1. [iPhone] Hook Worlds (€0,79)

Re: [iPhone] Hook Worlds (€0,79)

  • http://toucharcade.com/2010/12/17/hook-worlds-review/
  • out now!
  • trailer:
  • http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2010/09/ ... ng-worlds/
  • Is smaak denk ik. Ik vond de eerste weinig aan.

    Heb je Super Quickhook al geprobeerd?
  • Is smaak denk ik. Ik vond de eerste weinig aan.
  • Yeh, Hook Champ en Super Quickhook zijn de beste games die je kan krijgen ooit voor zo'n prijs, dit nieuwe deel wordt dus ook een blinde aankoop.
  • Mja. Nog een Hook Champ game. Yupiiee… /sarcasm
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/hook-wor ... 26767?mt=8


    Note for early buyers: Please either connect to wifi or set the News Check in the settings menu to "Always" once, in order to get your bonus content!
    Get the game before Sunday for Early Buyer Exclusives! Get two special in-game items (The Rockethook and Rocketcat Mask), wearable by all characters! Even better, get EXCLUSIVE EARLY ACCESS to the upcoming FOURTH GAME WORLD, about a month before anyone else does!

    Read on to the bottom for news on the first update!

    Try to survive in four different worlds with your trusty grappling hook, as four different characters with unique special abilities! Every game world has its own all-new setting, every character has its own gameplay style. Every world is also randomized, varied, and endless, for incredible replay value.

    Check out our website for a gameplay trailer and more reviewer quotes: bit.ly/hookworlds


    There are just two buttons. The right button controls your grappling hook, letting go detaches your hook. The left button controls the unique special ability in each game world. These simple controls will let you nimbly swing, dive, climb, run, slide, and shoot, rocketjump, or flip gravity!


    Swing your way through the Cursed Jungle as Gramps, as you try to escape the Ancient Watcher. Shoot your way through a haunted cove as Zelle, in your pursuit of bounties and treasure. Escape a grim future dystopia as CyberGnome 202X, using your gravity flips to evade the Gnome Cops. Early buyers also instantly get the fourth world, a tribute to both Atari/C64 games and falling onto lethal spikes!


    Rewards you can unlock and wear to customize your characters, visible on the scoreboards. Medal awards and achievements for reaching high score milestones. Blowing up haunted crabs and getting obliterated by a gigantic eye. All of the above and more, for the permanent price of 99 cents.


    First update plans:
    - Unlockable endings.
    - World Four: Hook Champ 1000 made available to everyone, with an added surprise!
    - (The surprise is new hats)
    - Requests we take from feedback.
    - More!

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