1. De krachtigste console?

Re: De krachtigste console?

Reken daar maar niet op.
  • Reken daar maar niet op.
  • PS3 denk ik, heel mooi wordt dat (hoop ik in elk geval.) Shrek kwaliteit:P
  • @Jalf:

    SEGA Mastersystem > NES


    hahah precies wat Akira zegt :D
  • Nintendo, ik zou ook weleens willen weten of ze echt zo 'revolutionair' bezig schijnen te zijn als dat ze zeggen :lol:

    Zal wel niet… :(
  • Microsoft.

    Ik denk dat de PS3 niet speelbaar zal zijn op E3 2005.
  • Maar de Playstation is Sony's cashcow.
  • Ik heb eigenlijk geen idee, de x-box is erg krachtig, en groot :lol:
    Maar de PS2 is er al zo lang, dat ze behoorlijk de tijd hebben gehad met het ontwerpen van een nieuwe console…en als je ziet dat de PS2 het nog 'redelijk' bijhoud met de andere 2 consoles…nou hijs nog steeds populair laat ik maar zeggen…dan ben ik benieuwd waar Sony mee aan komt zetten…zelf hoop ik natuurlijk op een kei vette sterke nieuwe Xbox ;)
  • Waarom post je eigenlijk niet 4 keer achter elkaar?
  • Ik geloof niet dat sony 46 miljard heeft, want dan zouden aandeelhouders erg gaan zeiken. Misschien is Sony het nu waard als geheel (lijkt me nog sterk), maar aan liquide heeft het bedrijf echt niet zo'n bedrag open staan.

    De krachtigste console wordt vaak niet de beste console…

    jij moet wat geschiedenis over sony gaan opzoeken jij praat nu zonder dat je er kennis over hebt dat snap ik nou niet van sommige mensen.
  • Deze generatie was het voor mij wel het geval. :)
  • Elke console heeft PC onderdelen.
  • Het bericht op cubezone ging over de mogelijkheid dat de revolution dezelfde geheugenchips zal gebruiken als de PS3, dus niet over de cell-processor zelf!
  • welk bedrijf? Sony of Nintendo? dan zou t wel s waar kunne zijn…
  • Dus go figure!
  • En het was de bedoeling dat de cell in meerdere producten gebruikt zou worden dan alleen de PS3.

  • Back naar die Cell discussie.

    Cell am fuck d00m3d. <img alt=":P" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/tongue.png" />

    Cell wordt teveel gehyped. Cell zou de toekomst worden? Don't thinks so..

    Toshiba to use Intel chips for HD DVD players

    14/04/2005 by Parthajit

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    Toshiba Corp. has informed that would use Intel Corp. chips in its advanced DVD players. This is understood to be the first time that Toshiba would be using Intel chips in its consumer electronics products.

    Toshiba, the Japanese electronics conglomerate, plans to launch HD DVD players, which are based on one of the two competing standards for next-generation optical discs, in the last quarter of 2005 in Japan and the United States.

    The company said it would use Intel's Celeron microprocessors and other chips for advanced functions, such as showing a video footage of a director commenting on his movie at a corner of a display, while the movie itself is being played.

    En Fox gaat blu ray ook niet ondersteunen.

    - Fox currently DOES NOT SUPPORT Blu-Ray nor HD-DVD. Fox merely jointed BDA to voice its opinion on specification writing, as it has done with HD-DVD.
    - Fox considers 30 GB capacity of HD-DVD to be enough for its needs.
    - Fox will decide the format based on copy protection technology alone this year.
    - Once that format is selected, the support is exclusive.

    So Fox will decide on its format solely based on the strength of copy protection alone. Whose copy protection is stronger???

    Het zal me niks verbazen als de PS3 geen blu-ray meer krijgt. Het is fucking duur en het is nog maar zeer de vraag of dat de DVD gaat vervangen.


    Will PS3 opt for HD DVD over Blu-Ray?

