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Zijn er al mensjes die LIVE 2.0 hebben?
  • Zijn er al mensjes die LIVE 2.0 hebben?
  • Mss ook wel leuk als er naakte mensen over veld rennen :P
  • KNVB is nou eenmaal gierig..
  • Hebben wij weer he :P

  • Fifa interactive world cup!

    GC 2009: New FIFA 10 Details
    New game modes, features and online options come with a brand-new trailer.

    August 18, 2009 - While Madden NFL 10 has been dominating the videogame sports world here in The States for some time now, at GamesCom in Germany it's an entirely different story. EA let loose a bunch of new details and feature reveals for FIFA 10 at their press conference today and we sat down with Mike Takla, producer on the title to get the skinny on everything that was announced in Germany. Not only that, but we also got our hands on a new trailer for FIFA 10. Look below for all the details.

    IGN: It seems as though Virtual Pro is FIFA's version of Madden's Superstar or NHL's Be A Pro Modes. What makes FIFA's rendition more exciting than what we've seen before?

    Mike Takla: I think the main difference is that you can use your player in all of the offline game modes, as well as take him online, with your players' growth continuous throughout your playing time, rather than specific to each mode. The growth system in place is also new; rather than grind to earn points to spend as you please your growth is based on how you perform on the pitch, for example you can only improve your defensive attributes by performing well defensively.

    IGN: Have improvements been made to Photo GameFace or is it essentially the same technology that was seen in, say, Fight Night Round 4?

    Mike Takla: It's certainly been improved. With FIFA's Game Face creation being on the web, rather than on the console, the face generation technology is somewhat different & the results are noticeably better.

    IGN: Give us a few examples of the "200 on the pitch accomplishments."

    Mike Takla: The accomplishments are on-the-pitch achievements & milestones with rewards related to the accomplishment, for example scoring a side footed shot will improve your finishing. Examples of some of the things you'll be asked to do & how you will be rewarded include:
    # Mastering Skill Moves in the Arena unlocks new Skills Moves
    # Winning & scoring headers will improve your ability in the air
    # Reaching 'games played' milestones will improve your stamina
    # Making defensive blocks or goal lines clearances will improve your marking & positioning
    # Winning the ball with a clean tackle from a player who has previously fouled you will improve your aggression
    # Scoring a rebound off the post will improve your reactions
    # And many more….

    IGN: Will the opponent's AI be aware of your accomplishments? Say I've been deemed the Top Goalscorerer for my club. Are my opponents going to adjust and cover me more aggressively with double teams and whatnot?

    Mike Takla: The CPU AI will not treat you differently based on your ability but when playing online, with the top players from each club called out on the Clubs home screen, other Clubs may be well aware of the more skillful members of the opposition & treat these players with extra caution.

    IGN: Are there going to be storylines built around your Virtual Pro player? It's something that NHL is starting to do this year with announcers calling out past performances. Can we expect the same from FIFA?

    Mike Takla: The commentator will be aware of your Virtual Pro's history, for example they will often refer to how many games your Pro has played in, how many goals they've scored & how they have performed in previous matches.

    IGN: How has Pro Club Championship changed from last year's online club play?

    Mike Takla: The main difference is this year you play with your created players, with & against other gamers created players. Other major changes include the addition of a 'Regional League' structure on top of last year's overall Leaderboard & Divisions. The Regional Leagues are a monthly Leaderboard where you choose a league & battle it out to take the title, with trophies awarded for the top Clubs each month. We also added the option to search for & challenge other Clubs to matches. We've also gone to town when it comes to Club & Player stats, with the top players from each Club called out on the Club home screen, all the Club members stats tracked on the Squad Stats & the World's best players also visible on the Pro Leaderboard. No more wondering who the Clubs top scorer is!

    IGN: Gives us the full rundown of options to tune your online matchmaking experience.

    Mike Takla: This differs depending on whether you are playing a ranked or unranked match & also depending on whether it's Head to Head or Online Team Play.

    For Ranked Head to Head matches you can now filter your search by:
    # Game Speed: Fast, Normal, Slow
    # Team Level (Star Rating): 0.5-1.5 2.0-3.0 3.5-4.0, 4.5-5.0
    # Max DNF% (Did Not Finish): 10%, 25%
    # Controls: Manual, Semi-Assisted, Assisted

    In Unranked Head to Head Matches you will also be able to set the Half Length. Online Team Play has the same options, with the addition of Players Per Team, which allows you to filter whether there can be a maximum of 5 or 10 gamers per side.

    IGN: Why did you decide to do diminishing returns when playing the same person online? If I win a match, then they win a match, and then I win a match against the same player, am I going to see less of a bump in my ranking or will the AI realize that it's a bit of a rivalry and give me the same amount of points?

    Mike Takla: Gamers playing with what we call 'patsy' (fake) accounts is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to people boosting their rank on the leaderboards & was something we really needed to address this year. People creating fake accounts to get free win's is not something we can control but we can detect when this appears to be happening; this is the aim of diminishing returns. We cannot reveal the exact logic as that would defeat its purpose but you will still be able to win or lose points for consecutive matches in a friendly 'sporting' rivalry.

    IGN: Is there any sort of self rating for the online matchmaking? If I'm just starting out but I got the game a month after release, but I know I'm a good FIFA player, can I rate myself as a solid competitor to get a better match when I first start?

