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  • Knowing how large and vocal our F1 community is on PS3, along with how meticulous F1 fans are in general, we recently put out a shout out on Twitter via @formula1game and @playstationeu to ask for the most detailed F1 2011 related questions you could throw at us. The response we had to the call for questions was enormous, and our thanks go out to everyone who took the time to submit a question, the majority of which we’ve had answered below by Steve Hood, Chief Game Designer of F1 2011.

    the_ghost__NL: what can we do in the co-op mode?
    Co-op Mode enables you to play through a single season alongside a friend. Imagine the single-player experience (minus the paddock) with your friend as team-mate. It brings an entirely new dimension to Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions… can you win the Constructor’s together?

    Tom_Sheldon: Is the co-op championship available online or just split-screen only?
    Co-op is only available Online. Elements of it are too complex system for Split-Screen

    mylandro_: Will the ability to save more than four or five car setups at a time be added – perhaps one dry/wet per track?
    The save system is the same as 2010 but the Quick Car Setup allows Dry-Adaptable-Wet bias.

    jamespurdy: Will F1 2011 include safety cars?
    I’m never asked this question! What I can tell you is that it will never include a number of Safety Cars.

    Scorpion760: Will engineers and pit crew change depending on which team you are driving for this time?
    Yes, the team personnel now change when you switch teams.

    mylandro_: How has KERS been implemented and how does it impact gameplay – specifically in local/online multiplayer games?
    KERS does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s true to real life. So what you see the drivers doing on TV you can do in-game. I tend to save KERS when being chased in a race so that I can try and counter the chasing driver’s use of DRS.

    mylandro_: Are there any other new modes added to this year’s game, such as a Spectator Mode to sim races or saved replays?
    Yes, we’ve new modes like Co-op Championship which enables you and a friend to play out a season as team-mates versus the AI. We’ve also new modes in Time Attack, Split-Screen, Spectator Mode… plenty of new things to enjoy!

    Scorpion760: Can you please put in all the full rules for longer races, like safety cars? Or at least have the option to turn them on or off?
    Safety Car? Never heard of it.

    AndyDYoung: Will F1 2011 feature the podium?
    We considered the podium but that’s been done to death in Formula One games so, for this year, we’ve included Parc Ferme which is more immediate and personal.

    JonHamley: Are we able to design our own helmets or are they preset?
    You can’t design your own helmets this year (might add this when it would be seen more often) but we have dropped the nationality helmet designers in favour of original creations.

    BlaZeeexD: Can you find out just how the Career mode has been changed/reworked: interviews, contracts etc?
    I can find out for you! Quite a lot of the fundamental systems have been reworked to eradicate some of the things people didn’t like last year. It works far better now and is much more enjoyable.

    justingt5: Is there going to be more comprehensive timing info than in F1 2010?
    Yes, timing is key in Formula One and the 2011 game reflects this. Biggest change is the On-Screen Display; it’s a million times better this year.

    HurricaneHaines: Sirs, Will we get to view other cars when we have completed a race, rather than staring at a static leaderboard?
    Yes, you can now view the cars as you wait via the all-new Spectator Mode!

    FakeJensButton: Is the KERS battery red?
    Once it was green, now it’s red

    Muerte75: What improvements have been made to the AI?
    This year a new system has been put in place to enable the AI to consider and act upon several things at once. Last year we had difficulties making the AI competitive on the hardest difficulty but this year… well… they are fast!

    mickeycarty: Could we have the Official FIA intro like here http://t.co/gDgV1hl in the game?
    Unfortunately, that is not in this year’s game but one for the future if they allow it!

    AshWoody90: This time, is there going to be the facility to save the game midway through a race?
    There is no mid-race saves in 2011 but with the all new handling you will go so much faster, you’ll not want to save!

    FakeJensButton: KERS malfunctions in the game?
    Yes, KERS, DRS and other elements can malfunction.

    JourneyTH: Will the co-op campaign be only a season long or will the amount of seasons be adjustable?
    It’s a single season, which can be quite a long time if you factor in Practice and Qualifying.

    theFakeVettel: Will my pointy finger make an appearance on the game?
    We’re sending a free copy to Vettel so you’ll be able to find out soon enough.

    F1archives: Will there be retro F1 DLC?
    This is something we desperately want to include but I’m sure you can imagine it’s a bit of a licensing nightmare. We’re working on it.
    MattMarquard: Has the crash damage improved? And if it’s not in this game, proper deforming tyre barriers would be cool. Almost like in Grid.
    We’re balancing the damage so the cars are more fragile but as for an overhaul of the damage system, we’d like to, but feel there are bigger things to tackle first.

