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12 juni dudes!

  • 12 juni dudes!
  • Ghostlight gaat morgen iets aankondigen. Ik vermoed dat het om Gungnir gaat.
  • So, the game Atlus has been teasing for a week might be Gungnir. Canadian retailer EB Games has the PSP game in their database with a tentative June 12 release date. Gamestop has Gungnir in their system too sans box art.

    While Atlus have not confirmed the title, we’re pretty sure it’s coming over since the it fits all of the clues and we have North American box art. Look for it in stores and on disc for $29.99.


    Nice, dus toch nog een dept. heaven game ^_^
  • Eh, gewoon de PSP? Echter, als ie als download komt dan is 'ie denk ik ook wel op de NGP te spelen.
  • Komt hij voor PSP 1 en voor PSP 2 uit?
  • Nieuwe screens!
  • Sting RPG' s kun kun je inderdaad moeilijk 'normaal' noemen. Maar om ze links te laten liggen mis je heel wat vette games :)
  • Er komen zoveel SRPG's uit.. Ben er zelf niet zo dol op, doe mij maar "normale" JRPG's!

  • Er komen zoveel SRPG's uit.. Ben er zelf niet zo dol op, doe mij maar "normale" JRPG's!
  • Het is net Final Fantasy Tactics…
  • Een soort met van trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUj5vxADIv0&

  • Titel: Gugnir
    Genre: Strategy RPG
    Developer: Sting
    Publisher: Atlus
    :jap: 19.05.2011
    :usa: NNB
    :eur: NNB

    ~ Links of interest ~
    Officiële site (Japans)

    ~ IG links of interest ~
    RPG Mania club

    Famitsu revealed Gungnir: The War Hero and the War God’s Demon Lance. The game is a tactical RPG developed by the Yggdra Union staff. The game stars Julio Ragwell who came into possession of Gungnir, the titular lance. Famitsu’s article also highlights three other characters: Alyssa, Elise, and Julio’s brother Ragnus Ragwell.


    The next title from Sting, Atlus and the makers of Yggdra Union has been revealed on the pages of this week's Famitsu. The magazine has a first look at Gungnir, a new strategy RPG that will hit PSP in May.

    Gungnir takes place in the empire of Gargandia, a nation in a state of civil war between the wealthy ruling Dartania race and the poor, "cursed" Leonica race.

    The story begins as main character Julio Ragwell, of the Leonica race, extends a hand to a young Dartanian girl named Alissa, who was about to be sold to a different country before being saved by Julio. Julio asks her to join his resistance force.

    Julio is from the poor region of Esparda. He's been with the resistance force called Esperanza since his youth and has fought many battles. He's gotten so skilled that he even has his own battalion. Julio has in his possession a special spear, the Gungnir of the game's title, which is said to house the god of war within it.

    Famitsu also introduces two other characters this week: Elise and Ragnus Ragwell. Elise is a mysterious girl who calls herself messenger from the gods. Ragnus is head of the Esperanza resistance and Julio's step brother. He's actually a Dartanian, but ended up in the poor areas in his youth and has vowed revenge against the imperial army who killed his step father fifteen years back.

    Gungnir will offer a familiar gameplay experience for those who've played Sting's past strategy games. Sting is promising an orthodox strategy RPG experience, complemented by some new gameplay systems that make use of Sting's experience in the field.

    The exact nature of those new systems is being kept under wraps at this point, but Famitsu does mention two gameplay systems by name: tactics gauge and act sequence. Tactics gauge, said to be a key to battle, is a gauge in the left side of the screen. Using this, you can perform a variety of actions. Act Sequence is a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows your battle order. This could be important in Gungnir's battle system, as you're free to move the character you like when your turn comes up. Further gameplay details are promised for a future update.


  • Het is trouwens Gungnir, geen Gugnir! ;)

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