    Mike Takla: No there isn't a way to rate yourself, but for those looking for a challenge there is always the option of going into the lobbies to find players of a higher skill level as well as trying to beat people using a weaker team, and both of these will allow you to rank up faster.
  • WTF, die gast is echt goed. Hoe doet hij die hakjes de hele tijd man, dat gaat zeker niet automatisch. Weet iemand dat?
  • Van playstationpure.be

    Europese PlayStation Store update 10 september

    Beste mede-gamers, deze week worden we heerlijk verwend. We krijgen eindelijk dynamische thema's, waaronder een van WipEout HD, die zoals je reeds wist geheel gratis te downloaden is. Verder maar liefst vier demo's, waaronder die van FIFA 2010, Fat Princess en het knotsgekke Katamari Forever. Kortom, de avond zal voor de meesten bij deze volgeboekt zijn!
    • FIFA 2010
    • Fat Princess
    • LittleBigPlanet
    • Katamari Forever
    • Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (€9.99)
    Add-on content:
    • PAIN! - George Takei Character Pack (€1.49)
    • High Velocity Bowling:
    - Back To School Ball Pack (€0.99)
    - Graphic Pattern Ball Pack (€0.99)
    - Heather Haughtfer Pack (€0.99)
    • Guitar Hero 5:
    - GHWT Disc Import Pack (€3.99)
    - GHWT DLC Update (Gratis)
    - 100 Little Curses - Street Sweeper Social Club (€1.99)
    - Fight! Smash! Win! - Street Sweeper Social Club (€1.99)
    - Street Sweeper Social Club Track Pack (€5.49)
    - Prodigal Son (live) - The Rolling Stones (€1.99)
    - You Gotta Move (live) - The Rolling Stones (€1.99)
    • Rock Band:
    - Freezepop Pack 01 (€2.29)
    - Get Ready 2 Rokk - Freezepop (€0.99)
    - Less Talk More Rokk - Freezepop (€0.99)
    - Science Genius Girl - Freezepop (€0.99)
    - The PAX 2009 Collection (€2.29)
    - Opening Band - Paul & Storm (€0.99)
    - Origin of Species - MC Frontalot (€0.99)
    - Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton (€0.99)
    - ABC - The Jackson 5 (€1.49)
    - Gasoline - Audioslave (€1.49)
    - Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down (€1.49)
    - Miss Murder - AFI (€1.49)
    • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Story Trailer
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum History of Arkham Trailer
    • Battle Tanks Trailer
    • Shatter Trailer
    • WET Video Short 5
    • IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Launch Trailer 2
    • Mini Ninjas Futo Gameplay
    • Mini Ninjas Suzume Gameplay
    • Mini Ninjas Launch Trailer
    Thema's & wallpapers:
    • WipEout HD Dynamisch Thema (Gratis)
    • MotorStorm Dynamisch Thema (€1.99)
    • LittleBigPlanet 'Sackboy on the run' Dynamisch Thema (€1.99)
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Thema (Gratis)
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker Thema (Gratis)
    • Army of Two: The 40th Day Thema (Gratis)
    • Dante's Inferno Wallpaper (x4)
    • Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman!
    • Fate/Unlimited Codes (€29.99)
    • BIGS 2 (€14.99)
    PSP add-on content:
    • Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? - Flonne's Castle (€3.99)
    • Rock Band Unplugged:
    - I Stand Alone - Godsmack (€1.49)
    - Love Spreads - Stone Roses (€1.49)
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Thema 15 (Gratis)

    Bron: http://playstationpure.be/blog/item/154 ... -september

    Dus het moet echt komen vandaag, had gelezen dat het tussen 18.00 en 19.00 zou gebeuren. Maar schiet me niet af als ik fout zit :'D
  • Krijg steeds error :(
  • je kon wel simmen bij fifa 09 en thropies halen, je moest gewoon 1 seizoen halen zonder 1 wedstijd te simmen :) ik heb men eerste 12seizoenen gespeeld zonder 1wedstrijd te simmer =D speel gewoon graaf fifa XP
  • Ik verwacht dat er dit jaar veel mensen van PES naar FIFA zullen overstappen! :D
  • 4.5 ster is terecht.

    Spanje, Brazilie zullen waarschijnlijk 5 star hebben. Nederland is van een wat lagere orde.
  • Nice Goal:)
  • Ze kunnen beter in stadion De Geusselt spelen. :lol:
  • I haz skillz duh… Pwnde je ook al zo keihard in fifa09 op 't einde :'D Vroeger won jij altijd.. Maar nu niet meer lol
  • Ik moet zeggen dat ik de cijfers van de eredivisie clubs beter vind kloppen dan vorig jaar, toen klopte veel niet.

    Nederland is veel te slecht, niet realistisch.
  • bart smit gaat verkopen vandaag als goed is
  • ooo ooo dan ga ik dus even bestelle :P
    na da heb ik dus nu gedaan :P dankje ! :D
  • Haha ze herkennen je zelfs al :P
  • Klote site -_-' Ik wil mijn gameface veranderen maar ik kom maar niet ingelogd..
  • Je ziet het aan Vermaelen, hij speelt als verdediger nou niet werelds (ook niet slecht hoor) maar heeft wel naam gemaakt met zijn goals tot nu toe ;)

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