    Liffonmelsmork: Have the long waits in the pits been fixed?
    Yes, fixed! Entirely new pit system was implemented after we reviewed last years work.

    Stormcat13: In what detail has the dynamic weather been improved?
    The visuals better match the actual track conditions. An amazing sky system has been included so you can see the weather coming in and changing conditions. It does often look beautiful!

    harrytulloch: Apart from 24 cars online, what other new features will there be for online racing
    The Race Engineer is now available online so you’re not left in the dark like you were last year. Co-Op Championship enables you to play with a friend through a season as team-mates. Spectator Mode means you’re not left
    staring at results waiting for others to finish.

    Kandol20: When loading a race, could the chain (Fleetwood Mac) be heard as opposed to a generic tune?
    We’ve looked into this but there are issues around it. I’d like to see it included… one day!

    Stormcat13: Did you fix the 3rd sector time on the display when in the garage? All other drivers came up but not the player. Major problem!
    Yes, this was fixed

    Scorpion760: Will there be a system similar to ‘Autolog’ that will let you challenge friends to lap times etc, to enhance Multiplayer?
    There is something similar, built around challenging friends.

    clarkbatfan: Have you got a new penalty system?
    Yes! And a new designer to look after this system! It’s very complex but an improvement over ’10.

    adrianhui: Will drivers get control of the car in the pit lane or is it still fixed path.
    You can opt to have more control or leave it on automatic.

    MickyFer: In the game will there be the audible ‘beep’ that an F1 driver gets through their headset when a gear-shift is required?
    No, as this isn’t needed in the game as you can easily hear the engine and see the on-screen indicators. Besides, it’d become annoying and interfere with the beep we use for DRS availability in races.

    Damocool: Will the game focus on maintaining tyre and brake temperatures?
    Yes, temperature management is more of a concern for players running simulation options this year.

    Damocool: Will cars on an out-lap move when I’m on a hot-lap?
    Yes, they get out of your way and generally lap slower when cruising.

    chuckcb: Will we be able to use all parameter changes F1 drivers use? Brake Balance/KERS/DRS/Revs/Diff on track? Tyre PSIs?
    You can use some of the elements we deem to be useful to the current game and in the media spotlight.

    Woodsy921: Have the mirrors been fixed, can you see anything behind you?
    The mirrors are so small I don’t think they will ever be amazingly helpful – we have new on-screen indicators to help you locate chasing drivers.

    RedBullRacer: Can I toggle the ghost on and off in Time Trial mode?
    Yes! You can finally do this

    JB59HD: Will the cars have different engine sounds for each team? And will the pop and crackle of the off throttle exhausts be simulated?
    Each engine manufacturer has its own engine sound. Off-throttle audio is not included.

    MrTaffyMann: Will we be able upload clips to Youtube like in Dirt 3? Also, can they be longer than 30 seconds and be a montage of select clips?
    No, this system does not feature in 2011 but I’d like to include it in the future.

    MattyyyNewman: Team orders in Career mode & (or) Co-Op mode?
    No, it’s a complex field that and one we want to get right if we are to include it.

    JB59HD: Will you be able to see damage on your tyres when you flatspot them? And more so than in 2010, will slicks be useless in wet conditions?
    Flatspotting is not in 2011 but the tyre compounds and their optimum conditions have been completely altered. You cannot get around a soaking wet track on slicks!

    JB59HD: Any future plans to have more customisation of your Career Mode character? Such as fitness, personality and driving style?
    No, because you’re driving the car, not a character you’ve created.

    JB59HD: have you fixed the AI in qualifying so that the cars on track are not just for show but actually do real lap times?
    Yes, all the AI cars set proper times in all sessions now.

    EricZehnder: Has pit release been made more realistic (i.e. don’t need gigantic gaps between cars to be considered safe)?
    Yes, with an entirely new system you can forget getting stuck in the pits like last year. The pit-crew won’t let you out in dangerous conditions though!

    NeoBazza87: Will you include a Spectator Option Online after u crash out or finish the race early like the DiRT series? Badly needed IMHO.
    Yes, Spectator Mode is included this year.

    JB59HD: In Career mode will Kobayashi eventually get into a better team and win the championship? If not, why not?! He is awesome!
    The terms of the license prevent driver moves.

    DJrocks569: Has the penalty system for online MP races been refined to stop those using the car in front as a brake in corners?
    Yes, the penalty system has been completely overhauled and it’s much better than the one found in 2010.

