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Re: [iOS] Strikefleet Omega (gratis)

Goeie game… Dit is nou echt een topgame… niet dat standaard springen enzo wat je veel in de store tegenkomt.
  • Goeie game… Dit is nou echt een topgame… niet dat standaard springen enzo wat je veel in de store tegenkomt.
  • Ja doet me beetje denken aan battlestar galactica :D
  • Zo ik heb hem gedownload… Super vette setting! I like!
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/strikefl ... 59912?mt=8

    From Harebrained Schemes, creators of Apple's Benchmark Game of 2011 & Metacritic.com’s Best iPhone Games of 2011, Crimson: Steam Pirates, comes STRIKEFLEET OMEGA!

    ***** Earth’s finest fleet, Humanity’s final hour.*****

    Creative & Evocative ★★★★★ Totally brilliant design. No gameplay quite like it. Highly recommended.



    Earth has been destroyed by the Hive Queen and her Brood and you command Humanity's last defender, Strikefleet Omega. As Omega's Admiral, you are charged with a desperate mission–find the Queen and stop her before she obliterates our remaining colonies.

    Warping from star system to star system in your search, Strikefleet Omega struggles to survive an onslaught of enemy attacks while mining precious crystals which allow you to warp in reinforcements from the last remaining shipyard in the Armada.


    Choose from dozens of powerful capital ships such as:

    Ω Starfighter Carriers launch fighter squadrons you control with a drag of your finger

    Ω Artillery Gunships fire devastating area-effect salvos with just a tap

    Ω Advanced Mining ships gather warp crystals faster and more efficiently

    Ω Bomber Carriers launch bomber groups to assault huge alien capital ships

    Ω Particle Projection Gunships destroy anything caught in the beam you drag with your finger

    And many, many more—including the devastating DEATH BLOSSOM, which unleashes the full power of your command ship, destroying entire waves of enemies at once!


    Join the Armada and take your place as the Admiral of Strikefleet Omega!

    Epic space combat awaits! Humanity depends on you!

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