1. [iPhone] X2 Snowboarding (€2,39)

Re: [iPhone] X2 Snowboarding (€2,39)

Hijs ondertussen 2,39 zie ik, ik zal even de openingspost aanpassen
  • Hijs ondertussen 2,39 zie ik, ik zal even de openingspost aanpassen
  • Heb geen 3,99 meer. Maar even een kraskaartje halen als ik weer eens in de stad ben, want dit lijkt me best een tof spel (:
  • Nu met GameCenter support!
  • Nu tijdelijk €1,59 dus heb hem gelijk gekocht :D
    Bovendien komt volgende patch ook online multiplayer (ipv alleen local wifi en bluetooth)
  • Er is nu ook een gratis demo van beschikbaar, kan je hier downloaden:
    http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/x2-snowb ... 90881?mt=8
    Ik heb het even geprobeerd en vind het eigenlijk wel vet, ga denk ik de volledige wel kopen :)
  • Stijltje lijkt een beetje op Jet Set Radio, erg vet.

    En dat je de grabs doet door met je vingers te tappen op je board (zie filmpje) is echt heel leuk gedaan :D
  • Fuck man. Daarom hou ik zo van de iPhone. Op de DS/PSP betaal je hier 30 euro voor :D
  • http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/x2-snowb ... 34856?mt=8

    Gameplay filmpje: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVMUR8p5AHM

    Ik moet zeggen dat ik het er echt heel vet uit vind zien :D

    X2 Snowboarding

    From X2 Games, the makers of X2 Football… comes X2 Snowboarding.

    X2 Snowboarding is a fast-paced extreme sports simulation, combining console quality graphics & physics with arcade style game play. Players compete in a series of freestyle, race & trick-race events across an international stage.

    • Fluid motion and touch controls
    • Optimal graphics & unique visual style
    • Bluetooth & local WiFi multiplayer
    • Full motion-captured player animations
    • In-game rewind: re-wind and re-play during your run to retry missed opportunities
    • Adrenaline: slow down time and enhance your handling and trick performance capabilities
    • Replay save system
    • Tru Thoughts Recordings licensed soundtrack: featuring Quantic, Bonobo & Mr Scruff
    • Official Salomon in-game boards unlocked as you progress


    After learning the basics and earning your boarding pass from the Boarding School, take the character of your choice to the varied international slopes. Choose from 6 colourful boarders; Adler (Germany), Yukiko (Japan), Edward (UK), Katie (Canada), Aaron (America) & Terhi (Finland), each with individual strengths and weaknesses suiting particular playing styles and event types. Your boarder will be taken from the commercial slopes of USA, to going off the beaten track under the setting sun of Japan, to taking illicit advantage of the ski-only slopes in Switzerland, the perilous back country traverse of Chile, the night-life of a snow-village resort in Canada and the final treacherous cliff edge teeter in New Zealand.

    The boarding is performed with an intuitive combination of iPhone accelerometer tilt & on-screen touch/gesture control- with 2 varying tweaked control mechanisms to choose from.
    Once you’ve got the hang of the controls, you’ll soon realise that X2 Snowboarding is no ordinary snowboarding game! Successfully performing and chaining spins, flips, grabs, grind manoeuvres & buttering bestows your boarder with time-warping abilities to rewind & replay sections of the course in real-time, release adrenaline to slow down time to perfect tricky manoeuvres or ‘boost’ to leave your opponents standing. Using these special abilities wisely will give your boarder the edge in competition.

    For a different challenge, take on your friends in multiplayer events over a Bluetooth or Wi-fi connection. In our first update (coming soon), online multiplayer will become available allowing for infinite competition once you’ve excelled your friends and our AI.


    Working with Salomon, Animal & record label Tru Thoughts… we have endeavoured to bring you the most stylish looking, sounding & indeed feeling game possible.
    Let us know how we’ve done, enter competitions or just generally get involved in what we’re up to on Facebook and Twitter!


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