1. [iPhone] Sad Princess (€0,79)

Re: [iPhone] Sad Princess (€0,79)

Ben normaal niet zo van zulke 2D games, maar dit ziet er grappig uit, maar wel een beetje simpel. Maarja who cares, 80 cent.
Even kijken of het wat is.
  • Ben normaal niet zo van zulke 2D games, maar dit ziet er grappig uit, maar wel een beetje simpel. Maarja who cares, 80 cent.
    Even kijken of het wat is.
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/sad-prin ... 50680?mt=8

    trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0m2LzWUH_0

    *** Limited time sale, 50% off! ***

    — Notice —
    Although this game contains In App Purchases, you can enjoy full game without any IAP: all of them are optional or shortcut.

    — Description —
    Sad Princess is a fast pace action game with stylish graphics, smooth animation and cinematic scene.

    Far away and just as long ago…an unusual fairytale happened on the land of Kingdom Mosorlak.
    Our princess, Clover, was just fallen in love with the Prince of the kingdom.
    But something happened and she was now on her way to revenge!
    How much tears and pain was coming?
    Will the story end with ‘They lived happily ever after’?

    Princess Clover believed that the way to true love is full of hardships. With her unique sad power, she became stronger with more powerful attacks! Go through the story from surprising opening, exciting in-game story scenes and romantic ending.

    Enjoy the smooth animations with more than 38000 key frames!

    Visit the five beautiful scenes including relaxing forest, snowing mountain, starry desert and mysterious castle. Battle effects are made of gorgeous 3D particle effects and stylish graphics.

    Controls are easy to pick up but hard to master! With combos and special attacks, you can achieve various battle style. Enemies have their own style of attacks too! Can you master the battle skills?

    How long can you stand in front of the skillful and powerful bosses?

    Bring your little pet to the journey and control their abilities by feeding different food. Beware that your items will be eaten if they are too hungry!

    Various items are available in the shop. Using different items to achieve new fighting style and enhance princess’ power!

    Weapon shop provides weapon trading and upgrades. Tailor-made a weapon to suit your needs!

    Connect your profile to Game Center and submit your score to compete with world-wide players! Collect the achievements for awarding your great performance!

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  • Kan het niet kopen :(
  • Het valt wel tegen, had al niet bijzonder veel verwacht, maar dit is zo ongeveer hetzelfde als dat spel waar je aapjes doormidden moest sliden, maar dan druk je nu op een knopje waarbij je zwaard beweegd en is het dus net iets minder leuk.

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