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    Get ready to defy the law of gravity in GravBot, the latest game from the folks who brought you Bounce On, Team Phobic!

    GravBot is a physics-based puzzle platformer, where you decide which way is "up" as a little robot falls and pivots through each level. Collect all the batteries to win, but watch out. A wrong move could be deadly!

    Each level presents a unique challenge. Find the right path, avoid enemies, spike traps and laser beams. Use levers, buttons and elevators to solve the puzzles. GravBot is fun for all ages, but with the game's physics, the simplest solution isn't always what it seems! Challenge yourself to earn a bronze, silver or gold metal for the smallest number of pivots needed to complete the level, then compete with your friends on Plus+ Leaderboards.

    GravBot includes twelve levels you can play for free! Then, if you're up for the challenge, two add-on level packs are available for purchase, each with twenty more levels for you to play!

    If you like GravBot, be sure to check out Team Phobic's other games: Bounce On, Bounce On 2, Tunnel Shoot, iTD and Micro Mayhem. Follow @teamphobic on twitter, or find us on Facebook!

    Game Highlights:

    * Play 12 levels for free
    * Two level packs with twenty levels each, available for purchase
    * High resolution support for iPhone 4 Retina Display
    * Share your scores on Facebook
    * Compete on Plus+ Leaderboards and collect awards
    * Easy intuitive controls suitable for all ages

    Here's what people are saying:

    "GravBot looks and sounds absolutely great, with Retina Display enhanced graphics and catchy music and sound effects. I especially love the little blips and bloops that your robot will spout out during the game, and he has a ton of personality for essentially being a TV set with a wheel." - Touch Arcade

    "[GravBot] is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s really well animated. Some slight 3D effects along with the 2D platformer graphics make it one of the better looking games on the iPhone and I must say that the developer has gone out of his/her way to make the game look good. Not everyday you get a game that has both gameplay and graphics right. " - NineOverTen.com

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