1. IPL: Win a Nintendo 3DS by watching the IGN Pro League!

Re: IPL: Win a Nintendo 3DS by watching the IGN Pro League!

Bah, moet je ze op iedere social network site gaan volgen..
  • Bah, moet je ze op iedere social network site gaan volgen..
  • IGN en wedstrijden gaan alleen samen als ze kijkcijfer's nodig hebben :P

  • Watch the IGN Pro League this Thursday and win one of 5 Nintendo 3DS’s and IGN gear!

    About the IGN ProLeague:
    The IGN Pro League offers a professional, polished and interactive viewing experience to fans of eSports and supports the development of global competitive gaming through a sustainable tournament system that rewards professional players. In season one of the IGN Pro League, 16 of the best North American StarCraft II players from 9 different clans are competing for USD $5,000. In addition to the cash prize, these players are attempting to win one of four spots qualifying them for USD $50,000 in Season two!

    Tune in to the first night of the IGN Pro League and watch these players duke it out at www.ign.com/ipl at 8 PM EST on Thursday, April 21st!

    We will also be broadcasting on the following dates at 8 PM EST:
    Friday, April 22st to Sunday, April 24rd
    Thursday, April 28th to Sunday, May 1st

    By watching our broadcasts and related content you are directly supporting the growth of eSports. Every penny of profit that IGN makes from these events goes directly back into funding future tournaments! We have partnered with Well Played Productions and together we are making every effort possible to make this as fantastic as possible, please plan to tune in!

    The Contests
    We will be giving away 5 brand new Nintendo 3DS’s! Fans will have an opportunity to win these in a variety of ways – ranging from tuning into our casts to showcasing your talents and creativity! Each day leading up to the launch of our tournament, we will post how you can win. There will also be opportunities daily to win some awesome IGN gear!

    Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, JustinTV and YouTube for your best chance to win!

    3DS Contest 1:
    We want you to tell us (1) what you like about the IGN ProLeague and (2) what you would do with a 3DS – ON YOUTUBE! Feel free to involve friends, props and graphics to create an awesome video! Details on where to post said videos will be announced this week!

    3DS Contest 2:
    Watch the IPL every night this week (Thursday-Sunday), and at the end of the week, e-mail a list of your favorite moments from each day to IPLcontest@ign.com with the subject line "Watch and Win - Week 1 Entry" - you will also need to put your facebook name, twitter username and myIGN account name in the e-mail. Good luck!


    Make sure you follow all of our accounts to get the latest updates on the tournaments and giveaways!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ignproleague
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ignproleague
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ignproleague
    JustinTV: http://www.justin.tv/ignproleague

    Ik neem aan dat ze dit doen om wat kijkcijfers af te pakken van de GSL en NASL die respectievelijk $1 500 000 en $400 000 aan prijzengeld hebben terwijl IGN dit jaar 'maar' $150 000 uit te delen heeft. Ook duurt de TSL3 nog even voort en die heeft ook veel kijkcijfers.
    Maargoed, op zich wel een leuk initiatief, lekker SC2 kijken en een 3DS winnen :P

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