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Heb er zin in! Eerste deel op de DS heb ik me ook prima mee vermaakt! :)
  • Heb er zin in! Eerste deel op de DS heb ik me ook prima mee vermaakt! :)
  • IGN:

    Closing Comments

    Joker 2 has its frustrations, like the level-grinding it sometimes demands and the offense that some monsters take when you try to recruit them. But that monster synthesis system is pure, addictive fun.

    Joker 2 makes the decision not to offer you as organized and efficient of an interface as Pokemon's Pokedex screens, which is both good and bad. (It's tougher to navigate but preserves more mystery.)

    As one of the final releases for Nintendo's original DS, Joker 2 pushes the aging hardware to its limits for great 3D creatures. Some environments feel a bit empty, though.

    The same staple sound effects heard in all other DQ games are back, complimented by solid background tracks – though there are too few of those, causing unfortunate repetition.

    Joker 2 would have been an average, linear RPG without its core focus of monster synthesis, but that element is done so well it elevates the entire adventure.

    Lasting Appeal
    The action continues even after the credits roll, and with multiplayer, a world Wi-Fi tourney and over 300 monsters to either capture or fuse you'll be busy on this island for a long time.

  • Yay!

  • Moet deel 1 nog kopen…
  • Nu ik een 3DS heb, heb ik totaal geen zin meer om DS games te kopen :P
  • July 27th, 2011 - Get ready for a monster of an adventure! Dust off your scouting skills and prepare to battle hard to become the world’s greatest monster scout when Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker â„¢2 launches exclusively on October 7th for the Nintendo DS family of portable systems. Scout out monsters from all over a mysterious island and recruit a team to help you battle your way to safety in this turn-based role-playing game.

    You are the monster hunter in this spin-off title from the famous Dragon Quest franchise. After the Albatross airship crash lands on a faraway island, you must capture and train the wild monsters you hunt down - building a team to help you battle other monster scouts in the annual race to become the world’s greatest monster scout. Rescue your fellow airship passengers and crew members who’ve gone missing and solve mysteries on the island to escape for good. With over 250 monsters on the island, including final and secret bosses from previous titles in the series, there is plenty to get your monster teeth into. You can also synthesise new monsters – allowing you to create and breed even more powerful monsters with exactly the right skill points for your needs.

    Each monster has unique skills, spells and attributes and belongs to one of seven families, including the Slime, Dragon, Demon and Zombie Families. Watch your monsters grow into even more powerful beasts - although as their master it is up to you to choose which new skills they acquire. When your monsters earn skill points in battles, choose from a range of skills grouped by type and effect.

    You can fight and trade monsters locally or by connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - why not compete in the international “World Monster Championship”? You will be divided into five classes, based on the fighting power of your monsters and matched against random players from anywhere in the world in the same class.

    Battle and scout the monsters of other owners of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 by connecting via Tag Mode. Or connect with owners of DRAGON QUEST® VI: Realms of Reverie and DRAGON QUEST® IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies via Tag Mode to scout out monsters from even more faraway lands.

    Once you’ve rescued your fellow airship passengers and returned safely home, there's still plenty of action to be had. You can fly straight back to the island if you fancy, with newly upgraded powers and lots of levelled-up monsters to encounter. Enjoy exploring all over again – this time recruiting some of the biggest and most powerful creatures from previous games.

    Get ready for the hunt when Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 comes to Europe on 7th October 2011!
  • W00ptiefuckind00
  • [size=4]Surprise! Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Will Travel To The U.S. This August[/size]

    Surprise! Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is headed overseas on August 28th. Joker 2 is a Pokémon-esque game, in case you haven’t heard of it before. You scout and collect monsters, and build up a team to do battle with enemies.

    When your party encounters a monster in battle, a metre on the Nintendo DS top screen indicates that you can scout them. The higher the number on the metre, the higher the chance that the monster will join you. There are over 300 monsters available to scout and synthesize.

