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Heldische titel _O_
  • Heldische titel _O_
  • komt ie naar het Westen?
  • Hoezo heeft dit iets weg van Persona? :lol:
  • Lijkt mij een awesome spel.
  • Ik dacht dat dit een cry voor help was ofzo.
  • dit idee in twee regels:

    "dad thinks he's the messiah and exploits women with mental issues of their own to function as child factories for 'dad' to exploit as well into doing his work for him"

    iemand de Dariee schijnwerper al aangezet?
  • ^_^
  • Ik dacht eerst naar het discussie/offtopic forum geleid te worden, blijkt het om een game te gaan?! :?
  • Wat de fuck.

    This one takes the weirdness crown.

  • Titel: Conception: Please Have My Babies
    Genre: Dungeon Crawler met "sim" elementen :')
    Publisher: TBC
    Developer: Chunsoft


    *The title is a literal translation of Japanese title and the English title is TBD.

    Today, Spike Chunsoft announced the launch of CONCEPTION: Please Have My Babies (English title TBD), a brand new dungeon crawl RPG in which the player playing as a high school student who was taken to a parallel universe called Granvania. The game is released for PSP ® on April 26, 2012 for a suggested retail price of ¥5,980 (w/o tax) in Japan. North American and/or European releases of the game are TBD.

    Granvania was facing a crisis invaded by KEGARE (demonic creatures) arise from disorder of the stars. The player will be treated as MAREBITO meaning a messiah in Granvania. The adventure to save the world and to get back to the usual world begins.

    KEGARE can only be beaten by MAREBITO and STAR CHILDREN, the children between MAREBITO and zodiac maidens. Maidens cannot fight with KEGARE but can bear STAR CHILDREN. As the player forms a stronger bond with maidens, a more powerful STAR CHILD will be born. Deepen your love with maidens and have strong babies.

    A god of KEGARE lives in the deepest floor of star labyrinth. Each time the player visits the labyrinth, its level layout and rewards are randomized. Be aware of deadly creatures and traps and go through the dungeon to reach the deepest floor. The combat is turn-based and the player can form a party with up to 12 STAR CHILDREN. Unite your power with children and defeat the god of KEGARE.




    The game makes use of a battle system known as “Positioning Battle” where you place and move your characters in four different areas surrounding your enemy in order to dish out attacks and skills turn based style. This system requires both defensive and offensive strategy so as to avoid powerful enemy attacks and to target their weak spots. You seem to be able to have a total of 12 children over three parties – each of which can be issued a specific battle style whilst you as the main character form a fourth party all by yourself. Provided you plan your battle strategy well, you can also over chain your enemies, which allows you to deal powerful combos, more damage and obtain greater rewards.

    Bron" />

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