    F1archives: One more! Why can’t we view the car in the pits from any camera (trackside included)?
    For technical reasons

    TorethSOE: Are there be plans for a full career mode including driver transfers and new drivers? Possibly a team management mode for 2012?
    Driver transfers are not allowed by the license but I am interested in team management… in fact we’ve loads of ideas for that…

    Frazzledrew: Will DRS be automatic or manually controlled?
    Manually controlled of course! You can’t really make it automatic in Qualifying – we might spin you out!

    Blairy20: Are we able to attack the kerbs this time around? F1 2010 spun you around way too much!
    The kerbs will now be your best friend… yes; you can attack them in 2011 now the all new suspension system is in place.

    Agamer2006: Are there any plans for cross play between the PS3 and PS Vita versions in the future?
    In the future everything is possible.

    f1vgfan: Will breaking assist be in the game?
    Yes, braking assist is available.

    3l3CTRONICA: Will you be able to put Lewis Hamilton in a Red Bull?
    No, driver transfers are prohibited by the license (unfortunately)
    top_shell: Do you plan to have visibility options for players with red-green colour blindness?

    The Dynamic Racing Line has a 3D option to overcome this issue. In time we’ll look to do even more – it’s important to us.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... CRwu8EAAO0

    DRS en Co…
  • een vraagje: ik speel nu tijdens mijn eerste seizoen bij williams.. bij race 2 kwam ik erachter dat je tijdens practice r&d objectives kan halen; deze heb ik bij race 2 en 3 ook gehaald.

    maar nu heb ik race 4 en 5 gedaan en is er geen r&d te vinden, hij staat niet op dat computerscherm in de pit en je kunt hem bij engineer ook niet selecteren omdat hij er niet bij staat..

    is dit normaal of klopt er iets niet? bedankt!

    edit: heb antwoord gekregen en dit klopt wel.. :)
  • Gamespot geeft hem een 8,0.

    The Good
    - Car handling is predictable, but thrilling
    - Co-Op Career is great fun with a friend
    - Extremely faithful to the real sport
    - Realistically captures the fragility of modern F1 cars

    The Bad
    - Very steep learning curve assumes you have a lot of F1 knowledge
    - You may need a force feedback wheel to master the handling

    F1 2011 is a great sequel which captures the fragility of an F1 car for the first time and features significant improvements over its predecessor. Its extremely steep learning curve will frustrate many novice racers but will delight serious F1 fans. You may need a force feedback steering wheel to master its handling at the most difficult level, but F1 2011 is a tremendously faithful re-creation of the sport, offering rewarding and strategic racing that simulation fans are sure to be playing for a long time to come.
  • 9.5 voor gameplay! Dat is toch wel een must-buy voor race fans. Ik gam hem halen!
  • Mooi cijfer, een 8 of hoger is altijd aantrekkelijk voor mij. Deze komt erbij vandaag of morgen.
    Hij komt toch pas volgende week uit ?! :P
  • F1 2010 vond ik extreem goed. Maar de Rally game AI, de pitbugs en nog wat bijzonder vervelende zaken hebben de game voor mij verpest.

    Als F1 2011 zoals F1 2010 is minus de bugs dan haal ik hem op.
  • Mooi cijfer, een 8 of hoger is altijd aantrekkelijk voor mij. Deze komt erbij vandaag of morgen.
  • Eurogamer:

    It's a familiarity that ultimately stops F1 2011 from ascending to the heights of the genre. Strip away the new lick of paint and it's tough to tell F1 2011 apart from its predecessor, and though it's certainly tighter, smarter and more technically accomplished, some of the old faults remain. A marginally better outing than last year, then, and that's enough to ensure that, as F1 games go, this is still quite comfortably the best.



    Closing Comments

    Most of F1 2011’s problems only come to light when you kick over one too many rocks or you prod it too hard. Examine the environments close-up or grief the collision system by harpooning your way into clumps of competitors and, yes, the illusion will be temporarily shattered. Play it properly, however, and F1 2011 is an incredibly satisfying experience. Difficult and draining, but ultimately extremely rewarding. Few, if any, other racing games can truly match its intensity.

    Clean and crisp menus but lacking a bit of personality overall. Celebration and reaction video sequences help but they get repetitive.

    Absolutely incredible wet weather effects and great car models but still guilty of being a little drab occasionally.

    There’s not a lot to the sound tapestry beyond the screaming engines and the gushing wind, but it sounds near-perfect to us.

    Finely tuned, supremely satisfying and harder than a concrete jawbreaker.

    Lasting Appeal
    Play through at a decent race length and you’ll be sinking a lot of time in. Still, playing it co-op with a friend will probably be the best way to keep your enthusiasm buoyed.

