1. Edit: Super Smash Bros. komt zeker naar de ds !

Re: Edit: Super Smash Bros. komt zeker naar de ds !

Idd erg logisch :) Wel een beetje naief van die gast dat hij dit helemaal niet verwacht had enzo..
  • Idd erg logisch :) Wel een beetje naief van die gast dat hij dit helemaal niet verwacht had enzo..
  • Ik vind het wel logisch dat Nintendo dit heeft gestopt. Als dit zou zijn vrij gegeven dan zou het ongetwijfeld de verkopen van een eventuele ssb ds spel verminderen.
  • Ach, waarschijnlijk vind Nintendo het niet goed dat dit wellicht de naam van SSBM kan schaden, en doen ze daar iets tegen (en terecht). Al kijk ik wel uit naar een SSBM DS (van Nintendo dan natuurlijk).
  • mmh hij heeft nog mazzel

    meestal stapt nintendo direct naar de rechtbank
  • En geen screens uitgegeven. One big hoax lijkt me :)
  • Zoiets had je wel kunnnen verwachten :)
  • Hij gaat dus niet door:

    Nintendo of America somehow found out about this site. You can read the mail and my comments on that as you continue to read on…
    I did not count on this to arrive so soon. Actually, I didn't expect it to come in the first place. As I was visiting my mailbox as I did every morning I saw this mail entitled 'CEASE & DESIST' and the one's that sended it to me were Nintendo of America Inc. Atleast that was what it said. I opened the mail and found out the large mail inside. Read it if you like:


    From: Nintendo of America Inc.
    To the web-master of (http://dual-soft.com/ssbds/):

    It has come to our (Nintendo of America Inc) attention that you are establishing
    an unauthorized use of copyrighted work entitled Super Smash Bros. (the Work) in
    the preparation of a work derived therefrom. We have reserved all rights in the
    Work, first published in 04-07-1999, [and have registered copyright therein].
    Your first infringing instance is a claimed attempt to create software entitled
    Super Smash Bros. DS featuring not only the title, but the likeness of our
    assorted franchises and Intellectual Properties (IP for short), including;
    Kirby®, Super Mario Bros.®., and Donkey Kong®. Nintendo owns the IP rights to
    our products. These include copyrights, trademarks, and patents. This has
    clearly infringed our copyright, and the copyright of subsidiary (HAL Laboratory
    Inc.) as its basis. Also included is a fraudulent copyright of the Work, not
    registered with or categorized under United States Copyright Office regulations.
    Please keep in mind that infringement of Nintendo's IP rights hurts not only
    Nintendo, but our players and the legitimate businesses connected with Nintendo.

    As you neither asked for nor received permission to use the Work as the basis
    for this supposed software development, nor to make or distribute copies,
    including electronic copies, of same, we believe you have willfully infringed
    our rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq. and could be liable for statutory
    damages as high as $150,000 as set forth in Section 504©(2) therein.

    Nintendo of America Inc demands that you immediately cease the development and
    distribution or use of all infringing works derived from the Work, and that all
    copies, including electronic copies, of same, must not be distributed.
    Operations on said Super Smash Bros. DS must be ceased immediately. Furthermore,
    this case file and violation of federal copyright will be forwarded to the
    United States Copyright Office if "© 2005 Dual Soft" text is not removed on
    all pages which accompanies our copyrighted Work. We ask that you comply
    immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of our
    rights in the future. If we have not received a public affirmative response on
    the site in question by September 5th, 2005 indicating that you have fully
    complied with these requirements (or site removal), further action shall be
    taken against you.

    Very truly yours,

    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Legal Dispute Branch 02
    Phone: 425.882.2040 or the preferred (1-800-255-3700)
    Case No.: 60073272190804
    Please, no email responses.
    This text may not be reproduced without consent.


    I don't think "Mr. Lyota" was after this, but I do think it's from Nintendo. Therefore I am closing this website (only the SSBDS part) and will continue with development of a new and original game (that I can not be sued by). I'm sorry to give people false hope but I didn't expect to receive this mail if proper credits were giving or if there was no money charged for anything. All art will be taken offline immediately and I ask of you (if you are a webmaster, and have posted the news) to clear it too. Thank you for your understanding.

