1. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

Re: DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

  • Ik ga deze sowieso downloaden. Met deel 1 heb ik me erg goed vermaakt!
  • Gamespot geeft hem een 7,5.

    The Good
    - Humorous story with a surprisingly poignant ending
    - Greater variety of long-range weapons
    - Eye-catching visuals
    - Tons of optional quests lead to a long adventure.

    The Bad
    - Combat can get repetitive
    - A number of small bugs.

    DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue proves that some formulas don't need a drastic overhaul to be fun. The small tweaks liven up the gameplay, but it's the goofy story and striking visuals that provide the most pertinent lure. Don't be scared off by the $15 price tag, either. This long adventure can stretch for more than 15 hours if you complete every quest, and there are so many characters to meet that things never get boring. It would be nice to see more in-depth combat, but that's not the point of this adventure. Thongs of Virtue is a simple journey that pushes humor to the forefront, and it's a refreshing change of pace for people looking for lighter fare. Being a hero may not be easy, but it's certainly funny.
  • Daar kan je wel eens gelijk in hebben. Ik was nog van plan deze maand 800 puntjes te scoren zodat ik met me restant van 480 deze deel 1 kan binnen halen.
  • Nu al ?! Dan wacht ik even met deel één kopen. Zal wel een mooie bundel komen. ;)
  • Nu alweer een sequel? Deathspank kwam vorige maand uit!
  • Greetings Citizen!

    It is my hope that this DeathSpam finds you in good health, and that your rash has clear… wait, slow down! There are too many of you screaming out. Please, one at a time.

    What’s this? You say you want MORE adventure? You want to keep vanquishing the forces of evil, with a new and deadlier selection of weapons and armor? Well put down those orphans and clear your earholes, because have I got some news for YOU!

    If one game did not satisfy your mighty thirst for adventure and/or justice, then perhaps the only known cure is a SEQUEL! But not just any sequel, it’s DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue. It’s bigger, has twice the killing, and half the poop. You want more sidequests? How about more than 100? You want new weapons? How about an array of firearms and explosives? You want another sidekick? Say hi to the incredible “Steve” who is part ninja, and all awesome. You want more DeathSpank? You got it!

    So spread the word, brave friends! Only with your help can I peel apart the evil crust on this mysterious game, and get to the chewy downtrodden-filled center.

    Yours In Justice,


    Eerste deel was geweldig en kijk nu al uit naar deze! :D

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