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Ik heb hetzelfde. Geld en tijd tekort!! :P
  • Ik heb hetzelfde. Geld en tijd tekort!! :P
  • My wallet is crying.

    Al die games voor de PSP, damn. Deze stroom van RPG's mag van mij nog wel even doorgaan! Mijn portemonnee is het daar niet zo mee eens, maar ach. Kleinigheidje hou je altijd.
  • (originele PS2 boxart)

    Titel: Growlanser IV
    Genre: RPG
    Developer: Careersoft/Atlus
    Publisher: Atlus

    :jap: 2011
    :usa: nnb
    :eur: nnb

    ~ Links of interest ~

    Officiële site (Japan)
    Originele opening (PS2)
    Smeek hier om een westerse release! <img alt=":P" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/tongue.png" />

    A new PSP game mentioned in this week’s Japanese Famitsu magazine is Growlanser IV: Overload, which sounds like it could possibly be some kind of a port of Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time on the PlayStation 2.
    Incidentally, Growlanser IV was never released in the U.S. or Europe. Atlus went from Growlanser: Generations to Growlanser V (Heritage of War).
    No further details are available on Growlanser IV: Overload at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Prior to this game, Atlus ported the original Growlanser to the PSP in 2009. The PSP version added new story paths, a new ending, and two heroines.


    The Protagonist, Cley Vaniel:

    Familiar Type D-MD and Tricia:

    Four countries are getting involved in a war, and people have forgotten that they were on the verge of destruction by the hands of malevolent angels two thousand years before. They are now again descending upon the world to punish humanity. In the middle of this, a young man named Clevaniel(aka Cley Vaniel), who was raised as a mercenary, witnesses a dark-hearted seraphim flying through the sky. Knowing that it is a sign that the angels are returning to oppress humanity, he sets out to battle the angels for the sake of the world.

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