    Site will be removed from the 10th of August
  • Als ik hun was had ik (als ik al renders zou vrijgeven..) alleen renders van wapens laten zien.. want die koopa ziet er echt niet uit (tis nog wel WIP maar hierdoor denken wel gelijk mensen wtf is dit voor crap). En in dat interview zij "hij" (1 iemand doet alles?) dat hij wel 1 nieuwe stage en 1 item in gedachten heeft.. dus de rest is gewoon hetzelfde? :o maar ja, zou alsnog niet echt wat uitmaken want het is homebrew en SSB(M) is vet :)
  • Ziet er eigenlijk niet echt mooi uit :/

    ja wat verwacht je? zo ervaren zijn zo nou ook nog niet
    en het is nog WIP dus nog ff wachtte met een oordeel
  • Ziet er eigenlijk niet echt mooi uit :/
  • great
  • Eerste renders van Super Smash Bros DS homemade:

    Ook meer info:

    Q: when will it be finished??

    A: We are still in early developement stages, we can't say when it will be done. Though we hope to finish it before Nintendo will come with they're own version.

    Q: i want to see the dowloads and stuf i cant get them jet when do you make hem ?

    A: It's not nearly as good as a beta version or demo, but head towards the media section to see some fresh renders and wire's.

    Q: do you know what your gonna do with the character selection or items, stages,etc.?

    A: I have some things figured out wich characters, wich stages, what kind of items etc. I'm atm busy with writing more info and also I am working on a new and never seen before stage

    Q: will this be in stores or something?

    A: This is one of the high ranked question, lot's of people ask them. But the answer is no, this game will not appear in your local store. You must download this game from our server and play it with your flash card and a PassME.

    Q: so is it all set up for download if you have a ds and a PC?

    A: Read the answer i gave before this question.

    Q: By the way, will you be using the touchscreen as a joystick so one can do smash moves?

    A: We haven't figured out the controls, but the touch screen seems almost useless for a fighting game like SSB: DS. Sure it can be used for minigames and navigating trough the menu's but playing with it doesn't seem to fit in and could damage the gameplay of the original series, different control themes could be an option though. But again, we haven't figured out all the controls and what we should do with them.

    Q: I have never downloaded a homebrew game so maybe in your article you can explain how

    A: Take a look at the fronpage of Dual Soft, then click links and then click the Homebrew section. Here you can find usefull links to site's wich explain this in details. To make it easy, click here.

    That's about it for the questions, but if you still have a question, do not hestitate to ask or visit the forums to see if your question has allready been answered. To jump to the SSB: DS board click here.

    I also had some plans for new stages and items, wich I promised to tell about. I don't have much time at the moment so I will only do 1 stage and 1 item.

    New stage
    As for the new stage, I was thinking of a Paper Mario 2 style stage (if you are un familiar with Paper Mario 2, click here for a screenshot). It should feature a crowd that can throw usefull items or just soda can's or bricks at your head. Also I was thinking of decoration pieces like a tree or a wall that can fall on you. It is not going to be a huge stage like for example Hyrule Temple from SSBM. It's more like something the size of the Game & Watch stage from SSBM. Your comments on this are?

    New item
    For the item, I had a simple, yet powerfull idea in mind. This new item would just be a rod wich is extendable in the middle. In this way it can reach the height of Ganondorf from SSBM. But, in order to reach that far, it's very fragile in the middle, if you use a counter attack it snaps and will become unusable for the player that holds it. The only option then is to throw it away or against the face of your opponent.
  • EDIT: sorry wrong button delete plz0rz
  • Idd een paar fans zullen echt niet een vet spel afleveren hoor.. en ook best lomp dat het in het nieuws komt, of die fans hebben er echt serieuze plannen mee..
  • Lijkt me niks een home made :S
  • fan software wordt heel vaak door de vingers gezien :) … het zal echter niet via een publisher gepublished worden
  • home made en dat betekent dat het er hele grote kans is dat het niet gepubliseerd mag worden omdat smashbrothers een eigendom is van nintendo.
  • Hoe weet je dat het echt is dan?
  • Weet ik maar toch
  • mensen het is home made. Denk je dat nintendo dit toelaat?

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