    Yes, you can synthesize them, too. Your monsters can also be customized using skill trees. Square Enix say there are over 240 of these in the game. Some monsters are from previous Dragon Quest titles, while others are new.

    Additionally, if you have a friend who owns a copy of Dragon Quest VI or Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS, you’ll be able to scout monsters from both those games. You’ll also be able to battle against other players via local wireless or online over Wi-Fi.
  • Vind de reacties wat raar. DQM: J vond ik persoonlijk uitstekend, en sprak mij het meeste aan in de DQ serie. Een knappe 3D pokemon-like met stoerdere monsters en nu ook online. ^^D

    Ben echt blij met deze aankondiging :D
    (en nu 300 monsters ipv 200!!!!)
  • Wait, heeft de game dan in het westen totaal niet verkocht dan?
    Er staat nearly 1.5 million, terwijl hij in Japan op 1.3 miljoen staat..
  • True dat, meeste van de verkopen in Japan zeker? <img alt=":P" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/tongue.png" />

    Uit Famitsu:

    [NDS] Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (Square Enix) - 13.000 / 1.357.408
  • Alles van Akira Toriyama lijkt op elkaar :'D

  • Die gast lijkt echt heel erg op Shu van Blue Dragon
  • Dit is toch een soort 3D pokemon?
    Niet mijn soort games dus… had inderdaad liver een nieuwe Rocket Slime gezien.
  • Hmz, ik had VEEL liever gezien dat ze een nieuwe Rocket Slime hadden gemaakt. Dat was echt een vette spinoff. Monsters Joker schijnt maar matig te zijn.

    Ik begrijp het deels ook niet. DQ is dan een grote RPG, maar ze zijn bezig met die remakes, er zijn al een stuk of 3 spinoffs verschenen, Deel 9 is hier nog niet uit.. en nu weer nieuwe spinoffs. Beetje je eigen nest vervuilen. Net als ze met Final Fantasy doen. FF Tactics, Chocobo Dungeon, Revenant Wings, De remakes van 3 en 4, de crystal chronicles serie….

    Waarom niet gewoon goeie nieuwe IP's in plaats van al die Spinoffs, die 9 van de 10 keer tegenvallen en het imago van je hele franchise naar beneden trekken.

    Maarja, als die game inderdaad 1,5 miljoen heeft verkocht.. wie ben ik dan :)
  • True dat, meeste van de verkopen in Japan zeker? :P
  • Ja, maar: Dragon Quest

    That is all.
  • Ik heb het eerste deel voor 5 euro op de kit getokt, maar ik heb em nog nooit gespeeld. :P ^_^'
    Toch anderhalf miljoen verkocht die game, was een spin-off toch?

  • http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/0 ... rs_sequel/

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker Getting a Sequel
    More monsters and direct Wi-Fi combat in DS followup.

    The first Dragon Quest Monsters Joker was a huge success for Square Enix, selling nearly 1.5 million copies. With numbers like that, a sequel was inevitable. Weekly Jump got first details on that very sequel this week.

    The DS followup is titled Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. In the logo shown in the magazine, the 2 is surrounded by a circle, but it's still pronounced just &quot;two.&quot;

    As usual, the details on Jump's single page on the game are pretty vague. According to the magazine, the sequel will offer greater volume than the original, along with new elements that make battles more intense.

    By greater volume, the magazine appears to be referring to additional monsters. You'll find over 300 this time. Similar to the original, you'll be able to scout, raise, and combine monsters to make your very own customized beast.

    The new battle elements appear to be in the form of direct Wi-Fi combat. The original Joker used Wi-Fi for indirect combat. Players could download monsters from higher ranked players and fight them for items. In Joker 2, you'll be able to face off directly against other players via Wi-Fi.

    Joker 2 features a typical Toriyama-like spiky-haired main character who arrives on a mysterious deserted island. As you adventure with your growing party of monsters, you'll solve the mysteries of the island.

    Square Enix has yet to set a release date for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2.

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