1. [iPhone] Dofus: Battles (€2,39)

Re: [iPhone] Dofus: Battles (€2,39)

  • Cool!
  • Ik wacht wel op Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Als die ooit nog komt.

    Paar dagen terug:
    Today Square Enix has finally broken their silence and announced on their Facebook page that yes, Final Fantasy Tactics likely won’t be making its Spring debut as promised, but instead will be released shortly after in “late June to mid-July”.
  • Ik wacht wel op Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Als die ooit nog komt.
  • Ik wacht wel op Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Dit zou wel eens de eerste strategy kunnen worden die k voor de iPhone koop, wil hem wel hebben eigenlijk.
  • Ziet er sfeervol uit!
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/dofus-ba ... 52842?mt=8


    Discover the first iOS game to be set in the world of DOFUS, the multiple awarding winning MMORPG played by several million players worldwide.

    DOFUS : Battles offers the perfect mix of TowerDefense and Real Time Strategy mechanisms, skilfully sprinkled with a touch of RPG.
    No, you’re not dreaming – this is revolutionary.

    With DOFUS : Battles, prepare to experience a unique and extraordinary adventure which plays out in the World of Twelve. Set off in search of Jeff Stobbs and the demonic Naz T. Peasawerk, and stop them from taking over the world!

    Take command of an army of twelve legendary heroes led by the gods’ fantastical summons, Animakhal the dragon. Send them into battle against hordes of bloodthirsty monsters in epic battles which will put your strategy and your reflexes to the test.

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