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Re: [iPhone] Real Racing (€3,99)

Het enige spel op de iPod die ik heb dat een werkende online modus heeft, naast de al zeer goede online modus. Bovendien goede graphics + handige besturing + online = topspel
  • Het enige spel op de iPod die ik heb dat een werkende online modus heeft, naast de al zeer goede online modus. Bovendien goede graphics + handige besturing + online = topspel
  • Game Center supported!
  • Deze game ziet er echt ziek uit op een iPhone 4. En icm met de multitasking support speelt het gewoon echt lekker.
  • Wat is nieuw in versie 1.22

    UPDATED FOR iPHONE 4 and iOS 4!

    - Gorgeous new graphics perfect for showing off the Retina display with high resolution textures, more detailed car interiors, improved track graphics, beautifully updated menus and exceptionally smooth graphical performance on iPhone 4

    - Even more responsive and accurate controls on iPhone 4, with three-axis gyro support in addition to accelerometer

    - Smoother graphics on iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3 with iOS4 anti-aliasing

    - Support for iOS4 multitasking on compatible devices: switch effortlessly between your favourite apps

    - Various minor fixes and improvements

    If you have any questions or comments or encounter problems, please visit firemint.com/support.

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  • Beste race game iPhone. Punt.

    Nog steeds niet uitgespeeld.
  • Ziet er echt tof uit :D Miss maar eens aanschaffen :)
  • van 8 euro naar 5,5 en nu 4 ! :)
  • Update uit vandaag met 2 nieuwe autos, nieuw circuit en nog wat dingetjes.
  • Zoals jullie al op IG's frontpage konden lezen is er ook een demo van Real Racing te vinden;
    http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt ... 66868&mt=8
  • Hoe gaat het sturen?

    Onscreen knopjes of tilten.
    Ik kocht hem omdat er onscreen knoppen op zaten want ik wilde niet een race spel met tilten maar je kan dat tilten in sensitivity aanpassen en als je er een beetje aan wend en de sensitivity flink hoog zet dan rijdt dat echt goed.
  • Hoe gaat het sturen?
  • Deze is afgeprijsd naar 5,50 voor alleen dit weekend in verband met die game beurs.
  • Vet!! Als ik need for speed heb uitgespeeld haal ik deze. Mooie game!!
  • Echt vet deze game :D

    Je kunt gewoon met z'n tweeen tegen elkaar als je op hetzelfde wifi netwerk bent ingelogd :D
  • Erg lekker, snel een recensie van schrijven. Imo een must-have <img alt=":)" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/smile.png" />

    Ik moest wel even wennen aan sturen mbv de gyro. Maar het werkt beter dan de Wii imo. Ik racede eerst constant met die brake hulp uit, maar dan is echt de eerste race al moeilijk…
    Maar het is zeker een vette game :D
  • Erg lekker, snel een recensie van schrijven. Imo een must-have :)
  • http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt ... 66258&amp;mt=8

    trailer; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8--2Z9Z1H-8

    Real Racing

    Firemint Real Racing(TM) immerses you in all the excitement, competition and glory of championship racing. This is handheld racing like you've never experienced before!

    WINNER – IGF Mobile, Technical Achievement
    WINNER – IMGA, Excellence in Connectivity
    IGN, Slide to Play and AppGamer iPhone Game of the Month
    9/10 IGN: &quot;best iPhone racer to date&quot;
    9/10 Pocket Gamer: &quot;the lead in a crowded genre&quot;
    A UGO: &quot;iPhone's answer to Gran Turismo and Forza&quot;
    A iLounge: &quot;a triumph for this platform&quot;
    4/4 Slide to Play: &quot;could easily pass for a PSP game&quot;
    10/10 iPGN: &quot;one of the best titles we have ever seen&quot;
    4.5/5 148Apps: &quot;Best racer ever&quot;
    Touch Arcade: &quot;sets a new standard for what to expect&quot;
    MobileCrunch: &quot;electrifying gameplay, jaw-dropping graphics - a must-buy&quot;
    CNET: &quot;it seems the hype was all true&quot;
    Visit firemint.com/realracing for more info

    - 48 cars in 4 classes, 12 unique tracks, 5 game modes
    - 3 divisions to play through
    - Massive career mode with 76 events
    - Local multiplayer supporting up to 6 players (over WiFi network)
    - Select your favourite songs from your personal music library while racing (iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0)
    - 6 cars on screen
    - Touch or tilt to steer
    - Manual or automatic acceleration and braking
    - In-car cockpit view or external camera
    - Online league play and leaderboards
    - Video replays on YouTube
    - Create personal leaderboards at www.cloudcell.com

    Race the way you want to, with 5 different game modes. Challenge friends in local multiplayer and leave them in your dust! Work your way up from rookie to world champion in Career mode. Slice off another split second in Time Trial and upload your personal best. Join an online league and battle your way through ranks of players from all over the world to advance to the next division. Only got a minute? Get behind the wheel for a Quick Race. Firemint Real Racing provides authentic pack racing action like no other iPhone(TM) game. Take to the circuit in a six car grid and jostle your way to the lead.

    Tear through forests, seaside circuits and burning deserts, with the roar of the engine and the sounds of an adoring crowd in your ears! Beautiful track environments, carefully detailed cars and console quality 3D sound effects create the most exhilarating racing experience on the iPhone(TM).

    If you can drive a real car, you can race in Firemint Real Racing. Intuitive controls take care of things under the hood just like an expert pit crew, while you focus on your racing line. Accurate surface variations including asphalt, grass, gravel and ripple-strips affect vehicle speed, responsiveness and handling. It's the way racing games are meant to feel.

    Our unique in-car cockpit view places you in the driver's seat. Get feedback from the animated driver and race data incorporated into dashboard instruments.

    Looking for more than just factory settings? Adjust handling and sensitivity to suit, with a huge range of options. Control methods include tilt to steer or touch to steer, manual or automatic acceleration and brake assist options.

    Set up a link to your YouTube channel to publish your best laps automatically. Compare your best times against friends and rivals online and set up your own custom leaderboards. Compete for glory in a range of regular online leagues, and win your way into more competitive online divisions.

    76 events in the full career mode, 5 modes of play, local multiplayer, numerous online leagues and rankings against your friends or the world ensure endless hours of fun. Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing experience. With Firemint Real Racing, the race is in your hands!
    What's new

    - New vehicle class: listen to the distinct roar of a V12 engine and experience unsurpassed speed and control with 12 new exotic vehicles
    - Support for up to 6 players in local WiFi multiplayer (up from 2 players)
    - Select your favourite songs from your personal music library while racing (iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0)
    - Completely new game soundtrack with 10 original music tracks composed specifically for Real Racing
    - Even more content in Career Mode with an exotic vehicle qualifier and two new championships
    - New control method: touch-wheel-to-steer, manual accelerate and manual brake
    - Increased smoothing of the horizon tilt feature
    - Various improvements, bug fixes and OS 3.0 compatibility updates


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