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Kiwi werpen?
  • Kiwi werpen?
  • He? Dit is een retail game? Ik was er niet achteraan gegeaan omdat ik dacht dat het Wiiware was! Thanks for the heads up! :7
  • Ook deze game is bij Nedgame voor een leuk prijsje te scoren. Ik zou haast zeggen : kopen ! Jammer dat dit spel niet zo populair is. Op de DS vermaak ik me er wel mee. Ben benieuwd hoe dit op de Wii werkt eigenlijk.
  • Eurogamer:

    Look beyond the famous name, however, and Ivy the Kiwi? is a fresh, if limited, spin on the 2D platformer. If you're a leaderboard junkie, there's plenty of replay pleasure to be had as you chase down the best times for each level and find all the secrets. For everyone else, this remains a sweet-natured distraction that will last for a good few bus journeys, even if it won't necessarily linger in the memory too long after you've reached your destination.

  • IGN:

    Closing Comments

    Ivy the Kiwi is definitely worth buying, though which version really depends on what type of gamer you are. I prefer the DS version because I like playing a few levels at a time when I'm out and about. But if you prefer the appeal of a bigger screen, and more multiplayer options, the Wii version is just as good. There's a demo for the game up on the Wii Channel. Check it out. You'll know immediately if you like the game, and whether you're willing to play 99 more levels of it.

    7.0 Presentation
    A cute story, though it would have been nice to get it in small chunks throughout the game.
    7.5 Graphics
    The graphics are pretty basic, but the style of everything is charming and artistic.
    7.5 Sound
    Fun music and cute sound effects give the game an old school vibe.
    8.0 Gameplay
    It's a simple gameplay mechanic that is used to do some cool platforming tricks.
    7.5 Lasting Appeal
    The 100 levels can be completed in a few hours, though getting all the feathers and playing multiplayer adds more time.
    OVERALL Good
  • lol t ziet er maf uit :P
  • Wat is dit? Een remake van the Newzealand Story? :P. Ik heb nooit van die Windows Mobile game gehoord. Ziet er wel leuk uit trouwens..

  • van 1UP:

    Namco Bandai Games' Japanese headquarters announced today that Ivy the Kiwi?, a touch pen-based action puzzle game from Yuji Naka's Prope studio, is coming to the Wii and Nintendo DS. Both versions will go on sale April 22 in Japan for 3990 yen; special "Mini" versions will also be available on WiiWare and DSiWare for an unspecified amount of points.
    Originally released for Windows Mobile platforms last year, Ivy is a puzzler that stars a young kiwi as she navigates through a series of 2D side-view stages. Ivy runs back and forth by herself; you must use the DS stylus or Wii remote to stretch out vines for her to walk on, carrying her over walls and past spikes and other dangers. Ivy isn't completely helpless, either – if she's standing on a vine, you can use the pen or remote to slingshot her forward, drilling through walls and other enemies.


    Op de DS lijkt ie me geweldig, maar de vraag is : gaat dit goed werken met een Wii-Mote ?!

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