  • Nee ze gebruiken geen traction control tegenwoordig, maar ik gebruik het wel in de game, niet volledig. Anders zul je merken dat je over elke curbstone op je bek gaat, tenminste ik dan.
  • Misschien moeten ze bij de OPM de traction control effe aanzetten, anders moet codemasters een paar zijwieltjes inbouwen….

    Pfff…wat is dat nou weer instapdrempel te hoog, het is een F1-game!

    Traction Control is idd de beste oplossing, maar dat gebruiken ze in het echt toch ook niet? Zelf zou ik het dus uitzetten. F1-games zijn ook niet voor een al te breed publiek denk ik, vooral F11-fans zullen het kopen, en die weten dat het moeilijk is om een F1-bolide te besturen.
  • Misschien moeten ze bij de OPM de traction control effe aanzetten, anders moet codemasters een paar zijwieltjes inbouwen….

    Pfff…wat is dat nou weer instapdrempel te hoog, het is een F1-game!
  • Psfocus:

    De Engelse OPM kreeg als eerste de kans om de game te beoordelen en zij hebben de game een 8 uit 10 gegeven. Dat is dus niet de felbegeerde 9 plus, maar desondanks is de voldoende zeer en zeer ruim. Dus dat belooft op zich genoeg voor de game in de komende weken.

    Wel is het zo dat de game nogal onvriendelijk is voor nieuwkomers. Codemasters zal bij F1 2012 de instapdrempel drastisch moeten verlagen om iedereen aan het spelen te krijgen, want dat is de game absoluut waard, aldus de OPM. De release van F1 2011 is op 23 september later dit jaar.
  • In a comment on this article by community manager Ian Webster, Codemasters has confirmed that the safety car will be available in races of 20 per cent real distance or over, including online races, but can be turned off if you don't want it. You'll maintain car control (and the same game camera) behind the safety car, but with certain restrictions. And it won't be available for players to drive.

    Bron : Eurogamer

    Het lijkt me logisch dat je de safety car niet zelf kan besturen. Jammer dat er bij de kortere racen geen safety car is, maar top dat de safety car er ook online is.
  • In a comment on this article by community manager Ian Webster, Codemasters has confirmed that the safety car will be available in races of 20 per cent real distance or over, including online races, but can be turned off if you don't want it. You'll maintain car control (and the same game camera) behind the safety car, but with certain restrictions. And it won't be available for players to drive.

    Bron : Eurogamer
  • GP2 in F1-games nog niet mogelijk

    Nieuws | 25 juli 2011 - Codemasters heeft aan Thunderbolt gezegd dat GP2 in zijn F1-games integreren nog niet mogelijk is door restricties met betrekking tot de F1-licentie die de ontwikkelaar bemachtigd heeft. GP2 kan gezien worden als het opstapje naar de F1-sport.


    'Chief game designer' Stephen Hood vertelde dat GP2 nog niet geïntegreerd kan worden door restricties met betrekking tot de F1-licentie en een te klein ontwikkelteam. Moest dit later toch mogelijk zijn, moeten we geen alleenstaande game verwachten, maar DLC.

    “At the moment this is not possible because the license does not allow us to include GP2 even if we wanted to (plus we would need a much bigger team).

    “Maybe in the future this is something that will change. I can’t see it becoming a standalone game but it would certainly make for interesting downloadable content one day.”

    Hood bevestigde ook dat Sumo Digital, de ontwikkelaar die achter de PSP- en Wii-versie zit van F1 2009, F1 2011 ontwikkelt voor de 3DS en Vita. De game wordt op 23 september uitgebracht voor de PS3, Xbox 360 en PC. De handheld-versies volgen op een voorlopig onbekende datum.

    Ik heb dit altijd al gewild! En hopelijk dat de Formule 3000 er ook nog eens inkomt of Formule Ford als dat nog bestaat! ^^D
  • Dat is wel jammer, ook een van die dingen die ik graag zou zien. 16 man is ook nog wel oké, maar 24 man zou wel echt top zijn geweest.
  • battlefield is ook 32 man geloof ik hoor bfbc2 dan he
  • Inthegame:

    Consoles kunnen F1 2011 niet aan

    We hebben hier de eerste trailer al mogen bewonderen van de nieuwe F1 2011 game welke voor de PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 en PC uit zal komen. Deze game heeft echter nu al een probleem. Consoles kunnen de game niet aan.

    Schrikken? Vrees niet. F1 2011 zal prima draaien op de console. Het probleem zit namelijk in de multiplayer. F1 2011

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