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  • hahahaha die poll klopt voor geen kant inderdaad.. dacht toch echt dat ik em in me stoned-de bui goed had gemaakt.. NEE dus. sorry foutje bedankt hihi
  • [quote="[2k]"]Damn, wat maken mensen soms toch kansloze polls aan. Kan dat niet afgeschafd worden?
    Wat nou als je tussen de 20 en 25 bent.
    Dat ze firmware versies blijven kraken blijf je toch wel houden.[/quote]

    maken sommige mensen weer druk om dingen he.. jeetje denk na en maak je liever druk om andere dingen.. ja toch.. je bent niets verplicht. om aan een poll mee te doen.

    wat als je tussen de 20 en 25 bent.. dan als het goed is ben je volwassen en maak je niet druk om een poll.

    en ik ben het volkomen met je eens dat ze de firmware versies blijven kraken.. wat word gemaakt kan worden gekraakt :)
  • Damn, wat maken mensen soms toch kansloze polls aan. Kan dat niet afgeschafd worden?
    Wat nou als je tussen de 20 en 25 bent.
    Dat ze firmware versies blijven kraken blijf je toch wel houden.
  • Er hebben nog 8 mensen gestemd ook. :D
  • Jezus kunnen die crap topics niet verwijderd worden?
  • tuurlijk kan ik het in een forum houden maar dit gaat niet over homebrew 1.5 .

    en ja de fantasten die denken een downgrader te hebben ontwikkeld ik zie ze weinig.

    ik heb hem em in ieder geval niet en ik probeer hier alleen maar me informatie neer te zetten die ik vind op site daar waar De echte gasten der mee bezig zijn.

    excuses voor de meerdere forums die ik aangemaakt heb die op elkaar lijken maar in mijn ogen verschillen.. en ja die Poll die is gewoon uit nieuwsgierigheid..
  • Wat heeft die poll met je post te maken ?
    Kan je al die homebrew shit niet in 1 topic houden , het word een beetje onoverzichtelijk zo en elke 5 minuten is er wel een fantast in de " scene " die zogenaamd een downgrader heeft ontwikkeld met bijbehorend fake filmpje .

    Ik heb het gelezen dit alles maar kom er weinig wijs uit.. iemand die me kan helpen en/of misschien kan uitleggen hoe het allemaal zit.
    ik heb het van een site af van gasten die er ook erg druk mee bezig zijn

    Homebrew on a 2.0 PSP
    Written by Pikoro
    Saturday, 06 August 2005
    Well, I must say, the email and subsequent files that I received have been pretty convincing.

    Let me cut right to the email:

    As you know homebrews do not work on 2.00 or 1.51 or 1.52.

    If you place a homebrew on a 2.00 PSP it wont run says corrupt data.
    I have made a homebrew that will go past that. it will actually stat loading up. Just with the PSP screen coming up and the music playing.
    The game is PSP tic tac toe. I want my named mentioned as I am register with you guys, My name is realritzcracker, ritzcracker, canesfan08.
    You are the first with this breaking news. so i would appreciate you to list my name by the download like with all your other members.

    This 2.00 homebrew was made by realritzcracker ritzcracker and canesfan08. This program is only for 2.00 owners.

    This homebrew will read as a update to 2.10. which is not real and the foler is named update cause UPDATE is the only folder the 2.00 psp will read as not corrupt and it has to be named as This homebrew was made by realritzcracker aka dico aka canesfan08 aka ritzcracker aka crisco
    this will not update you psp this is for 2.00 version psp only. The 2.00 psp will only read the file UPDATE
    as not corrupt any other file name in the game folder will read as corrupt. That is why the folder is named
    UPDATE and the security of the 2.00 psp will only read updates. and the updates have to be higher then 2.00
    so that is why it reads as psp version update 2.10 which is fake. This will not update your psp. This is only for
    2.00 psp. I'm not responsible for your psp breaking. this is not a update and is only for 2.00 pspa update to not be corrupt. I also have a video of this working in the video you can see me filming with my bad digital camera showing you the version 2.00 the wallpaper function and the web browser the me going to the game file and running the homebrew ill send three emails one with eboot one with video one with read me

    Sound fishy?

    Did to me. However, czech out the following video:

    http://www.blablablablablabla —-> wil ik niet vrijgeven

    Look pretty convincing?

    Yah. I thought so too.

    So, here's the EBOOT:

    http://www.blablablablablabala —–> wil ik niet vrijgeven

    Skeptics: I have personally tested this eboot and it WILL NOT HARM YOUR PSP.

    Just remember, the program does not load, however, it will get past the "corrupt data" prompt. Always a first step has to be taken, and it looks like this is it.

    I have just gotten an update, realritzcracker has told me that he hopes to be able to get the actual data.psp file to load soon. It is a work in progress.

    Remeber.. you heard it here first.


    how to use
    Written by mjfouline23 on 2005-08-06 05:48:12
    where do u put it on the psp so it will semi boot
    Written by General Bison on 2005-08-06 06:05:29
    Dude I hope ritz gets this thing working
    Written by android6011 on 2005-08-06 08:14:46
    I knew spoofing updates would be the key to homebrew no 2.0! DAMN MY LAZY ASS!!!!
    Written by CoreCZ on 2005-08-06 08:19:38
    lol…This is funny
    100 useless threads in the forum? and a
    Written by master sneak on 2005-08-06 15:01:19
    Congrats ritzcracker, it seems that all your snooping around on the web, however annoying it may have seemed to forum users may have paid off.

    fingers crossed that you or someone else will be able to get this idea working.
    Written by CoreCZ on 2005-08-06 16:25:21
    he did nothing great, he edited the sfo..w0w like thats going to work..lol n00b
    Written by Pikoro on 2005-08-07 02:52:02
    Um, that's exactly how the 1.5 hack got started…
    Written by rubenjansen100 on 2005-08-07 06:55:01
    When comes it?
    Written by kleffe on 2005-08-07 10:02:52
    Cool :D

    If we get past the "corrupt"-file we could do a software-swap like the 1.5 just redirect it to the "game" folder..

    Sounds to easy..

    (sorry for my english)
    Written by Dravos on 2005-08-07 19:00:15
    We've known that updates run since forever, this isnt really news. Like CoreCZ said, all he has done is edit the sfo, and plenty of us have done this with the update before. Until he gets somewhere further than other people have already got then this isnt useful at all.

    And i like the way he repeated the same thing 10 times in his email. >
    Written by rubenjansen100 on 2005-08-07 19:05:23

    Written by rubenjansen100 on 2005-08-07 19:05:44

    Written by rubenjansen100 on 2005-08-07 19:19:44
    I can't wait!!!!!!!!
    Written by mellon_collie128 on 2005-08-08 03:18:43
    This would be a nice run of things once more homebrew 2.0 devs get cracking.
    Written by pspwarrior13 on 2005-08-11 13:41:17
    he really didn't do anything he just change the sfo file
    Written by funkyflea on 2005-08-13 23:00:31

    Written by I0D1T on 2005-08-23 15:48:29
    i have ver. 2.0 and the files still dont work!!! can anyone help!!!
    Written by genio123 on 2005-09-04 20:24:17
    Why i can't download it??The link redirect me to the home of the website…can't anyone send me the video and the PBP to my email?
    Upgrade -> Downgrade Firmware 2.1 = Fi
    Written by dirtydacks on 2005-09-05 20:10:22
    Is it not possible to do a upgrade->downgrade? Can Firmware 2.1 be a renamed version of firmware 1.5?

    Alvast bedankt

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