1. [iPhone] Perfect Cell (€0,79)

Re: [iPhone] Perfect Cell (€0,79)

Echt een leuke game, al zitten je vingers soms wel behoorlijk in de weg…
  • Echt een leuke game, al zitten je vingers soms wel behoorlijk in de weg…
  • Wow, dit klinkt en ziet er echt zeer tof uit! ^^D
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/perfect- ... 38229?mt=8

    Perfect Cell is ON SALE (80% OFF) this week end only!

    Play as the most advanced creature ever discovered on Earth. You are trapped in a high security submarine base and you must use your superpowers to escape from this hostile environment; dodge lasers and AK-47 bullets, solve puzzles to progress and try to survive the many other dangerous and deadly traps. Play through an original story that uniquely combines the best of action and infiltration games . Use intuitive, multi-touch gameplay; play as up to 3 Cells on the same screen, dash through the air with a swipe gesture or cut off your enemies’ heads with a ‘draw and dash’! Use your mind to find your way out covertly or, if you prefer, use fast-paced action gameplay to kill every scientist and soldier in your path. You are the Perfect Cell!

    "Perfect Cell is bloody brilliant" - TheAPPERA.com

    ***** Winner of the IMGA 2011 People's Choice Award *****

    4/5 TouchGen.net
    5/5 AppSmile.com
    4/5 TouchArcade.com
    3/4 SlideToPlay.com
    4/5 AppSpy.com
    8/10 PocketGamer.co.uk (Silver Award)

    Game features:

    - Hyper realistic environments with dynamic lighting and physics

    - Cut your enemies into bloody pieces with a simple gesture

    - The best Action/Infiltration/Puzzle game on the iOS!

    - 35 levels with dynamic atmosphere across 5 different worlds

    - Very intuitive multitouch control

    - Game Center : Achievements and Leaderboards provide a high replay value and allow you to share with your friends

    - Full HD 3D Graphics, optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's really smooth on a 1st gen iPhone/iPod, and it looks just amazing on a Retina display!

    Follow Mobigame on twitter.com/mobigame

    Play more Mobigames like EDGE, Cross Fingers and Truckers Delight at http://www.mobigame.net

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