    15:29 Sony has indicated its willingness to compromise in the upcoming battle to decide on which next generation DVD format to use.

    Two competing formats are currently in the mix, with HD DVD competing against Blu-ray as the storage medium of choice for future generations.

    In gaming, this has boiled down to Microsoft's preference for HD DVD which is widely expected to be the DVD medium for its next generation Xbox, while Sony has previously backed the Blu-ray format which we presumed would be in the PS3 when it is released sometime in 2006.

    However, perhaps we shouldn't have been so certain. Yukinori Kawauchi, general manager of Sony's video-planning division, said in a recent interview: "To provide the best service to the consumer one format is better than two. We're open to discussions."

    It is the second time that Sony has indicated recently it does not want to become embroiled in a storage medium war.

    "Listening to the voice of the consumers, having two rival formats is disappointing and we haven't totally given up on the possibility of integration or compromise," said Sony's president-elect Ryoji Chubachi at a recent news conference.

    While Blu-ray may seem to many the better medium (much like Betamax technically outclassed VHS, but sold like a dog) Sony may concede that HD is here to stay, particularly since it's widely expected to steal a march in the vital North American market by launching towards the end of this year.

    Perhaps by the time Blu-ray comes around many consumers will have made their de facto next- gen DVD choice, much in the same way that the PS2 originally sold so well because of its DVD playing capabilities.

    Microsoft VP J Allard said that the next generation would usher in a new HD era at the recent Games Developers Conference and these recent comments would seem to indicate Sony is now reconsidering its HD options.

    To put it in context, the HD DVD standard is backed by some 230 consumer and electronics companies, can store up to 30 Gig data and allows watchers to enjoy hi-definition quality movies. Blu-ray is a next gen disc backed by major electronic giants including Sony, Panasonic, Phillips and Samsung and can store over 50 Gig in its double layer incarnation.

    More on this ongoing saga as it arrives…

    Dus omdat de playstation 3 heel misschien hd dvd gaat gebruiken is de cell doomed wtf??? Microsoft heeft trouwens al bevestigd dat het dvd 9 ofzo gaat gebruiken. En sinds Sony zelf de blu ray maken is het niet logisch als ze hd dvd gaan geb ruiken in plaats van hun eigen blu ray discs. Alleen snap ik nog steeds niet wat dit allemaal met de cell te maken heeft??
  • op papier NOG wel ja.

    maar als je dit leest.

    Of the recent Xbox 360 gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, the one major concern has been that of the sometime sluggish framerate. In a recent discussion with a number of Microsoft executives, we managed to learn that all current Xbox 360 games that were shown at last night’s E3 press briefing are still running on alpha development kits that are not a true representation of what we can expect when the console launches this holiday season. Estimations are that the current kits are running at only 25-40% of the maximum power that the Xbox 360 will possess. Beta kits are scheduled to hit developers within the next 2 months and final hardware should arrive in early July.

    One example given by Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, was that of the original Halo when it made its E3 debut back in 2001. The game suffered from a pretty terrible framerate and criticism was heavy, but we all know how that story ended…not too shabby. Therefore we can assume that all the Xbox 360 games shown at this year’s show will see a number of upgrades during the next six months.

    According to Microsoft, the verdict is still out on whether their investment in Rare is a success, but that will be determined during the Xbox 360 generation. Ballmer displayed his enthusiasm in the developer by describing them as “geniuses” and ensured that Microsoft is dedicated to providing their full support for Rare’s upcoming titles like Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power, as well as at least two new IPs in development.

    It’s no surprise that Microsoft lost money on nearly every Xbox sold due to the price point that the console came to market at, but Ballmer assured that they’ve since learned their lessons. Not only has Microsoft had the luxury of a three year planning window, but they’ve since strengthened retail relationships that were being formed when the Xbox launched. It may seem odd, but before the Xbox, Microsoft did not sell one product directly to retailers and so there was definitely a learning curve involved. Every aspect and feature of the Xbox 360 was thoroughly planned for to ensure profit, including the somewhat recent jump to 512 MB of memory.

