1. [iPhone] Fieldrunners (€2,39)

Re: [iPhone] Fieldrunners (€2,39)

  • http://toucharcade.com/2010/12/17/new-f ... ew-towers/
  • Ik heb liever PvZ
  • Dit is de beste statische (dus niet beweegbaar speelveld) tower defense game die er op de iPhone/iPad is!
  • Dit spel is leuk. Speelde het veel op de iPhone van een vriend van me, binnenkort zelf maar even keaupen.
  • Game Center supported!
  • Toch maar weer een bumpje, deze game heeft een aantal weken (maanden?) terug een erg grote update gehad. Dus voor de geïnteresseerden in Tower Defense games…
  • http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt ... 21271&mt=8


    2.99 Sale!!

    The BEST game for Mobiles in 2009!!

    "Best Mobile Game", and "Excellence in Art" awards won by Fieldrunners at IGF 2009, GDC, the biggest honor of the year!!!


    TIME Magazine ranks Fieldrunners in its Top 10 Video Games of 2008 list amongst Grand Theft Auto IV, Rock Band 2, and many more!

    PC Magazine selects Fieldrunners as one of its "Must-Have iPhone Games"

    Fieldrunners is the only iPhone game ranked on EDGE Magazine's Top 30 of 2008.

    Boston Herald rates Fieldrunners as the #3 iPhone game of 2008.


    Descend into the world of FIELDRUNNERS, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile TOWER DEFENSE history!
    It is the Tetris and Bejeweled of the Tower Defense genre!

    Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants!

    Countless hours of entertainment and replayable challenges! Enjoy a growing experience through many content additions!

    Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense master?


    Follow Fieldrunners on Twitter to receive more information at http://twitter.com/fieldrunners

    *– Remember to restart your iPhone everytime you install a new App to avoid technical issues!! –*

    *– Remember to choose your star rating, as it defaults to 1!–*

    Seek further technical support in the forums at http://www.fieldrunners.com
    What's new

    Made Extended and Endless game play modes less difficult.

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