modern times with a very gritty and relevant plot," said Ubi director of marketing Adam Novickas in the announcement.

    You'll be able to find out more about The Cartel in the March issue of EGM, and you'll be able to play it this summer. For now, check Eurogamer for the first screens.

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel has been announced for PC and "next-gen consoles" - presumably PS3 and Xbox 360.

    It's coming out this summer.

    Published by Ubisoft, this third instalment transports the series from the Wild West to present day America with "a new and modern setting".

    The press release bills the story as "immersive and mature", and tells us we'll be venturing to Los Angeles, California and Juarez in Mexico.

    Developer Technland returns to do the honours.

    Call of Juarez, a 2006 PC game, was a brutal Wild West shooter told from dual perspectives: one, the batty trigger-happy Reverend Ray; the other Billy, a sneak.

    "Of all the cowboy games in the last few years, Call of Juarez is the one which most feels like it has a soul. Impassioned and imaginative, its velocity of invention can make you smile through any flaws. It's a game which you feel someone actually cared about making. We don't see nearly enough of those," wrote Kieron Gillen for Eurogamer, sitting in the judge's seat - 8/10.

    Sequel Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, released 2009, spread the series onto PS3 and Xbox 360, ditched Billy to focus on the more interesting Reverend Ray - more accurately, his past.

    "Above all," wrote Eurogamer reviewer Oli Welsh, "[Bound in Blood is a] proper western, set in a tangibly real Wild West, with proper, honest-to-goodness cowboys, Indians and bandits in it. Experience tells us that's harder to pull off in videogames than you might think, and it counts for a lot, no matter where it comes from." 7/10.

    But back then there existed few decent western shooters. Now, of course, there's Red Dead Redemption - Rockstar's latest that took 2010 by storm.

  • Misschien niet. Game heeft namelijk een budget prijs.

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