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New Sega arcade board isn't Xbox 360 based

Rob Fahey 17:34 19/07/2005

Rumours of easy X360 ports officially quashed; Atomiswave upgrade more likely

Sega representatives have moved to quash reports that the company's new "Lindbergh" arcade board, which will power titles including House of the Dead 4 and Virtua Fighter 5, is based on Xbox 360 hardware.

A number of publications have reported that the board, which succeeds the currently used Chihiro and Triforce systems, will use roughly the same internal hardware as Xbox 360, allowing quick and easy ports of arcade titles to the next-generation Xbox.

However, speaking to our sister site Eurogamer.net earlier today, a Sega representative categorically stated that "Lindbergh is not based on next-generation consoles."

He went on to say that "while Sega has announced a new arcade version of House of the Dead, the company cannot confirm a next-gen console version at this time."

It's easy to see where the expectation that Sega would base its next arcade board on Xbox 360 hardware would come from - after all, the last board the firm created was Chihiro, based on the Xbox hardware, and it also collaborated with Namco and Nintendo to create the GameCube based Triforce board.

It should be recalled, however, that Sega is no longer an independent company, having merged with arcade machine giant Sammy last year - and as such, the firm's approach to arcade board development may well have changed significantly.

What's most likely, according to some commentators, is that Lindbergh is actually a development of Sammy's low-cost Atomiswave arcade board, featuring more powerful CPUs and graphics chips. It wouldn't be a radical departure for Sega; Atomiswave itself is based on the same CPU that was used by the Dreamcast and the Sega Naomi arcade board.

Indeed, as far back as late 2003 Sammy was clear on its intention for Sega to work on Atomiswave hardware, with then-Sammy CEO (and now overall boss of Sega Sammy) Hajime Satomi telling investors that he hoped to strengthen Sammy's arcade business through the relationship with Sega.
  • Gezien de House Of the Dead graphics, hoop ik dat de X360 toch wel ietsjes krachtiger is dan dat…

    Of waren dat ook alweer beelden van een alpha-alpha-alpha-alpha devkit met maar 1/75 van de uiteindelijke power?
  • Ik geloof niet dat de rest van de wereld zo onder de indruk is als jij………
    Who cares? Er staat duidelijk "Imo".

    Wat een conclusie.. Hahaha..

    Notorious, is that you?

    Kunnen mensen plz mijn mening accepteren voor wat het is (geen zin om daar over te lullen) en praten over het bericht zelf? Echt weer IGF….
  • Ik geloof niet dat de rest van de wereld zo onder de indruk is als jij………

    Nou idd niet nee…leuk van bepaalde games, maar dat is dan ook alles…
  • Notorious, is that you?
  • Imo, Xbox 360 heeft de next-gen oorlog al gewonnen als dit waar is.

    ^_^' Wat een conclusie.. Hahaha..
  • Ik geloof niet dat de rest van de wereld zo onder de indruk is als jij………
  • Sega's new arcade board based on Xbox 360?

    Reports from Japan say Microsoft's next-generation home console provides the tech for the House of the Dead 4 machine.

    TOKYO–Recently, Sega staged a beta test in Tokyo for House of the Dead 4, the forthcoming light-gun shooter that uses the company's new "Lindbergh" arcade board. At the time, rumors began to circulate that the new board–which displays games in a 16:9 widescreen format–was based on the Xbox 360.

    Today, new information emerged from arcade distributors in Japan that the Lindbergh does indeed use the 360's architecture. If true, it will mark the second time that a Microsoft home console has provided the basis for a Sega arcade machine. Sega's previous Chihiro board was based on the current-generation Xbox.

    A 360-based Lindbergh would also mean that the next wave of Sega arcade games could easily be ported to Microsoft's next-generation console. If series such as Virtua Fighter also appear on the Lindbergh, it may help build up the 360's library with games of proven popularity in Japan. According to a recent survey, interest in the console remains low in the country, despite Microsoft's having hired some of Japan's most famous game designers for platform-exclusive projects.

    That said, Sega has not disclosed any details or specifications on the Lindbergh yet. The only thing official is that House of the Dead 4 is currently slated to hit Japanese arcades in December.

    By Hirohiko Niizumi, Tor Thorsen – GameSpot
    POSTED: 07/14/05 02:34 PM PST

    Imo, Xbox 360 heeft de next-gen oorlog al gewonnen als dit waar is.
  • ohw dus spelen we dalijk niet op de zogenaamde "xbox 360" maar de: Dreamcast 360.

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