    When asked if Sony’s claims to have the PS3 to market by spring 2006 was a surprise, Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach, said that Microsoft had planned for that timeframe from the start and it wasn’t a determining factor in the Xbox 360 launch. What was a surprise to the Microsoft team was the lack of discussion by Sony at their press conference to an online strategy for the PS3. With Xbox Live clearly the leading online gaming service and an integral part of the Xbox 360 strategy, Sony will obviously need to have a strong showing in the online arena for the PS3.

    The topic of HD media, such as Blu-ray or HD-DVD, is a hot button with Microsoft and Sony each betting against one another’s strategy. Microsoft is taking the safe approach by not including any type of HD-DVD drive in the 360, yet Sony has already committed to including Blu-ray technology into their PS3. It remains to be seen if the standards are in place by the time the PS3 launches and the cost structure of the technology. In any case, Microsoft declared that they will remain “agile” and would be able to easily adjust the Xbox 360 to accommodate new technology.

    Team xbox.com

    dan zie je dat MS er nog niet klaar mee is. En er waarschijnlijk weer bakken geld tegenaan gaat gooien om hun specs hoger te krijgen en hun prijs lager.
  • Met de Blu-ray is het ook moeilijker om spellen te kopieeren dacht ik.Beetje goed en slecht.
  • Volgens J. Allard zijn graphics opeens niet meer belangrijk, het gaat om crativiteit!!11

    Speaking in an exclusive interview, Microsoft's J Allard has downplayed the importance of graphics in the next generation of consoles - saying that it's creativity, not visual quality, which will sell the next 100 million consoles.

    "We can't get all hung up as an industry and say it's all about graphic fidelity," Allard commented. "I kind of put the 'does it look better?' secondarily. Not because it's not important, not because I don't think we're not going to have a system to do it, but because we're almost good enough."

    "We're almost at the point now visually where we're like, in videogames, do we need better visuals than what we saw on Monday night?" he continued. "A little bit. It's not the thing that's going to sell to the next 100 million people. The thing that's going to sell to the next 100 million people is creativity; creativity for labouring, creativity from a designer's point of view and so a hard drive can provide those tools."

    Wil Microsoft de tweede Nintendo worden? Het lijkt alsof hij indirect toegeeft dat de X360 op grafische vlak niks bijzonders zal worden…
    Sorry hoor maar: haha :lol: microsoft en creativiteit.. en dan vervolgens met de standaard vervolgen enzo komen, hmm..

    Dus eigenlijk zijn ze geen van drieën heilig.
    Dus omdat nintendo besloten heeft niet (al te) veel te laten zien van de revolution zouden ze dus 'liegen' of zo? Je bedoelt het vast niet zo maar zo komt het wel een beetje over <img alt=":)" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/smile.png" />

    Liegen niet, maar heb eerlijk gezegd niet erg veel vertrouwen om eerlijk te zijn. Al heeft de DS wel aan de volwachtingen van vernieuwing voldaan. En ik heb zoiets van eerst zien en dan geloven. Dus voordat ze hoog en laag springen met hun revoluties ^_^' wil ik eerst bewijzen.
  • http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=9097


    Jezus wat een stelletje mongolen daar bij MS…ze maken hun uitspraken echt zo datt hun t best uitkomt. Met de xbox1 zitten ze eerst dik te pimpen dat ze de grafisch sterkste console hebben en herhalen dat minstens een miljoen keer. Nu blijkt de PS3 misschien sterker te zijn en gaat t ineens niet meer om graphics?

    Lol, MS moet ophouden met deze shit, tis geen run for presidency waar je beetje stom modder zit te gooien. Stick to what you believe in en werk je geloofwaardigheid niet ten gronde met dit soort uitspraken.

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