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Ziet er best gruwelijk uit deze game. Hopelijk wordt het wat.
  • Ziet er best gruwelijk uit deze game. Hopelijk wordt het wat.
  • Wauw, net die trailer gezien :D Dit ziet er echt leuk uit, third en first person MMO game :D Meteen ook ingeschreven voor die beta :7
  • Red 5 Studios reveal Firefall, coming to PC 'near the end of 2011'
    Perhaps it isn't enough for you to know that Firefall – Red 5 Studios' first release – is full of guns and jetpacks? Would it help if you knew that the lead designer was also headed up Tribes? Ahhh, good! Firefall is a "team-based action shooter" featuring "hundreds of players" completing objectives and battling to the death in a "dynamic open world." And, frankly, it looks great.

    The title is free-to-play and relies on an in-game marketplace for profit. We might normally balk at such a monetization system, but we were thoroughly impressed by the game's debut gameplay trailer, not to mention the pedigree behind Firefall. If you're as enticed as we are, you'll be glad to know that Red 5 is accepting applications for the game's beta starting right now.


    Ziet er neat uit en gemaakt door enkele ex-Blizzard mensen.

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